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[AJAX] Post Thank You Hack Details »
[AJAX] Post Thank You Hack
Mod Version: 7.7, by Abe1 (Coder) Abe1 is offline
Developer Last Online: Jun 2010 I like it Show Printable Version Email this Page

vB Version: 3.8.x Rating: (411 votes - 4.81 average) Installs: 4910
Released: 20 Dec 2007 Last Update: 28 Jul 2008 Downloads: 29524
Not Supported DB Changes Uses Plugins Auto-Template Additional Files Translations  

vB 4.0 version of this hack here:

Post Thank You Hack 7.7

About this hack:
One of the biggest problems on forums as you may know is 'posts boosting'. There are users who LOVE to say 'thanks' when ever they can. How can it hurt? Their post count goes up, they have nothing to loose.

There are also users who really like to express their thanks to post but don't like posting a post that looks like they're post boosting.

Then comes the moderators who have to delete people's thanks yous so a thread can look readable with out the thanks yous thrown around.

Finally comes the posters of these useful posts. They have no idea how many people really likes their posts if only some people say 'thanks'.

What this hack does is fix ALL these problems - except those users who like post boosting. This places a button called 'thanks.' When a user clicks on it, it places his username in a box right under the post saying that so-and-so says 'thanks' for the post. Every-one who clicks is placed in one box.

By giving your users the extra feature, you forum will look allot nice and organized. It is a guaranteed liking by ALL the members of your forum.

  • Uses vBulletin easy Product installer/updater/uninstaller
  • Uses AJAX technology so your users don't have to refresh when they thank.
  • Places an easy to use button next to the edit button
  • Separate looks for postbit and postbit_legacy
  • Places all Thanks into one small box
  • Uses only ONE query every time you view a showthread page!
  • Users can't thank twice
  • Option to not allow users to thank their own post
  • Guests don't see 'thanks' button
  • Counts how many thanks a user gives
  • Counts how many thanks a post gets
  • Shows how many thanks a user gave in every post of his
  • Shows how many thanks a user gave in profile
  • Shows how many thanks a user got
  • Shows how many posts or a user are thanked
  • Shows info in profile
  • Search for a users thanked posts
  • Search for all thanked posts
  • Administrator can remove all Thanks from a single post
  • Users can remove their own Thanks
  • Turn on and off hack totally
  • Turn on and off hack for only some forums
  • Option to turn off hack for all but the first post of a thread
  • Option to turn off hack for all but the first post of a thread in specific forums
  • Option to turn off hack view of date for specific or all forums
  • Option to add to post count when someone clicks 'thanks'.
  • Option to give a user who receives thanks reputation points.
  • Ban Usergroups
  • Ban Users
  • Uses Phrases
  • Cache Templates
  • Guaranteed to be liked by ALL users on your forum!
Installation information on hack: (If installed on vb 3.7)
  • Files edited: 0
  • Templates edited: 0
  • Files to upload: 7
  • Time to install: 1 minute max


Version 7.0 (12/20/07):
  • Release of this hack for vBulletin version 3.7
  • This version works on all vBulletin versions from 3.6.0 and up

Version 7.1 (12/24/07):
  • Fixed up the vb3.7 profile block code including fixing showing your info and not the member you are looking at.

Version 7.2 (01/24/08):
  • Updated files: post_thanks.php, functions_post_thanks.php
  • Updated templates: post_thanks_memberinfo_block, post_thanks_member_info
  • New option: Remove User's Thanks Count When Deleting Post
  • New phrase: post_thanks_search_user_gave
  • FIX User reputation level now updates. (Thanks to liwo for this one.)
  • NEW Added option to view all posts a user has thanked.
  • FIX Fixed Special Action - Delete All of a Users Thanks
  • FIX Should have fixed some 'foreach()' errors.

Version 7.3 (03/15/08):
  • Updated file: functions_post_thanks.php
  • Updated template: post_thanks_memberinfo_block
  • Deleted template: post_thanks_memberinfo_css
  • New option: Choice to use Markup Usernames or not. (Thanks to Namaless)
  • New option: Ban User from Getting Thanks
  • New option: Max Thanks a User can Give Per Day
  • FIX Fixed repeating bug on vb 3.6.7 forums.
  • CHANGE Changed where the post thanks info shows on the Profile Page. Moved to same box as statistics. (This will require a template edit if you are running vb3.7 beta 2-4)

Version 7.4 (03/21/08):
  • FIX: Fixed Profile Stats for vb3.7.0 RC1 users.

Version 7.5 (05/12/08):
  • Updated files: post_thanks.js, post_thanks.php, functions_post_thanks.php
  • Updated template: post_thanks_button
  • Added securty token check for all thanks added. This will prevent a user from giving out a link or somehow making an image that will get him a lot of thanks.
  • Should have fixed some 'foreach()' errors.
  • Fixed Delete All of a Users Thanks bug
  • vBulletin 3.7.x compatible only

Version 7.6 (06/02/08):
  • FIX: Fixed Security Check for vb 3.7.1
  • Updated files: functions_post_thanks.php

Version 7.7 (07/28/08):
  • FIX: Fixed problem with giving thanks using Blazer (palmOS browser).
  • Updated file: post_thanks.js
  • Updated templates: post_thanks_button, post_thanks_postbit, post_thanks_postbit_legacy
  • New option: Show Stats in Postbit?
  • New option: Show Stats in Profile?

Please post your comments or suggestions for this hack. I read ALL posts.

You will get an email when a new version is released.

  1. Showing the 'thanks' button and stats in Postbit
  2. Showing post after 'thanks' (user view)
  3. Showing post after 'thanks' with legacy posts (admin view)
  4. Stats in members profile and link
  5. Link in Search drop down menu
  6. Hacks settings

Download Now

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ID:	77308  

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Old 08 Jan 2008, 00:02
TomasDR TomasDR is offline
Join Date: Feb 2006
I am having a strange problem with one user. According to the user he is using IE7 with XP, no addons with IE7 (i.e. toolbars, etc.).

Note I have over 8,000 users.

When this particular user Thanks someone, one of two things happens, either it goes up by 2 "thanks" (no biggie) or by 4,294,967,294 "thanks" (yes 4 billion, don't we all wish we had a board that popular).

If he is the only user it will actually read "
The Following 4,294,967,295 Users Say Thank You to xxxxx For This Useful Post:"

If I put in my thank you and then remove it, the # will change to 4,294,967,294.

It doesn't matter if he logs in with another user either. This issue also does happen with your groan addon, but again with only the one user.

Finally according to the user "Thank You's" and "Groans" mysteriously appear on posts after he reads them.

Now I realize this is totally a client issue but I was wondering if you could point me towards a solution....
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Old 08 Jan 2008, 05:30
rinkrat's Avatar
rinkrat rinkrat is offline
Join Date: Jan 2002
When I click on the link to see my thanks given I get

Database error in vBulletin 3.7.0 Beta 3:

Invalid SQL:

SELECT postid
FROM post AS post
INNER JOIN thread AS thread ON(thread.threadid = post.threadid)
WHERE post.userid = 1
AND post.post_thanks_amount != 0
AND thread.forumid IN(17,16,19,29,3,4,7,40,34,5,27,50,35,41,6,48,49,12,13,10,15,20,8,43,45,46,44,47 ,18,11,14,9)
ORDER BY post.dateline DESC
LIMIT 1000;

MySQL Error : Unknown column 'post.post_thanks_amount' in 'where clause'
Error Number : 1054
Los Angeles Kings Fan Page

Last edited by rinkrat; 10 Jan 2008 at 07:33.
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Old 08 Jan 2008, 22:54
dacho's Avatar
dacho dacho is offline
Join Date: Dec 2004
Real name: David
ImpEx System for this MOD ?
Sometimes there is a need for big board to do cleaning into new database with vBulletin ImpEx System.
At least so I strive to do in order to efficient the system.
Is it possible to upgrade this mod with addition of "ImpEx system" for him?
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Old 09 Jan 2008, 02:52
dknelson dknelson is offline
Join Date: Oct 2004
I like this hack but have disabled it for now. It makes the postbit headers way to big due to some other things that I have installed. Is there a way to move the text in the postbit header to the other side, perhaps beside the username?
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Old 09 Jan 2008, 03:31
Matty.B Matty.B is offline
Join Date: Sep 2007
Ohhh the Irony!!! Installed THANKS
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Old 09 Jan 2008, 06:00
RMS-Chef RMS-Chef is offline
Join Date: Aug 2003
Thanks for the continued updates Abe.
Just checked my database and I have had a little over 2.3 million "thanks" issued on my forum!
Attached Images
File Type: jpg thanks_stats.jpg (6.2 KB, 70 views)
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Old 09 Jan 2008, 09:35
216 216 is offline
Join Date: Oct 2007
I have installed the version 7.1 to my vb version3.6.8 should i have uploaded 7.0 version instead? It seems to be working fine so far.
Is there any way to NOT have the counters show up in the post users column ? Im new at this so im trying to learn it. Is that area called the postbit? I didn't check but i would like to just have it show up in the user cp but not in the post. Is this possible ?
Thanks for any help on this issue.
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Old 10 Jan 2008, 02:28
TPOCJames's Avatar
TPOCJames TPOCJames is offline
Join Date: Dec 2005
Real name: James
Just so you know, the search all thanks by this user doesn't work.
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Old 11 Jan 2008, 06:00
calvis calvis is offline
Join Date: Jun 2005
When I import the XML I get a blank screen. Does anyone know why?
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Old 11 Jan 2008, 12:32
aspeach aspeach is offline
Join Date: Oct 2006
Sorry if this is answered, but I couldn't find it. Can anything be edited so that the hidden content shows before reloading the page? Would just enabling ajax do that? (mines diabled)

Thanks, and nice hack!

Last edited by aspeach; 11 Jan 2008 at 12:48.
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Old 12 Jan 2008, 12:26
jacki jacki is offline
Join Date: Jun 2006
post thank you error :
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /includes/functions_post_thanks.php on line 183
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Old 12 Jan 2008, 20:47
Roxie's Avatar
Roxie Roxie is offline
Join Date: May 2002
Real name: Ro
I don't want thanks given to be shown. Where can I edit what displays in postbit?
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Old 12 Jan 2008, 20:50
Roxie's Avatar
Roxie Roxie is offline
Join Date: May 2002
Real name: Ro
Originally Posted by Roxie View Post
I don't want thanks given to be shown. Where can I edit what displays in postbit?
To answer my own question...edit: post_thanks_postbit_info
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Old 13 Jan 2008, 09:17
vitrag24's Avatar
vitrag24 vitrag24 is offline
Join Date: Nov 2006
will it work in 3.6.4?
should i update?
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Old 14 Jan 2008, 17:06
zmmmzz zmmmzz is offline
Join Date: Nov 2007
if someone thanks a thanks is discounted from his account.
Is this possible through a plugin?
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