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Originally Posted by Bellardia View Post
I'm finding a lot of claims made by some people to be crazy, especially the ones with only ~500 members.

Currently, I run an ad-free forum, and use a very good host (unlimited bandwidth for about $20 a month). Some people are claiming hosting costs 200 a month for 500 active member forums (how?). The server has gone down maybe once in 2 years, and otherwise runs very smoothly.

Really, I'm just wondering how much people think I could make if I added some moderate ad-hosts. Maybe a single banner on the side or top, I'm not really willing to make the site ugly for profit.

Here are some stats:
2,500 unique hits a day
50,000 page loads per day
3000 member forum

Since july 2007, we've had 42 million hits, 88 million page views and 412,000 unique visits.

Any modest estimates of possible revenue based on these statistics?
I think the best way to find out is to test it yourself....whatever people tell you could be right or wrong each person is different. I have someone with the same amount of traffic killing his site with adds and making triple what i make while i have less making (fair) not enough but i rather that way then filling up a page. Best way is to try yourself each person is a different case
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