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  1. When I post a video, I get two videos with some messed up text at the bottom. What do I do?
    Answer: You have two definitions that support the same website. This almost always happens with YouTube, since there is a default YouTube definition, and there used to be a lot of custom ones floating around. Even though the key feature was added to prevent duplications, AME will still re-create it's default set every time you do an upgrade. So make sure you're only using one definition for YouTube. (NOTE: This doesn't include definitions that expand YouTube functionality, such as YouTube Playlists or YouTube Short URLs.)
  2. I posted a YouTube video, but it says "This Video is no Longer Available". But I looked at the site and it's there. How come the video isn't showing?
    Answer: Check the page you got the video from and look for the Embed Code box. If it says "Embedding Disabled by Request" this video can not be embedded.
  3. I posted the embed code, but all I get is the embed code and not the video. Why didn't the video convert?
    Answer: Well, that's why. You don't post embed code using this mod. You just post the link to the page the video is on.
  4. What special instructions do I need to give my users so they can use this? Do I need to add anything to the editor?
    Answer: None. All your users need to do is post links. (If you previously used special BBCode, see the next question instead.)
  5. What do I do if I used to use [YOUTUBE][/YOUTUBE] tags tor other special BBCode to embed videos on my site?
    Answer: Go to Admin CP » AME CP » Tools » Convert Codes and you will find a special converter to turn these old media tags into specially made AME tags. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY AND FOLLOW ANY STEP ADVISED BEFORE PROCEEDING.
  6. I used to use Goldbrick/PassiveVid/Other Media Embedding System. Do I need to uninstall the old one before installing AME? What will happen to my old posts?
    Answer: Refer to the instructions for each of these mods for uninstalling. Then check your database tables for any remnants of the old modification as they will conflict with AME. You can then install the AME product. Unless your old modification used some kind of special tags for converting videos, you will have to manually edit the posts of old threads in order to get the videos to convert.
  7. How do I edit the specific width or height of a certain site individually?
    Answer: Media width and height are controlled globally, but if your global settings are impractical for whatever reason, go to your Admin CP » AME CP » Display Definitions » [DEFINITION NAME]. In the Replacement HTML box change the $ameinfo[height] and $ameinfo[width] variables to the literal dimensions you want.
  8. How do I align the videos to the left or right, instead of having it aligned centered in posts?
    Answer: To align the video to the left or right instead of having it centered, change the HTML in your ame_container template: Admin CP » Styles & Templates » «EXPAND SELECTED STYLE» » AME Templates » ame_container. Look for this line of code and change "center" to "left" or "right".

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  9. How can I make my own definitions for a given website to use with AME?
    Answer: Visit this post, which has a number of resources to help you learn.
  10. While I try to install AME 2.5, the installing window goes on forever and doesn't stop. Why can't I install this mod?
    Answer: During installation the AME Product adds a field to the "Post" table in your Database, so if your forums are large then it can take a couple of hours for the installer to get it done. My suggestion would be to shut down your forums, import the Product, let it take as long as it needs (like I said it can be hours) and then re-open your forums.
  11. When I try to import your Master XML file, the window hangs with all the definitions showing but nothing happens. Why can't I get the definitions to import?
    Answer: This is only step one of the process. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and click Import to continue (in Internet Explorer you can hit Ctrl+S rather then scrolling).
  12. When I try to import your Master XML file, not all the definitions import. It says it's successfully completed, but only seems to have imported half of the whole set. Why won't they all import?
    Answer: We only started running into this problem when the Master XML of definitions started getting really large. Mostly likely, your host has a PHP setting that limits the number of characters that can be submitted in this manner. During import, try selecting half, or smaller groups of the definitions and import them one group at a time.
  13. Does AME 2.5 work with vBadvanced?
    Answer: Yes it does. But if your just posting videos in a regular BBCode/Template Module there's no need for it. You could just post the Embed Code like any other module. However, if you have a module that displays posts from a thread, then it will show the AME embedded media on your vBa page. Just make sure you have the character count set high enough so the video's embed code isn't truncated before the ...[Read More] link.
  14. Does AME 2.5 work with Blogs, Visitor Messages and Social Groups?
    Answer: Yes, 2.5 has support for all three of these as well as Signatures. However, if you've upgraded your forums AFTER installing AME 2.5, you need to add support for these areas using the controls in your Tools menu. Go to Admin CP » AME CP » Tools » and click whichever applies Add Blog Support |Add Social Group Support | Add Visitor Message Support. (Not needed for signatures) Then set your options under Settings for each of these areas.
  15. How can I make it so that when certain Usergroups post videos, those posts need to get approval by a Staff Member before they show up?
    Answer: In this situation what could be done is to set the setting "Follow Forum Moderation Rules" to "No" for the specific Usergroup(s) you want this to happen with. What this will do is Moderate ALL of the post made by the Members of this Usergroup by sending the posts made to the Moderation Queue ... You will then have to manually approve each post in order for it to show in the forums. Take into consideration that this will move ALL of the posts they make into the Moderation Queue and not just the ones containing Video Links. As of now, there is no way to only move the post containing a Video to the Moderation Queue ... Its all or nothing basically, so you decide what you want to do.
  16. I posted a certain link and it got automatically parsed into a video, but I don't want it to be like that. How can I make it show up as just a link?
    Answer: Its a pretty simple solution. When you create the post you simply have to uncheck the checkbox that appears under the Additional Options Box that says Automatically embed media (requires automatic parsing of links in text to be on). With this unchecked it will video links will parse as normal links instead of videos. If the post has already been made, simply edit the post in Advanced Mode and uncheck that same option.
  17. How do I use the Embed Regex field?
    Answer: Click here for brief explanation on how to use this field.
  18. How can I delete some of the Supported Sites that already come with AME or those that I've installed myself?
    Answer: To remove a supported site, go to Admin CP » AME CP » Display Definitions. Check the box under the column labeled Delete that's next to definitions you want to remove. Then scroll to the bottom and click Save (in Internet Explorer you can hit Ctrl+S instead).
This FAQ is an update of Dannyloski's Trouble Shooting Guide for a previous version of AME.

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