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vBookie for vBulletin 4 Details »
vBookie for vBulletin 4
Mod Version: 4.2.1, by dartho (Coder/Designer) dartho is offline
Developer Last Online: Aug 2020 I like it Show Printable Version Email this Page

vB Version: 4.2.0 Rating: (54 votes - 4.87 average) Installs: 374
Released: 19 Jan 2010 Last Update: 24 Jan 2013 Downloads: 2800
Not Supported DB Changes Uses Plugins Template Edits Auto-Template  

Please See the first post for a F.A.Q.
I will endevour to link to useful posts within this thread there as I spot them. You should check there before posting issues etc.

This is a port of vBookie for vBulletin 3.5 by Andreas which was a port of vBookie - vBulletin Betting Hack by tjdrico. Permission was given by tjdrico to port this.

vBookie is a 'bookmakers' or betting extension to vBulletin. It enables authorised members to post Events and Outcomes that forum members can bet on. Each Outcome has its own set of odds, and odds can be modified through the life of an Event (bets that are placed are stored with the prevailing odds, so even if the odds change, your users are paid at the correct rate).

Once the results are known, Events can be settled and forums members awarded their winnings.

vBookie uses its own vCash by default, but this has no more use than as 'bragging rights'.

Although vBookie does not have any built-in facility to integrate with any other store hacks, it's a very simple job to hack vBookie itself to integrate it with any store/points system you care to use.

Install Instructions
1. Unzip product file
2. Upload files from 'Upload' folder to your forum
3. Install product XML
4. Edit "newthread" template as per readme.txt ionstructions
5. Set usergroup permissions
6. Set vBookie settings
7. Enjoy.
8. Check out Dismounted's Activity Stream addon
9. Click Mark As Installed and Rate

Upgrade instructions
same as above, but undo edits made in point 4 if upgrading from pre 4.0.7! (see readme.txt for more info)

Version Control
4.0.0 (19 Jan '10 ) - Initial Release
4.0.1 (21 Jan '10 ) - Removed some junk from templates, added enable private bets option
4.0.2 (24 Jan '10 ) - fixed options for hiding vcash, added some more stuff to teh settings screen, added some vCash utilities (reset balances, give to everyone, set default balance) and fixed some template bugs.
4.0.3 (25 Jan '10) - fixed bugs I introduced in 4.0.2 see post #109
4.0.4 (25 Jan '10) - fixed time zone not being saved, can delete events, + plus a couple other things.
4.0.5 (Australia Day '10) - no longer uses bitfields for permissions, fixed vCash display, fixed stats page error
4.0.6 (27 Jan '10) - fixed TABLE PREFIX issue in vBookie stats page
4.0.7 (23 Mar '10) - fixed redirect bug when editing events, fixed display of cash holdings in events, added plugin to make template mods (no template mods needed now) and updated code to 4.0.2 standards, added hooks for vbcredits integration.
NOTE 0- if upgrading from pre 4.0.7, you will need to eitehr revert your "newthread" temp[late, or manually undo template edits as there is now a plugin which does this for you. Check teh readme.txt in the archive for more info.
4.0.8 (31 May '10) - hopefully fixed bug with updating number of outcomes when editing events. To upgrade from previous version (4.0.7) just overwrite vbookie.php
4.0.9 (25 July 10) - Added ability to select Reputation points for currency. Phrased had coded text. Fixed bug in displaying vCash balance in postbit.
4.2.0 (21 August 12) Added in navigation manager Code for vBulletin 4.2, disabled old nav plugin
4.2.1 (24 January 13) Added missing template, fixed Nav code, fixed some small bugs

Download Now

Only licensed members can download files, Click Here for more information.

Supporters / CoAuthors


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ID:	110412  

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  • This modification may not be copied, reproduced or published elsewhere without author's permission.
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Old 12 Sep 2010, 23:30
dartho dartho is offline
Join Date: Sep 2005
You need to edit the vBookie: Add Cash to Postbit plugin and place your image code immediately after <dd>
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Old 13 Sep 2010, 01:29
Selene Selene is offline
Join Date: Feb 2005
dartho one thing I dont like is that when I have to make new betting events, I have to give the odd in fractions, can I now give it in decimals format like 1.5 or 0.5 instead of doing 4/2 1/2 etc etc.
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Old 15 Sep 2010, 03:20
mjp1111 mjp1111 is offline
Join Date: Jul 2003
Hi, would it be possible to add a feature which allows regular users to post betting events? The winnings would come from their personal points (they would need to choose a maximum loss limit from their points and have those points "locked up" until the event is over).
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Old 15 Sep 2010, 05:48
dartho dartho is offline
Join Date: Sep 2005
@Selene - I'll look into that at some time
@mjp111 - Unlikely to implement. I have in the past changed my install so that funds come from personal points, but did not look into restricting bets - I ultimately allow 'Book Makers' to go negative. I could dig up instructions on how to do this.
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Old 15 Sep 2010, 07:35
Selene Selene is offline
Join Date: Feb 2005
dartho on main page of /vbookie.php

I have one bookie event under "item" column.

Thing is one of my mods deleted and messed that thread up. Now when I click on that thread event it gives URL error.

How can I get rid of that thread.

Check that barca thread, basically that thread is giving invalid URL. gives me "http://*******.com/forums/showthread.php?t=".

Cannot get rid of it!

Last edited by Selene; 15 Sep 2010 at 07:41.
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Old 15 Sep 2010, 07:40
Selene Selene is offline
Join Date: Feb 2005
I would request all other members to donate a few dollars to the coder. If we all chip in a little bit we can at least appreciate the free time he is putting in for us. It will also encourage him to make it better. I just donated a little bit.

Thanks for a good hack and a lovely support.
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Old 15 Sep 2010, 08:52
dartho dartho is offline
Join Date: Sep 2005
Selene, thanks for the donation - it's unneccesary, but always appreciated.

The event should be deleted when the thread is deleted - not sure how it got orphaned? To remove, you will need to manually edit your database to remove that item. Do you have access to phpMyAdmin? If so, look in the vbookie_items table for item_id 3 and delete that row.
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Old 15 Sep 2010, 08:58
neverstop neverstop is offline
Join Date: Jan 2007
Is there anyway to add an event to an existing thread?
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Old 15 Sep 2010, 09:33
dartho dartho is offline
Join Date: Sep 2005
not built in, but I should add that sometime. If you really need to add an event to an existing thread, you can manually craft the URL to do so.

Take note of the threadid, and then head to the URL "vbookie.php?t=nn&do=newevent" where nn is the thread ID, you should then be able to add a book to the thread.
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Old 15 Sep 2010, 16:20
neverstop neverstop is offline
Join Date: Jan 2007
cool, thanks
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Old 17 Sep 2010, 19:25
neverstop neverstop is offline
Join Date: Jan 2007
Hi dartho,

Have you considered allowing more than one event per thread? We take our lines (aka spreads) from pro handicappers so when the line (spread) moves we have to create a new thread/event. Currently we are adding games in blocks (see pic) because it was such a pain to create a new thread for each game.

On the surface it seems like it shouldnt be too difficult to implement, would you consider adding a feature such as this?


Last edited by neverstop; 17 Sep 2010 at 19:34.
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Old 18 Sep 2010, 00:15
dartho dartho is offline
Join Date: Sep 2005
when teh spread moves, simply edit the original. Bets are paid out at the odds that were in place when they were laid
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Old 20 Sep 2010, 02:02
neverstop neverstop is offline
Join Date: Jan 2007
Hi Dartho,

Editing wont work for me, here is why. As you can see in this pic the "odds" on our bets are all 1:1. The "spread" is the number you see after the team name (ie Kansas City Chiefs +1). So when the spread changes, the odds dont. It is easy enough for us to just close the betting and make a new event with the new spread. But then we start having many many threads and it can get confusing.

We would also like to start offering books for the Money Line (the traditional odds based betting) and the Over/Under. However if we make one event with the spread, money line, and ovber/under we run into issues when there are pushes on the spread and over/under. Looking at this pic:

If Indianapolis wins the game by exactly 5 points, it is a push. But there is no way for us to push that bet while paying out the winners on the Money line and over/under. I hope that makes sense.

Being able to have multiple events per thread would basically solve all of my issues. If you are willing to add this feature I would love to send a donation your way.
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Old 20 Sep 2010, 02:31
dartho dartho is offline
Join Date: Sep 2005
So ultimately you'd want to be able to close 'outcomes', and add new ones? I guess this wouldn't help a push unless you could also abandon individual outcomes also - would you better off having spreads with part points, ie. "New York Giants +5.5" then there would be no refunds to worry about?

I'll have a look, but don't hold your breath...
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Old 20 Sep 2010, 02:58
neverstop neverstop is offline
Join Date: Jan 2007
Most games do in fact have part points (+5.5 etc) and there is no chance of a push on those games. We take our lines from professional handicappers ( for the most part), our forum is gambling related and our users take their gambling very seriously, even if it is just for imaginary internet points. So we monitor the lines closely and try to keep them in line with the pros. When the pro handicappers have a "full point" spread our users want to bet on it. I have thought about adding half points to the full number spreads but it will not fly with my users. (Tangent: this hack is extremely popular with my members, we all love it.) I started out just adding a few games and within a week of having it installed my users were requesting money lines, over unders, parlays, college football, etc.

I have thought about the logic of how to solve my issues for several hours and it always comes back to having multiple events per thread. On the surface it seems like it would be relatively easy to make that work, but I must admit I am not a coder and it seems like it is probably harder than I imagine. I can live with just having multiple threads for my needs, but they add up fast. There are 15 NFL games a week, x 3 events per game (Spread, money line, over/under). So just doing the NFL that makes 45 threads. We do about 10 NCAA football games a week so that i s30 more. We have had requests for Champions league soccer and baseball. The NHL starts in a month, as does the NBA and college basketball is not far behind that. That's gonna be a lot of threads.
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