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His Reply.

What is their URL? And for you being a little smart** bi*ch, I'll work on cracking your cPanel anyways. I have a friend that does all sorts of shit like that and it would be nothing to f**k you up. You sound like an amateur. "you lick sswarez's A**hole while your hold it's balls"? Let me guess, you're 15? You think replacing your vBulletin will fix your problem? It didn't. I'm staring at your ftp right now. You have your shit set up all sloppy. Not too professional By the way, you can delete that chat directory. It doesn't seem to be working right, since your fag*ot a** doesn't know how to set it up.. lmao. Amateur? Yes indeed. Your site is perfect for XSS. That means Cross Site Scripting. Oh yeah. You're f**ed now.. LMFAO.

Now seriously. What's your f**king cPanel password? If I have to crack it myself, it's only going to piss me off and I'll delete EVERYTHING. F**ktard.

This guy is pissing me off... im going to have all my passes rest and then go from there.
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