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Not really a big board with these stats ( Threads: 1,631, Posts: 5,773, Members: 3,226, Active Members: 650) but I figured Id chime in. I get around 22k uniques per month, adsense is decent, it pays the bill. Worst part is it seems a majority of the users are from south america or asia area of the world, Which doesn't really pay out adwise. Looking at running an extra banner at the top to just sell off to some monthly sponsers. Im still on shared hosting, usually 5-25 online at a time, fair amount of posts. Forum is a few years old, but I started fresh when I setup my vb forums last september.

I have adbrite on another site that I co-run, which does pay out (net-60 my first check was $34). But they go in and analyze your profits later, and take away for the traffic from countries that don't speak english it appears. Had over $600 for the next payment, but its been knocked down to under $400. =/

Ive heard that adgage is good for ads, haven't checked them out yet.
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