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:banana: Wow its interesting to learn and see exactly how well you guys are doing compared to other websites.

Discussions like these are great and really put things into perspective in terms of where I should be financially and what my site should be earning.

Well I run a somewhat hugh site here in the Bahamas. Roughly a little over 10,000 members, good demographic hits and somewhat an average of about 5,000 - 6,000 unique members daily.

We offer email services, profiles and entertainment resources + some other stuff.

Monthly google ads range from anywhere from $285 to $500 due mainly to our photo gallery and forums. Once we re-introduce our Voice/Webcam I am hoping that it will increase.

We charge for different ad sizes on different pages for local businesses and entertainers/promoters having local events. This is where the bulk of our funds are generated which ranges from $75 for a small banner to $1200.00 (3 Month ads or sponsor programs).

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