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Originally Posted by Wayne Luke
Looking through the graphics available on this site they all look pretty plain. Color changes, maybe a new type of rectangle but not much deviation... Looking through the pay style sites you can see this as well.

Where are the funky, weird or adventurous graphics to make those really fun and outlandish styles or do we all have to be stuck with staid professional styles with no character?
Part of the problem is the beautiful buttons are: they arehuge in file size. Anti-aliased text increases the file size by 3x, even optimized too.

Currently working on a New Thread button. The original has a beautiful gradient silver gray color, with a matching red background with silver/white gradient text. The smallest I could get it is close to 900bytes. To me that's too huge of a file size for a 100x26 button.

So what gets from the layout board to the final design winds up not being as beautiful -- the design changes to compensate. :cry:

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