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I have a similar request....

I have our website on a server.... Great.
Presently it is storing attachments in the database.... Not so great.

So, I want to use the vBulletin Attachment Manager to store them elsewhere.
To merely put them in a different folder on the forum server is easy....
I modified the Attachments to say
"Attachments are currently being stored in the filesystem at ../files"
(note... this is the sub-dir I created with appropriate permissions).
This works great.

So, let's move them to a Different server.
I have a different server and can access it via IPaddress.
It has a folder under the root called /files, with all the appropriate permissions.
So I change the Attachment manager to say
Attachments are currently being stored in the filesystem at
No sir... it just doesn't like this... the error message I get is

"We attempted to write a test file to, but we were unsuccessful. Please verify that the web server has write/delete permissions for this path."

For the life of me I can't figure out what I am doing wrong.

Any help ?????
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