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Thanks final kloss for the suggestion.

When I replace the original statement from the screenshot in post #1 with the statement you suggested (without the class="logo2 powered-by" part)...this is what I get (before & after)...see attachments.

The link in red still goes to the same webpage...and the logo is gone. The problem is...when I search my server (all files):

- I cannot find anything for "logo2".
- I can find something for "powered-by"...but when I look at the code in this file...there isn't anything in it referring to any sort of logo or "logo2".

Thus if I wanted to replace the current logo with a different logo...I don't know where to insert the file name for the different logo image file.

My understanding is some of this is controlled via css...but as mentioned...I can't find the css that's defining this part of the footer.

Basically I'm not really too concerned about what's there currently. I just want to display an updated clickable link logo (in place of the current logo)...and at the same time maintain the size & position of the logo in the footer of the page.

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