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Hi Davide101,

To be honest, I am not sure how far we will go with the integration. I don't want to leave anyone out, so I do and probably will continue to monitor th admin email messages(especially since it won't be so flooded - already has cut down tremendously), but we will have a few pages that are completely integrated with the Help Desk, such as the contact us page going directly to a help desk page with departments listed..

The software also allows for a variety of email addresses to parse directly to the proper department, and I believe it will attempt to handle this on its own as well.

The nicest feature is the one where once you populate the knowledge base, it tries to direct people filling out trouble tickets in the web interface to the information they need. If it isn't useful, they can ignore it and still submit the ticket, but as you build up the knowledge base, the chances of them finding the information they need while filling out their ticket grows..

We have created a staff familiarization and training forum (private) to work on building up our knowledge base, as well as training staff members how to use the system, etc..

Hopefully in the near future I will have a fully working model to exhibit.. I'm confident that it will be a great success, but if it isn't for any reason, I will definitely explain what problems we ran into..

So far, in "beta" testing with only a few staff and limited knowledge to our members, it has worked great.. It's completely alien to our staff and members so I am not trying to force feed it...


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FlyBoy, can you tell me more about your integration? I'm curious how you plan on linking your existing vbulletin contact form with Kayako. Will it replace your contact forms altogether or will support requests originate with the contact form or some sort of hybrid?

I have a small forum by Big Board standards, but we still receive a few thousand support requests a year. I would love to have auto-responders set up based on the content of the message. This would enormously, especially when I'm on vacation and need to delegate the handling of email support requests. If it can save just five minutes a day, it's worth the expense. For all it does, the software is pretty cheap.
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