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Originally Posted by kontrabass View Post
FlyBoy, have you tried out Kayako's "LoginShare" plugin, that accesses vB's user list?
I have not yet. I was waiting for v3.7 rc-1 to hit before I did. Not that they just released it, we will probably upgrade within a week or so and then I will work on the loginshare. I hope I don't have to nuke all the tickets we have already handled.

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Originally Posted by COBRAws View Post
Hey David, I just bought a copy of kayako a few weeks ago, I have the same scenario as you have.

We are still loading up the knowledge base and will be soon routing all questions to the helpdesk.

Right now I have a problem with smods, I dont really know how to give them "staff" access to kayako, anyway, I will get through that in a few days when I finish all the configuration
Can you manually give them access through the Kayako admin control panel, or does LoginShare remove the ability to do this? I sure hope not. Please let me know what you find out..

I'm loving what we have already and it is just stock...

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