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Originally Posted by bigwest View Post
Has anyone used sigmachat? (it looks like they changed the name to addonchat. )

I used it a long time ago and I am thinking of using it again in the future.

Any thoughts on that? Likes? Dislikes?
I have been using addonchat for about a year and I like it. I use their professional plus package which cost 125 per year. you can compare packages here .
Pros(that i can think of):
  • Integrates with vb easily
  • nothing is hosted on your site
  • allows for remote authentication scripts which Lets you assign specific specific permissions based off of usergroups.
  • easy to use
  • automatically emails me transcripts once a day
  • Auto login for signed in users
  • lets you add custom emoticons as well as custom chat/event sounds
  • I personally have not experienced any down time

Cons(that i can think of):
  • support is some times a little slow in responding but have only used it once or twice.

I would recommend it.
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