Thread: Miscellaneous Hacks - Attachment countdown timer (like yousendit)
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Originally Posted by hornstar1337
edit: installed it, I also have vbseo installed, so I disabled attachment re writing, dont know how to stop rewriting of those 2 other files tho, but ive put in a thread over at vbseo for that part, if it is.

When i click on an attachment it reloads the page instead of popping up the attachment.

do you think that is a problem with vbseo or a something else?
Someone else has this issue with vbseo also, I don't have it installed or I would try to work it out.

what is the point of this hack? what good does it really do, besides pissing people off?
It is designed only for unregistered users (or any other group you may want to add) and ideally will help promote registrations. It also provides a link with a statement saying "Registered users do not have to wait".

Now it works only with non-images, right?
Correct, as the default system is currently only designed that way. If there is a mod out there (haven't looked) that allows for thumbnails to be displayed but not opened, this could probably be applied to it though.
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