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Originally Posted by Master Of Unive View Post
It seems that it is your belief.
You believe in what you are doing, that doesn't apply for other people. Some just need default features from a message board, some need more, it depends on object which your site is heading to.

The fact that I made an idea to discuss for a change, but you prove that vbulletin accept current situation. You just cannot use it as excuse for downside of the platform right now. The lack of modification makes vbulletin is no longer a target for developers, thus price for each modification being paid can be increased significantly. You no longer have a standard quality to compare between mods.

Of course, a better way is to give up from modifications, but since bugs and major features haven't been filled soon, I don't see there is a slight difference.
You do realise that I have absolutely zero say in things like this? I'm giving you my opinion, that's all. I don't 'prove that vBulletin accept' anything. I have no idea what their thinking is.

What I do know, is that the days of people spending hours, days and weeks coding free modifications are over, on all platforms. Yes some still do it but most new stuff coming out is paid.

What uis also a fact, is that historically, going back to vBulletin's early days, the vast majority of customer do NOT use modifications. They just don't. It's a fact. Some will use a style but even that isn't as widespread as you'd think. The same will no doubt be true of other platforms. People saying 'this platform will die because of lack of modifications' are just plain wrong. The popularity of various cloud platforms, like vBulletin's, where modifcations aren't even allowed, bear this out.
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