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Question A sorting out specific Threads Hack?

Good Day,

I was viewing my forums the other day, and noticed the anxiety that was produced trying to locate either closed threads or threads with attachments, etc. I was wondering if you could create a hack that could sort out threads depending on what they are.

Sort By: Threads with Attachments
Sort By: Closed Threads

I'm not sure if it's possible, but today almost anything is possible

I do not know if someone else has thought of this, since I have only been around this particular forum once. But do not worry, you'll be seeing plenty of me in time

If you have made such a hack or intend to make such a hack or have noticed such a hack somewhere, please let me know, because it will be easier for me and the users to locate threads with attachments, closed threads (to see if they're worth keeping or reason they were closed, etc) and so on.

Thank you for Reading,

Dark Blaze
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