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Hi, inciarco,
thanks for your time, interest and feedback.

Originally Posted by inciarco View Post
The Add-on doesn't work on Internet Explorer 6.

It don't Display the Image Verification.

Many Persons in the World Still Use Internet Explorer 6 and Windows XP, is Important that the Add-on Works on them.

Internet Explorer and Opera, all versions, should have Shockwave Flash
KeyCAPTCHA requires "Shockwave Flash Object" plugin installed in all versions of Internet Explore and Opera.
In all other supported browsers and mobile devices KeyCAPTCHA uses HTML5

If Flash is disabled or not installed then a visitor will see on KeyCAPTCHA in a browser the text telling that it requires Adobe Flash 9.0.115 or higher to be installed.

We re-tested KeyCAPTCHA on IE6+Windows XP.

If this message is not shown then it is possible that a website visitor has, for example, Ad Blocker plugin for blocking Flash.

Originally Posted by inciarco View Post
It'd also be Nice the Support of other Languages like Spanish.
We plan to start supporting Spanish in our KeyCAPTCHAs in a month.
Upd: Spanish is currently supported

Originally Posted by inciarco View Post
It'd also is Important to have the Option NOT to Replace the Image CAPTCHA System but to Work Appart from it. It'd be Nice to have the Option to have BOTH Systems Working on the Boards
At this moment we do not have plans of adding such option but we are contemplating on reconsidering our priorities.
Upd: We tested and could not reproduce this problem. Plz open support ticket to look into your issue specifically


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