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Originally Posted by MarkFL View Post
But, the question was posted here, and requiring our users here to go to another site where they must register before being able to get your solution to the question posted in this thread seems like an unnecessary hurdle.
For SEO reasons I can understand it. If I were for example, to post a mod and instructions here and the same on my own site there would be duplicate content. I would think there would be a chance that the mod would be published here before my own site on google, especially considering the page ranking of

Regarding Glenn's site, to be honest it is making this site obsolete for Vbulletin 5 users. The staff here at this site kills Vbulletin 5 in my opinion. Nobody here helps out Vb 5 users (hyperbole), that's why so many people duplicate their post asking here and then at

They should just archive this site from a Vbulletin 5 perspective. It is really only a good site if someone has vb 3 or 4 questions. The staff not answering or being capable to help with Vb 5 gives people the impression there is not much custom support for the product. I'd love to see support from here, but if I have a question or need help with Vb 5, especially for mods this is the last place I usually turn to.

Just sharing my opinion, hope nobody is offended.


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