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Can you direct me to a thread here which guides a newbie through the site adminstration process? I have browsed the online manual twice but I can't find the answers or rather the vB online manual is structure to guide on specific functionality in the control panel instead.

My newly installed bulletin displays the vBulletin logo. Do I need to buy a skin/skin template to upload my logo?

I am owners of a few [email protected] groups. have no prior experience administering such complex site.

Thanks in advance for your guidance
make a test forum to play with on your PC off line, pretty easy.
dowload WAMP 2.xx and go from there, that should let you play with a lot of things before you mess up online.

quick logo help.
upload your logo to the MISC images folder.


Admincp/styles & templates/ style manager/click the drop box for the style-select " style var"/ in the search box put "title", you will see "image paths"- title image - put the path to the image.

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