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I purchased my owner server and here are the specs:

2x INTEL XEON 5345 2.33GHZ 8MB QUAD CORE, This is 8 cores
4x 2048MB Memory giving me a total of 8GB of memory
4x 250GB hard drive setup as raid 10 = 500GB total usage
1x 250GB as a backup drive
1x 250GB a spare drive

I did a colo with this server through colo4dallas. In my opinion if you are going to keep a big board up and running it is cheaper to buy your own server and colo it. Renting or leasing a server is putting money into someone else’s pocket. Over a period of one year with the price you pay for using someone else’s dedicated server you could have purchased your own server. I am paying if not lower then what everyone else paying because I own my server. If you going to buy a server of your own get something expandable so it will grow with you.

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