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I just started mine about 9 months ago, and traffic is steadily rising (still extremely small compared to some people on here):

Uniques a Day: 50-100
PageViews a Day: 600-1000

We just crossed the 500 member threshhold 20 days ago, and are closing in on 600 pretty quick (avg'ing 4 new registrations a day). Our net profit is about $20-$40 a month right now off the forum (from $0 not even 40 days ago). Only guests see ads, and we use adsense. I think the advantage we have though is that we are a financial site; some advertisers pay as much as $2+ per click which is great. Our blog and stock articles though bring in double what our forum brings in with 1/4th the traffic, it's weird.

Main Stats:
-581 Members (135 Active)
-6,448 Posts
-954 Threads


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