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Originally Posted by A51-HadesFLG3 View Post
How do I edit the disclaimer? I'd like to translate it to Spanish for my site
You cannot edit it, it's pulling from Internet Brands directly and therefor cannot be edited unless you want to replace the entire script call with one of your own.

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Edit: Although... by using this aren't the members agreeing to Internet Brands privacy policy and GDPR compliance in a sense? Well actually yes that is exactly it so how does this consent cover the forum in question? To explain further, this calls the IB js file to show the GDPR message that includes links to the privacy policy but that is not YOUR (the forum i.e. your forums) privacy policy in the least.

Each site handles GDPR comliance in different ways based on the type of site they run and what data they collect i.e. a hosting company can be GDPR compliant however that doesn't mean all accounts using their hosting services are, each individual site would then be responsible for becoming compliant as they collect different information than a forum does with it's members as a prime example.

So with all that being said, I might be overlooking something here but from my understanding of how GDPR works and such, this is not the way to do this i.e. having a member agree to a GDPR/Privacy Policy that isn't even from your site - if anyone else has insight on this please share as I'm not trying to derail this mod thread in the least but many people right now as-of today are still completely baffled and stumped over GDPR and compliance.
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