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Originally Posted by cheekymonk3y View Post
but i cant download vbplaza, i dont have permissions, im sitting without a donations system at the moment, and i need to start collecting for next months server bill or site goes down, is there no alternatives? or can someone send me vbplaza or something, i am getting desperate here
What is it about vbplaza that is forcing you to use it to receive donations?

Paypal offers all sorts of precoded snippets to just add to your site.

You can also use the SUBSCRIPTION process that's built into vb by default. It offers several internet based means of receiving money. People would be subscribing to whatever you want them to and you call it DONATIONS.

For example you could have them SUBSCRIBE to the Donator's Club or some corny yet catchy term that also makes the people that donated feel better about their donation.
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