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Updating my RSS Feed output after editing or removing a post

Hi All

I have used the RSS feed mod to include an RSS feed for each section of my forum. I pull this information to other sites I have to help bring new members to my forum.

I have a small issue in that sometimes the odd spammer gets through the loop for a few hours before I ban and clean them. I notice that once I have removed the post or edited a terrible subject line that the RSS feed remains the same.

I have tried cleaning the post cache after editing and this had no effect. I have cleared the cache locally and this didn't change anything.

Can someone shed some light on how to achieve updating of the information on the RSS page after edits and deletions have been done. I have set up empty cache features on my sites that pull in the feed so we can quickly have them removed from there but they can't remove them if they are still showing on my forums rss pages.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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