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Big-boards rank ca. 250 and going up.
Alexa rank ca. 12,500
2000-3000 users online 24/7
4,7 million posts
135,000 members

One server:
RHEL 5 64-bit
Sphinx search
Litespeed Enterprise Server 3
2 x Intel Xeon-Woodcrest 5148
2x SAS-SCSI (15k rpm) + SATA + NAS

Server can handle much more than above needs, it's on light load now.

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Originally Posted by TECK View Post
With 5,000 users, you need 6 servers.
Sorry but that is simply not true.

Then your server load will be around 0.5-1.5. You cannot run an efficient board while having the load at 15.
Load is essentially "processes in queue". 1*cores load means all works in about realtime. To interpret any loads higher than that is not that straighforward. What those processes are, are their queuing really slowing things down, how long do the queued processes need to execute etc?

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