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Yes, the number of images in a single directory is my concern. I just don't want it to stop working.

Focus2's suggestion in post #150 is for v1.0.3.0 I think, because I saw the 'png' in the code referenced.

I'm not a coder at all, but given direction I can usually find/replace small segments of such and not tear things up.

Thanxx for the answer though, because I was unsure what the MOD would do with old/existing images in the cache. Now at least I sort of know a work-around is possible for v1.0.2.0 if I can find code similar to what Focus2 was referring to. I just don't want to start renaming all my images (from this point forward) to png, if I don't have to.(i.e. the simpler, the better for me)
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