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Originally Posted by turbosatan View Post
i really wish you understood me a little better.

Can we get vborg to install the enterprise translator maybe??

so about 1 year ago i installed a plugin to try and auto tag my threads. it caused errors with other plugins so i turned it off.

That plugin must have made the tags which we saw in my screenshot earlier.

Your Plugin which i installed days ago applied hundreds of nonsense tags to all of my threads. i do not know if the tags which it applied to the threads were from your mod or the previous one but the actual tags themselves were added to the threads by your mod.

thats it end of story.

i have used the truncate sql above to remove all the tags from the tags fields and then tried again from scratch to use your mod.

this time it seems to have done some pretty good tags. although it does still have a load which are not really applicable so it looks like i will need to just add the tags i want manually after all.

none of the tag clouds work as this mod puts all the tags into a different database table.

Any way to fix that?
Mod is working fine Just like it is designed - applies existing tags to threads which have this tag word in content or title. You wrote that mod is assigning nonsense tags to threads. You want to tell me that you have nonsense content in your threads?...

My mod applies only tags which you already have created. Garbage in - garbage out. You had garbage tags, so garbage tags was assigned to threads. And was assigned in appropriate places - it means in threads which are using tag words. It is clearly described in mod description that mod is adding existing tags to threads according to its content and title. So why did you expect it will not do this?...

About new problem - what table are you writing about? Mod handles tags in default vB tables (tag and tagthread) - maybe you have some problems with prefixes, but it shouldn't happen, cause variable for prefixes is used in SQL queries.

Also please read mod description cause I have a thought that perhaps you still don't understood how this mod is working.
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