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vbArchive - Search Engine Indexer for vBulletin Details »
vbArchive - Search Engine Indexer for vBulletin
Mod Version: 1.00, by TECK (Member) TECK is offline
Developer Last Online: Aug 2013 I like it Show Printable Version Email this Page

This modification is in the archives.
vB Version: 2.2.x Rating: (11 votes - 5.00 average) Installs: 177
Released: 13 Jan 2003 Last Update: Never Downloads: 26
Not Supported  

vbArchive v1.3 Released
240,000 Google pages (and counting...) indexed so far. Congratulations to all users!

I added the number of threads and posts for each forum.
The problem with a static page like the main archive page (as well the category ones) was that it never changed.
Now, every time a crawler visit the page, it will see new elements changed, since the number of threads and posts will always change.
Take a look at my archive, until FireFly updates the one.

I also added a new meta tag for crawlers:
<meta name="robots" content="index,follow">

To upgrade from 1.2, simply upload the new archive.txt and forumdisplay.txt files.
Then REVERT to original all templates and run the NEW installer script to un-install/install the templates.

If you already installed version 1.3, check the "archive_forumtitle" template and see if you have there a variable called "$archiveurl".
If you do, clean your browser temp files and redownload the package, it was a mistake I made in the code.
The file is now updated with the new code.

Not convinced this is a good script? A picture and it's Google results is worth 1000 words (thanks xiphoid).
Is funny that few people rated 1 my script, we wonder who they might be?

DEMO WEB SITE: Archive (Google Results for Archive)
2 minutes

Script Information

This script will install the Search Engine Indexer Add-On for vBulletin.
Is the little brother of vbHome (lite) Archive Add-On.

The script uses Apache's ForceType directive. Most of Apache servers have it installed by default.
Check with your host to make sure the module is installed.
If you use another server then Apache, the script will NOT work.
The only solution I found for IIS is the ISAPI Rewrite module.

The script uses only 6-12 queries, depending on what page you view, and it works with any 2.2.x vBulletin version.

Some of it's cool features are:
- vBulletin 3 style
- listings based on forum/thread permissions
- forums architecture followed [example]
- classic .html extension usage
- dynamic meta tags (unique for each forum/thread/post, extremely important for good indexing)
- no broken links while using no_permission functions
- navigation bar
- multiple pages (200 threads or 100 posts per page) [example]
- template based, so you can edit it's look easy
- installer included

You will ask: So what the script does?
It makes all your forum URL's as search engine friendly, so they can be easy indexed by all search engines.
For example, the URL:
forum/forumdisplay.php?forumid=9&daysprune=365&sortorder=&sortfield=lastpost&perpage=2 5&pagenumber=2
will look like:
That will allow any search engine to index properly all your forum contents, in no time.

Do NOT get "creative" and start adding crazy stuff (popups, etc.) and links to the actual templates.
The most 2 important things for your pages are:
1. good meta tags
2. clean html code that won't upset the crawlers

The script was optimized to perform at it's best the way it is now, so crawlers gravitate only onto the archives files, not outside.
You can edit the archive_homekeytag to enter your web site key words.

The link to forums page is needed (image logo), because some search engines might consider this as URL cloacking, if you don't link it back to your actual forums. Don't worry about the rest, if you performed the first 3 steps in Forums Optimizations (listed below), they will go back and forward to the archives, without any problems.
Also, follow the readmefirst.htm instructions carefully.

Upgrade from previous version (lower then 1.2)
Estimated time for uninstall-install process: 5 minutes
Follow these steps (clear your browser temporary files before you download the new file):
1. Revert to original all archive templates.
2. Run the OLD Installer script and un-install the script components.
3. Follow the NEW instructions in the readmefirst file, included in v1.2 package.
NOTE: Overwrite the OLD code with the NEW one, in functions.php file.

Other similar scripts
Those scripts are alternatives to my code. Have your pick for the one it suit better your taste or forum performance.
SkuZZy's vB Easy Archive - another script coded by Xenon
fastforward's Spider Friendly URL's - it uses the mod_rewrite

Forums Optimizations
You MUST perform also some the mods listed below if you want your forums optimized properly for search engines indexing.
Steps 1 to 3 are vital, the rest is optional.

9. TO DISPLAY THE SMILIES AS image parsed, READ MORE HERE (mod by Logician).


Other Users Demo's
Feel free to post your archive link, so I can display it here. Archive
eva2000's Anime Boards archive
overgrow's Edge Forums archive
glenvw's Yes-Its-Free archive
codeweb's Code Webs archive
xiphoid's Open Forum archive
Hwulex's Xaprief archive
BiggieSwolls' Steroidology archive
GearedUp's FitnessGeared archive
saint_seiya's VG City archive

Search Engine Submission
You should follow these guidelines to get listed in every major search engine:
(also visit those forums for more information)

- do not use URL cloaking
- do not use automatic search engine submitters, do it manually
- do not use 1 pixel images to link your archive file
- do not make invisible your link text, by masking it with the same background color
- do not use 1-4 pixels text at the top of your page, to display the site contents
- do not link your archives file to an image without using the alt="" tag

To see how your site is doing, related to links, go to Google Web Site and type: archive

1. Google uses a crawler named Googlebot which crawls the web approximately every thirty days.
2. It is not necessary to submit any page to Google. If you do submit, submit only your most important page to this search engine.
3. Googlebot is a deep crawler and should crawl all of your pages.
4. Google supplies ranking results for placement in Netscape Search, the ODP, Anzwers, Yahoo! and Ilor.
5. Google can crawl pages in ASP, JSP, CFM, PHP, Excel, Microsoft Word, newsgroups, PDF and PostScript files, Power Point and Rich Text formats.
6. Google loves sites with a high number of legitimate, relevant incoming links.
7. Google hates spam.

If your site is new, or hasn't shown up in Google for long, it may because our "fresh crawl" (which runs each day) was finding your site instead of our main crawl (which runs about once a month). Our "fresh crawl" is a newer feature, and we're still experimenting with which pages to crawl, how deeply to crawl, etc. We even reserve the right to (gasp!) not do a fresh crawl on some days because we're doing tests or reviewing new code. Someone wrote in recently and said "my site got in Google three weeks ago, and you've dropped me four times!" Nope, it's just that we don't always crawl the same pages in our fresh crawl, and we don't always crawl to the same depth. As we do a full crawl of the web, we find most of the sites from our fresh crawl and put them in our regular index. My advice on our fresh crawl is to view it as a nice "bonus" on top of Google's deep index. Users can always search our full index, but sometimes we can serve up even fresher pages as an extra nicety.

What does this mean for the average webmaster? In the word of the great Hitchhiker's Guide, "Don't Panic."
Just do the normal things you should do:
1. Create a great site.
2. Submit your site to Google on our "add url" form.
3. Get a link from the Open Directory Project or other directories (Yahoo, etc.).
4. Don't panic if your site takes a little while to show up in Google. Be patient, and start to look around the web--there's lots of great advice about improving your site for users and search engines.

Hope this helps,

1. Google - The largest and best index at the time.
Submit your link here.

2. Inktomi - This is the database that feeds iWon, 4anything, AOL Search, HotBot, GoTo, ICQ, LookSmart, MSN Search & Snap.
Submit your link here and here.

3. Fast / AllTheWeb - This Norwegian index is almost as good as Google.
Submit your link here.

4. AltaVista - Still one of the big guns, despite its temperamental ranking system.
Submit your link here.

5. Walhello - Mysterious new index with great results. Get listed, it is on its way up.
Submit your link here.

6. Non-English Indexes - The people of these countries use their own search engines. It helps if your site is in their language, because they will be searching for keywords in their own language.
Caloweb France - Submit your link here.
Caloweb Germany - Submit your link here.
Caloweb Spain - Submit your link here.

There is no point trying to submit to these search engines:
Excite - dead, now uses pay-per-click results
Direct Hit - will be retired shortly
Northern Light - no longer available to the general public
Lycos - now use AlltheWeb's index

Once you done all this, watch the incoming traffic that will arrive to your site.
Good luck.

Copyright Permissions
1. You ARE NOT allowed to REMOVE or MODIFY the copyright text at the bottom of the page.

The copyright MUST be in a distinctive color and easy readable by visitors.
2. You ARE NOT allowed to ALTER in any way the URL links listed in the copyright text.
The Search Engine Indexer link pointing to MUST stay intact.
You can remove ONLY the vBulletin version or replace the direct link to vBulletin site with your referral link.
3. You ARE NOT allowed to DISTRIBUTE the contents of downloaded .zip file.
4. You ARE NOT allowed to COPY ANY PARTS of the code and use it for distribution.

Download Now

Only licensed members can download files, Click Here for more information.

Show Your Support

  • To receive notifications regarding updates -> Click to Mark as Installed.
  • If you like this modification support the author by donating.
  • This modification may not be copied, reproduced or published elsewhere without author's permission.
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Mod Developer Type Replies Last Post
Search Engine Indexer - vbHome (lite) add-on TECK vBulletin 2.x Full Releases 14 01 Feb 2004 15:47

Old 13 Jan 2003, 12:13
Floris Floris is offline
Join Date: Jan 2002
Originally posted by TECK
No, because the crawler looks at the first think on the page always. In your case, it was the logo, with a link.
So here it is the way a crawler does the job:
It goes to the very first link and goes through it's roots all the way to the end, then it grabs the next available link and go to it's roots, etc.

So basically, the last links the crawler will visit are the copyright ones, but not before the hole forums will be indexed, due to it's root scanning.
If you have a link at the top, it will get it confused... you get the idea.

EDIT: do not use /archive.php/, leave it as a normal file the way it is intended, when you link it onto your forums page, at the bottom.
If you really want to use it as a folder, do this:
FILE: htaccess.txt

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

Upload it to your server and rename it.
In all functions, simply replace archives.php with archives
Then rename onto your server the archives.php file to archives and you are done, now you have a directory instead of a file.

Directory or .php file, is the same thing for Mr. Crawler, as long as the URL is friendly.
Ok, but I have the link as .php/ now and it gives no errors and works just fine. Why shouldn't it be used like this?
My community;
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Old 13 Jan 2003, 12:19
KuraFire's Avatar
KuraFire KuraFire is offline
Join Date: Nov 2001
Real name: Faruk
Originally posted by xiphoid
- the templates are put in their own group,
That's quite easy though. Here's how to do that with your own templates that are part of a group:

(this is also in the install instructions, but a not-important part so I doubt anyone'd mind me explaining it here)

In admin/template.php there is a line:


Below that, there are a whole bunch of lines that are basically this:

$only['<startofthetemplatenamegoeshere>'] = 'Pretty Group Name Goes Here';

(for the Archive templates, it's:
$only['archive'] = 'Archive';
And therefore all templates that start with archive will be placed in that group).

You can do that with any group of templates, just make sure you put the templates in your vB's default template set, and not your custom styleset (for they'll be considered "Custom Templates" and appear in their own list)

Nice hack, I'll be adding it to my board later
__________________ is closed; it will merge into the KuraFire Network, version 6. KF*N 6 will have information about XHTML, CSS, PHP and vBulletin, and especially all those combined.
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Old 13 Jan 2003, 12:19
TECK's Avatar
TECK TECK is offline
Join Date: Dec 2001
Real name: Floren Munteanu
Floris, do you normally use a slash at the end when you link to a .php file?
Do it my way, you make only 2 small changes to the functions and you are sure it will look as a directory, or leave it as archives.php, it will not hurt at all.
I just did it onto my site, it took me 30 seconds to edit everything, including upload...
Floren Munteanu
Axivo Inc.
Axivo Community - Visit the forums to find out more about us
Why Queued - My personal blog

Last edited by TECK; 13 Jan 2003 at 12:34.
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Old 13 Jan 2003, 12:22
TECK's Avatar
TECK TECK is offline
Join Date: Dec 2001
Real name: Floren Munteanu
KuraFire, he said the templates ARE put in their own group.
Floris was making a review for others to find out more about the script.
Floren Munteanu
Axivo Inc.
Axivo Community - Visit the forums to find out more about us
Why Queued - My personal blog
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Old 13 Jan 2003, 13:21
Floris Floris is offline
Join Date: Jan 2002
I have a seperate statements.php and contact.php file and some others, I installed FireFly's whoisonline hack where you can enter such info, but .. they all work, I just can't seem to add archives.php - it won't recognize it. Maybe because of some subdir, because this is how the whois online looks when someone presses on the archives.php file:

Unknown Location: /forum/archives.php/images/mozilla/cat_09.gif?s=<removed>
My community;
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Old 13 Jan 2003, 15:12
Velocd's Avatar
Velocd Velocd is offline
Join Date: Mar 2002
Real name: Mike
Looks like a well done hack, I'll have to install it after I get the new design of my forum going.

Great job Teck
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Old 13 Jan 2003, 15:29
TECK's Avatar
TECK TECK is offline
Join Date: Dec 2001
Real name: Floren Munteanu
I have an idea, what if I add to the meta tags the forum title as well as few forum threads? In this way every page will have different tags... So the search engines will have even a better variety of words for each page...

Also I just found out that, according to the new crawling rules, is recommended NOT to separate the meta keywords by commas????
Normally keywords in meta tags are separated by commas. Comma is take as "Or" while space is taken as "And". However there is some evidence that when keywords are separated by a space the search engines make their own combination of keyword by itself.

It will be even easier to make the mod then...
Floren Munteanu
Axivo Inc.
Axivo Community - Visit the forums to find out more about us
Why Queued - My personal blog

Last edited by TECK; 13 Jan 2003 at 15:40.
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Old 13 Jan 2003, 17:23
Dean C's Avatar
Dean C Dean C is offline
Join Date: Jan 2002
Real name: Dean Clatworthy
Looks extremely nice Floren - i'll check this out for definate

- miSt
Dean Clatworthy - Web Developer/Designer
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Old 13 Jan 2003, 18:22
TECK's Avatar
TECK TECK is offline
Join Date: Dec 2001
Real name: Floren Munteanu
Glad you like it Dean... almost done with dynamic meta tags mod... so it will index different value tags for each page.
Floren Munteanu
Axivo Inc.
Axivo Community - Visit the forums to find out more about us
Why Queued - My personal blog
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Old 13 Jan 2003, 18:53
Floris Floris is offline
Join Date: Jan 2002
Is your meta tag mod ready for only this hack, or is it a new hack that can be inserted into the style > header - and therefor work on each page ? - and if so : could it be two parts? 1 - default words, and 2 - dynamic words
My community;
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Old 13 Jan 2003, 18:58
glenvw glenvw is offline
Join Date: Nov 2001
Hi Guys and Gals

You all never fail to impress me with these awesome hacks..

I originally installed a different crack found on from Xenon and Skuzzy but then ran acoross yours...

There's is here:

Yours is here:

Obviously I do not know what I am doing since I was not successful in the template change. Can you explain to a novice how I edit, and what I edit to get my template design to work with yours?

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Old 13 Jan 2003, 19:15
TECK's Avatar
TECK TECK is offline
Join Date: Dec 2001
Real name: Floren Munteanu
You want to add the header from first archive to the second one?
vBulletin Options > Templates > Modify > [expand list] > Archive Templates [expand]

If you wait another hour, I will release a better version with dynamic meta tags... Wait for the template editing... orelse you will have to revert them back to original, in order to install the new version.
Floren Munteanu
Axivo Inc.
Axivo Community - Visit the forums to find out more about us
Why Queued - My personal blog
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Old 13 Jan 2003, 19:31
glenvw glenvw is offline
Join Date: Nov 2001
sitting on the edge of my seat..

please make sure to tell a novice how to upgrade :-)
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Old 13 Jan 2003, 19:43
TECK's Avatar
TECK TECK is offline
Join Date: Dec 2001
Real name: Floren Munteanu
It will be a snap to upgrade...
Hold on still working on it... I'm testing some extra options.
Floren Munteanu
Axivo Inc.
Axivo Community - Visit the forums to find out more about us
Why Queued - My personal blog
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Old 13 Jan 2003, 20:18
drumsy's Avatar
drumsy drumsy is offline
Join Date: Nov 2001
Real name: Daniel
I've installed, eagerly waiting for the revised templates.

Also, in your instructions, in the Final Step you specify to run the "vbhlarchive.php" script installer. I believe you meant to say "vbarchive.php".

Also, (don't know if you'll fix this problem in this new version) but when I add

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

, the links to my buttons are messed up. It starts looking in a forumdisplay directory, which it shouldn't. Why is that?
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