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Originally Posted by klaush View Post
So if you live in Germany, i think Hetzner is one of your best choice.

The support is amazing and the pricing is o.k.!
The pricing is certainly ok, but with that type of prices I always start to think if it is at all possible. I mean, compared to what I am paying at Softlayer this is about 150 euro's cheaper (with the current dollar - euro exchange rate).

Do they only offer AMD chips? No Intel?

And in a way it looks familiar, is this a hosting reseller, because they have the same way of presenting their dedicated server listings as another big german host does. Can't remember its name though.

For me it doesn't matter that much where the server is located not even in Germany (no language barrier for me :P). The only thing I want is a stable server with a fast, solid connection and enough bandwidth. So perhaps you can share some more information through PM or here?

Edit: forgot to mention this, do they offer 24/7 support?

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