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Old 01 Oct 2010, 19:48
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tschai tschai is offline
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Real name: Tschai

Looks better than bbPress and Vanilla already, which are missing very basic yet trivial forum-features.
But unlike those two XenForo will cost somewhere $140 already as a Beta and a minimum of mods, naturally.

However XenForo looks like 'vBulletin finally embracing web 2.0', which was what I was looking for in vB4.0...and did not find.
Although they could and should have implemented also out-of-the-box:
  1. A Portal/homepage (like vBadvanced, not vB4.0) (although they do have a mysterious 'home' tab)
  2. A Mobile/Tablet version. At least a coooperation with companies like'Ttapatalk'!
  3. One (or more) sexy freemium templates, by one of those Wordpress templates makers. Anyone.

Then $140 would have been fair and they could have easily asked more. Much more.

Having said that, like many I have so many (self-made) mods, tweaked, optimised...I don't know whether I can switch at all.

But it does look very promising, despite some nay-sayers in this thread...I keep watching the developments and I am impressed unlike with the underwhelming vB4.
It'll be my first choice whenever I might be ready to upgrade my good old loyal vB3.6...kudos to them.

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Old 03 Oct 2010, 05:32
Marco van Herwaarden Marco van Herwaarden is offline
Join Date: Jul 2004
Please keep this discussion on the differences between vBulletin and XenForo.

Listing all features or discussing pricing etc.. is seen as advertising and such posts will be deleted.
Marco van Herwaarden
Ex Coordinator
Old 04 Oct 2010, 05:24
secrtagnt secrtagnt is offline
Join Date: Mar 2008
Real name: Jason
Originally Posted by theFM View Post
i just want to know why will i pay 100$ or 140$ to test a beta script , it is not ready yet , and with very few features in it .

this has happened with vb4 as well , pre-sale order , i hate this , i will not buy it , until i see a Stable version released and the price less upto a 100$ (without any promotional plan)
Sorry, but no. vBulletin 4 was being sold before the vast majority of customers even knew what the product was going to look like, include, etc. When it finally was released, many complained it was nowhere near being a stable release as IB claimed.

Now, compare that to XenForo where there are actually a few public instances running that people at least have an idea what the forum looks like and includes (minus the backend and underlying code). Yes, the product is still in beta but they're upfront about that very fact. I'm sure there will be people who don't purchase a license until there is a stable release (and those who won't purchase a license at all), and there's nothing wrong with that, but sorry, the current situation doesn't even closely resemble what we had with vBulletin 4's initial release.

It's amusing to read a lot of the posts in this thread, especially since some individuals are presenting the same behavior as they claim is prevalent in the XenForo community. That said, I'll continue to use both vBulletin and XenForo as dictated by the needs of current and future projects.
Old 04 Oct 2010, 10:12
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Originally Posted by secrtagnt View Post
I'm sure there will be people who don't purchase a license until there is a stable release
I'm sure you'll find "fanboys" who'll purchase everything if marketing is good Just see how many did the pre-order for VB4 and - maybe - how many got a nice (ironically) surprise
Old 05 Oct 2010, 05:45
Marco van Herwaarden Marco van Herwaarden is offline
Join Date: Jul 2004
As there currently is running a lawsuite between the developers of XenForo and Internet Brands, further discussion of this product is no longer allowed on our forums.

This thread has been closed and we kindly ask you to refrain from any further discussions as long as this issue is in the courtsystem.

All posts made to discuss the legal claim have been removed.

For more information see Internet Brands claims against Xenforo
Marco van Herwaarden
Ex Coordinator
Closed Thread

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