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Originally Posted by Smitty View Post
Comment: For those of you thinking of a dedicated server, if you don't know how to set up and manage a server you'll probably be paying lots of $$ for server management. Server management can cost you as much as, or more, each month than the server costs, not to mention it is difficult to find a really good management company or person that you can trust.
This is a very true comment. You get what you pay for with someone else managing you server.

I went through two cheap server management companies that were recommended from posts I read on other web sites. Some server management companies know just enough to get by or have long response times. You want a company that knows servers and all the ins and outs. You also want one with quick response times. When you have a problem with your server you do not want to have to wait 12 to 24 hours for them to look at it. The company I have now I have been very happy with for $65 a month. Granted you can find cheaper ones but like I said you get what you pay for. As Smitty also said you can find some that also cost just as much as your dedicated server. But keep one thing in mind. If you have a good company set your server up for you and if it was done right you should never had to have them mess with your server again for you unless you want something changed or you mess something up. So why pay someone a lot of money monthly when they are doing nothing except scanning your server for viruses for you and a few other things
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