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just getting back to this thread... I'm sorry.

I forgot to ask. Do you have any mods & add-ons you didn't get from here? he may have scripted himself access also.

Has he sent you an e-mail??? If so, he's TOAST!!! DON'T USE OUTLOOK!!
Go to

password: your password

retrieve his message. In the bottom/left corner of the e-mail(s) it'll show his IP address.
FIRST, log into your server and block it from there.
THEN, go to your vbullletin admin cp, go to Banning Options, and ban the IP from there also. But DON'T BAN HIS E-MAIL!! If he contacts you again, you want to know from where so you can also block that IP.

This may also help.

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Originally Posted by PET View Post
By the way. You know what would be cool? Just set up a "Custom PHP script" that will take the guy's IP. Just give the kid the link, and a face user/pass, end when he logins you will also get his IP, and you will also... scare him if you put some FBI page there

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