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Bunny! vbAnonymizer used for spam?

Since a while now, I have a problem with the vbAnonymizer mod
on my 3.8.11 and I wonder if I am the only one.

In my "who is online" I see a lot of entries with different IPs using the anonymizer BUT with links that are not used / not linked in posts on my site. That means someone uses the redirector to anonymize his links. So far so good (bad). All the links refer to suspicious sites with illegal stuff.

I modified the the addon so that despite the link that is given the anonymizer (rediretor.php) they will end up in my forum on a random topic. What happens is ... nothing. No one is redirected, the who is online still shows only that the redirector site is loaded. But the redirect does not happen.

So I wonder why someone is doing this and the only conclusion I can come up with is that their spam links will show up in the "who is online" section. Therefore I modified the text for who is online and their link are not shown anymore.

Yet, I wonder if I am the only one with this issue?

And maybe someone has an idea how to find out if this is a bot or real people who follow links on a site?
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