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[AJAX] vB Pager 3.0.4 Details »
[AJAX] vB Pager 3.0.4
Mod Version: 3.0.4, by uae (Member) uae is offline
Developer Last Online: Dec 2012 I like it Show Printable Version Email this Page

This thread is in the Modification Graveyard.
vB Version: 3.5.4 Rating: (30 votes - 4.60 average) Installs: 801
Released: 06 Jan 2006 Last Update: 06 Mar 2006 Downloads: 1015
Not Supported DB Changes Uses Plugins Template Edits Additional Files Re-usable Code  

This modification currently contains a vulnerability. You are hereby advised to uninstall this modification until such time that the author provides a fix.
- Staff

[AJAX] vB Pager 3.0.4

Hack Version: 3.0.4
vB-version: 3.5.x
Developer: WwW.UAEWEB.CoM
Install-difficulty: Few minutes!

vB Pager is a text-based instant messaging system over your community between members. Users can exchange short & quick messages amongst each other. Unlike the regular private messaging system, the paged user is guaranteed to read your message & reply to it (if you choose this option) instantly & easily.
  • Features:
    • Uses AJAX Technology to Send pager messages / Get pager messages / Add & Remove a member to buddy list / Add & Remove a member from Ignore list. (No Refresh Required)
  • Main Features:
    • vB Pager Buddy List ‘pop-up’ window is used to keep track of the friends you wish to interact with. By going to your "vB Pager Buddies", you'll be able to see which of your friends are currently online and offline, and be able to send them a pager message. Adding people to your buddy list also allow you to send pager messages to multiple forum members at the same time. You may add any member of the forums to your buddy list by clicking the icon next to their names in the vB Pager Online Members Page or Clicking the Manage Buddies Link to add/remove members into your list.
    • vB Pager Ignore List ‘pop-up’ window lists are used for those people who's messages you wish not recieve from.
    • Received Pager Messages are Draggable Inline Popups.
    • Sending a message opens up a small window where you can type in message to be sent.
    • Optional Anonymity: you can choose to hide your username when paging another user on the forum, & define which Usergroup can utilize this option.
    • The window comes in with a built-in character counter to enable the user to keep track of the characters typed.
    • Logs of all incoming and outgoing pager messages ‘Inbox/Sent Items’ member has, can be viewed and deleted.
    • Download Stored Messages as XML, CSV, TXT.
    • Members can turn the vB Pager Off anytime they wish not to receive pager messages, and they can select the option to receive pager messages from those who are in their Pager Buddy List only.
  • Admin CP Features:
    • vB Pager Options
      • Switch the paging system on or off anytime you wish!
      • vB Pager AJAX Check Period control.
      • Set to mark all read messages as deleted messages after being read by end users and prune them automaticly every one hour with cron job.(v3.0.4)
      • vB Pager Display Window Refresh Period control .
      • Set Floodcheck - Minimum Time Between Pager Messages.
      • Set Maximum Pager Messages Per-Page in inbox/sent items.
      • Allow vB Code in Pager Messages control.
      • Set the Sizes of Width and Height of the vB Pager Buddy List Window.
      • Set the Width Size of the Received Pager Message Box.(v3.0.1)
      • Enable Notification Sound on New Received Pager Message.(v3.0.1)
      • Enable/Disable the display of Avatar.(v3.0.2)
      • Banned Users.
    • Pager Message Statistics
      • Mass prune stored pager messages (All, Unread, and Deleted Messages).
      • search for users with X number of pager messages.
      • Delete pager messages for user x.
  • Usergroup based Permissions:
    • Can Send Pager Messages. (Yes/No)
    • Maximum Stored Pager Messages.
    • Minimum Number of Posts Required Before Can Send Pager Messages.
    • Minimum Number of Posts Required (Per Day) Before Can Send Pager Messages.
    • Maximum Number of Pager Messages Can Send Per Day.
    • Maximum Recipients to Send Pagers at a time.
    • Maximum Characters Per Pager Message.
    • Can Hide Their Username When Paging Another User. (Yes/No)
    • Can Use Allow Reply Option When Sending Pager. (Yes/No)
    • Can Send Pager Message to All Users. (Yes/No)
  • Other Features:
    • XML Product.
    • Fully Phrased.
    • No file edits.
  • Screenshots, Updates, FAQs & Add-Ons:
    • See second & third post.
  • Contents of
    • README.txt
    • Uploads
      • pager.php
      • pager_sound.wav (v3.0.1)
      • admincp
        • pageradmin.php
      • includes
        • xml
          • bitfield_pager.xml
          • cpnav_pager.xm
      • images
        • statusicon
          • vbpager.gif
          • vbpager_icon.gif
          • vbpager_user_buddylist_invisible.gif
          • vbpager_user_buddylist_online.gif
          • vbpager_user_ignorelist_invisible.gif
          • vbpager_user_ignorelist_online.gif
          • vbpager_user_invisible.gif
          • vbpager_user_offline.gif
          • vbpager_user_online.gif
          • vbpager_user_remove.gif
  • Contents of xml Product:
    • vB Pager Templates
      • PAGER
      • pagerbuddylistbit
      • pager_messagelist
      • pager_messagelistbit
      • pager_multipager
      • pager_newpager
    • vB Pager plugins
      • vB Pager (cache_temlates)
      • vB Pager (parse_templates)
      • vB Pager (profile_updateoptions)
      • vB Pager (template_groups)
      • vB Pager (userdata_doset)
      • vB Pager (userdata_start)
      • vB Pager (cron_script_cleanup)
    • vB Pager phrases
      • Many of 'em
    • vB Pager Database Modifications
      • New Tables (pagerreceipt, pagertext)
      • Alterd Tables (user, usergroup, usertextfield)
How to Install:
  • Simply download the zip file, Unzip it to a directory on your computer and follow the steps from the README.txt
  • Remember to Change vB Pager Pemrissions from the Usergroup Manager.
  • Make sure that you got your forum url filled in the Help Site Name / URL / Contact Details under your vBulletin Options. See this post
  • Make sure that you got your forum directory name filled in the Forum Directory Name under your vB Pager Options.
  • Please Read This Post befor asking for help.
How to Uninstall:
  • Simply remove all uploaded files, revert your edited templates, and uninstall vB Pager Product from the Manage Products under the Plugin System in your ADMINCP.
Known Issues:
  • Permissions are not being inherited from secondary usergroups.
Thanks to aberg for the Dutch translation.

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Old 29 Mar 2007, 03:02
blind-eddie's Avatar
blind-eddie blind-eddie is offline
Join Date: Apr 2006
Real name: Tim
Originally Posted by daddygrim View Post
works for 3.6.5?

Yes, but postbit & postbit legacy temepates cant be edited, but works great.
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Old 29 Mar 2007, 03:29
daddygrim's Avatar
daddygrim daddygrim is offline
Join Date: Mar 2006
Real name: MrGrim
can i see how yours work?
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Old 29 Mar 2007, 03:38
blind-eddie's Avatar
blind-eddie blind-eddie is offline
Join Date: Apr 2006
Real name: Tim
sure, but you will need to reg. on my site to be able to use it..

You can click on quick links & open vbpager & page any member online or go to members list & click on any name & page them even if they are offline.
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Old 29 Mar 2007, 03:41
daddygrim's Avatar
daddygrim daddygrim is offline
Join Date: Mar 2006
Real name: MrGrim
ok i will now. thanks!!
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Old 29 Mar 2007, 23:52
xtumen xtumen is offline
Join Date: Feb 2007
Originally Posted by TheGoaT View Post
I just installed this word for word, and I am having a problem in my admincp panel. The vb options in my usergroup manager is not there. I cant give any usergroup permission to use it. Any ideas?

I am using vb 3.5.5 with vbadvanced.
Same thing, but with vB 3.6.4 and vBa CMPS 2.2.1. When I try to open ***/forum/admincp/pageradmin.php I see a blank blue page with vB Pager title. And there are no permissions where they should be. I've reinstalled and refreshed many times - no help. Any way around that?
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Old 30 Mar 2007, 00:24
blind-eddie's Avatar
blind-eddie blind-eddie is offline
Join Date: Apr 2006
Real name: Tim
I dont see why you would be having this problem. I installed this a long time ago. I have no problem with it. Look in your admincp/usergroups/ pick one....You will see vbpager options there...Also when you log into admincp, vbpager also shows on the left.
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Old 01 Apr 2007, 12:42
uaesensation's Avatar
uaesensation uaesensation is offline
Join Date: Mar 2007
Thank you uae for this hack and thanks for all who helped and supported you.

I have slight problem and hopeful you could provide me with solution. noone in my vbulletin could access "sent folder" or "download" .. they are disabled somehow, although i made sure that sent and read messages are not marked as deleted. please check the screenshot for more clarification.

P.S. i'm using vbulletin 3.6.5
Attached Images
File Type: gif vbpager.gif (3.0 KB, 24 views)

Last edited by uaesensation; 01 Apr 2007 at 12:52.
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Old 01 Apr 2007, 13:49
blind-eddie's Avatar
blind-eddie blind-eddie is offline
Join Date: Apr 2006
Real name: Tim
Do you see Pager & Private Messages on top right of any page after login?
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Old 01 Apr 2007, 18:41
uaesensation's Avatar
uaesensation uaesensation is offline
Join Date: Mar 2007
yes, u mean like this
You last visited: Today at 02:29 PM
Private Messages: Unread 0, Total 14.
Pager Messages: Unread 0, Total 299.

everything is working fine except that i cant go to sent messages folder
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Old 02 Apr 2007, 22:52
tmal2 tmal2 is offline
Join Date: Mar 2007
Hi All, I just installed VB pager and had no problems except for one. The sound is not working. I've got it set in the control panel to play the sound when a message comes in but it's not working.

Any suggestions?
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Old 08 Apr 2007, 06:28
bmoods bmoods is offline
Join Date: Aug 2005
Red face Problème

Good morning,

I veils have a vBulletin forum 3.6.5 and I installs to vBpager 3.0.4.

But it there in a small problem:

The members cannot answer and the fenètre returns without arrèt.
At the level of answers messages are not enregistrès.

All permissions are good.

I need help.

Thank you and good day.
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Old 08 Apr 2007, 23:20
MedBlix MedBlix is offline
Join Date: Oct 2006
I keep getting "Not Allowed To Use This"
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Old 09 Apr 2007, 16:53
uaesensation's Avatar
uaesensation uaesensation is offline
Join Date: Mar 2007
bmoods and medblix .. make sure you read and do these step
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Old 10 Apr 2007, 04:45
dagummit dagummit is offline
Join Date: Aug 2006
is there a way to keep the pager window open after the user sends/replies to a page?


is there a way to keep a running history of the pages as they come in on the pager you would see in AIM?

Thanks...nice mod btw!
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Old 11 Apr 2007, 03:40
thejdm thejdm is offline
Join Date: Nov 2006
anything for 3.6.x ??
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