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ok. so like everyone's covered most of range of possibilities... which is great and very useful (the point is possible to at least not be in the hole every month).

so let's say someone has a new board and growing with all the required minimum whatever to make money.

HOW would you recommend that person implement their ads for the first time?

two parts:
1. what PLACEMENT are your best performers?

-- after first post?
-- after last post?
-- top of forumhome?
-- left/right column skyscraper banner
-- header?
-- pay donations? (placed where)
-- etc.

(this is the stuff that I would most helpful and love to hear discussion about at this point, imo)

2. and of course, what ad network do you use?

-- adsense? mirva? YPN/overture? monthly subscription banner ads ? advertising.c0m? other?

3. then we can compare across size and demo stats more meaningfully (imo)


I just launched a tiny board for fun and a few friends to do their thing a few months ago, and haven't tried any monetization yet as it was just for fun. but monetizing is fun too. Knowing I'm nowhere near big-baord status yet doesn't mean I don't want to optimizse or ramp-up as best as possible.

so, like.... where would recommend one start?
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