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Lightbulb Mulitple User Aliases

My first request for my new vb!! <3 Yay!

I have a roleplay board, and all of my users have to register seperate accounts for each of thier rpg characters. This is VERY annoying having to login and out, especially when you have alot of characters. This also does not give a very accurate user list, plus the problems with people abusing multiple accounts, ect, ect...

I would like a User Alias feature that'd work something like this:

Add an Alias - create alias name, upload/input icon for alias and add siggy.
Edit/Manage Aliases - delete/edit an alias

Turn off Alias Feature
Allow Use of Alias by forums.
Allow Use of Alias by Usergroup.
Edit Members Aliases
Set requirements for Alias features (icon sizes, siggy size, max amount of alias a user is allowed to have, ect)

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Default account name will show as normal.
When an alias is used, it will show the Alias name in the place of the username with "user: name" in small text under so you know who the original user is. Icon/siggy/ ect will show up depending on the alias you choose.

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Choose Alias from dropdown menu
Default will be original account name.
Where Alias is disabled, dropdown menu will not show. :]

Anyone that could create this mod would be my hero! <3 I'm sure this would be very useful for other gaming boards, or anyone that would like to give their users some nice extra features.
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