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Originally Posted by Max Taxable View Post
Which, the reverse might be that vB stopped caring about the developers when it released a major new version of the product that didn't utilize hooks. THEN the developers stopped caring about vBulletin, THEN vB stopped caring about vBorg.
True but if vBulletin had any sense of direction they would have developed vB4 to do all of the things this heavily modified vB3.x site does, because, at the time it was highly in-demand and frequently asked: "How can I make my site look like" That "You can't without a ton of custom coding!" was off-putting to a lot of customers. The there was the manner in which v B4.x was released. vBulletin learned nothing from that and made the same mistake on steroids with vBulletin 5. Obviously, this is all hindsight at this point but it is all symptomatic of a larger issue, which is that Internet Brands either has no concept of what is in demand and how to meet that demand or Internet Brands has no interest in proactively creating in-demand forum software. vBulletin 5 is the most reactively created software I've ever seen. Here's a basic shell. Now tell us what you want it to do or be in a JIRA and we'll get to it sooner or later. It really doesn't take much forethought to know that virtually every modification and add on is based upon the ability to utilize PHP hooks and that third party developers are not going to be champing at the bit to completely rewrite every modification they've ever released to be compatible with API-based software. Not even vBulletin's own staff have done that with their modifications. It was a poor concept, poorly planned and poorly implemented. When Lawrence Cole was with IB at least you could communicate with him, with some assurance that customer ideas would be relayed to the higher ups, whether or not those ideas were implemented. IB got away from that when Cole left and it's been impossible to even contact IB directly since.