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Originally Posted by TECK View Post
Haha, I like the way you put it. Are you using 95th percentile billing?
I like your current setup... Collocation is the way to go. But I'm interested how you deal with the bandwidth...
I'm facing similar issues, so I would like to know more about your billing method.
I'm not sure what 95th percentile billing is. I am paying a flat rate for the 10mbs pipe and for the cabinet. The throughput doesn't matter. If I max out the pipe though, my current setup isn't burtstable, which means some people are just going to hit a wall if I run out of bandwidth. Most colo ISP's will offer burstable capability on the connections they offer.

The facility I am in is very nice. I won't drop names, but there are some big fish hosting there. The security is like something out of a James Bond movie: Man traps, retina scans, sniffers capable of picking up the alcohol in a wet wipe, you name it. The place is great. Eric
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