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AME (Auto Media Embedding) XML Releases Details »
AME (Auto Media Embedding) XML Releases
Mod Version: 1.00, by Dannyloski (Member) Dannyloski is offline
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vB Version: 3.6.8 Rating: (20 votes - 4.90 average) Installs: 229
Released: 05 Sep 2007 Last Update: 27 Sep 2007 Downloads: 1563
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THE AME (Auto Media Embedding) HACK INSTALLED!


Hey Guys,

Well it came to my attention that some of you guys wanted me to create another thread that would contain the XML Imports for the famous Hack: AME (Auto Media Embedding). I decided to do so as that will make it easier for everyone to keep track of the Available Supported Sites. With that said, please note that I am not the author of the AME (Auto Media Embedding) Hack and I am simply just adding support for other Video Sites that you guys may want to add.

Please keep in mind that I too have a social life and that this is not my Hack, so I wont be on it 24/7. When you ask for a site for me to add support for, I will get to it when I can. Patience is the key - I am doing this for free and because I want to help you guys out, so please bear with me. The support for adding sites that I can offer is limited. There are many sites out there that I would love to add support for, but I cannot because I do not know how to use the "Extract Info" feature of AME (Auto Media Embedding). For those sites that require this feature, support will not be added by me until The Geek does a Tutorial on it or does the XML Imports for those sites himself.

Now having said that, below is a list of the available sites as of now that I have added support for (unless otherwise stated):

List of Currently Supported Sites (As of 09/05/2007):
  • You Tube (comes w/ AME Installed)
  • MySpace Videos (comes w/ AME Installed)
  • Google Videos (comes w/ AME Installed)
  • Bolt (comes w/ AME Installed)
  • iFilm (comes w/ AME Installed)
  • Meta Cafe (comes w/ AME Installed)
  • Yahoo (comes w/ AME Installed)
  • Daily Motion (comes w/ AME Installed)
  • Amazon Links (comes w/ AME Installed)
  • MyVideo (By René Kunze)
  • ClipFish (By René Kunze)
  • Sevenload (By René Kunze)
  • Videotube (By René Kunze)
  • CarpixTV (By Tungsten)
  • StreetFire (By Tungsten)
  • LiveLeak (By DaNIEL MeNTED)
  • LongIslandOnline Videos (By The Geek)
  • DivX Stage6 Videos
  • Veoh Videos
  • Photobucket Video
  • FileCabi
  • ClipShack
  • CurrentVid
  • LiveVideo
  • Revver Videos
  • Vimeo Videos
  • GameTrailers
  • DivShare Videos
  • MTV Videos
  • Joe Cartoon Videos/Cartoons
  • SpikedHumor Videos
  • ESPN Videos
  • CollegeHumor Videos
  • Videos (Not for Arcade Section)
  • Videos
  • Videos (By hotwheels)
  • Videos (By hotwheels)
  • Videos (By hotwheels)
  • Free Videos (By hotwheels)
  • BrightCove Videos (By hotwheels)
  • GodTube Videos (By hotwheels)
  • RedTube Videos *Adult Site* (By hotwheels) [BETA]
  • CutFrame Videos (By hotwheels)
  • Tudou Videos (By hotwheels)
  • Videos (By hotwheels)
  • FileFront Videos (By hotwheels)

The below RegEx's appear on the .ZIP, but before you import them to your Site, you must do some changes to the .XML File in order for them to work correctly and not interfere with the other RegExs above. Read below to know what to do.
  • RealMedia Videos (.RM & .RAM Extensions)
  • Windows Media Player Videos (.WMV Extension)
  • QuickTime Videos (.MOV Extension)
  • SWF Videos Files
  • MP3 Files

In order to have the above RegExs work, you must do the following:
  1. Right Click the .XML File and Click Edit (Open in NotePad or WordPad)
  2. Look for YOUR_SITE_NAME_HERE in the Code (appears only once for each .XML)
  3. Change YOUR_SITE_NAME_HERE to your site's name. (ie: If your site is, then you would replace YOUR_SITE_NAME_HERE with talkjdm)
  4. Save .XML and Import to your Site - Done!

How-To Install these XMLs:
  1. Download the .ZIP File and Extract it
  2. Locate the Site's RegEx you want to add to your AME
  3. Open up your browser and go into your Forum's Admin Control Panel
  4. From the left hand navigation go to "AMECP" and expand the Box
  5. Select "Import" from the expanded list
  6. Click "Browse" and Select the Site's RegEx you want to add to your AME
  7. Click the "Import" button and let the page load
  8. On the new loaded page, make sure that all the settings are like you want them to be and reclick the "Import" button
  9. After a successful import you should see a message saying "Imported like a charm!"

If you want to donate some cash to help me or just to show your appreciation for the supported sites you can do so via PayPal. Simply send any donation amount to [email protected]. It will definitely be much appreciated.

Anyways, I guess that's that ... I'll reserve the 2nd Post in this Thread for a FAQs Section and other stuff ... Thanks ...

- Danny

PS. Please mark as Installed if you have any of these RegExs installed on your Forums, just so I know and can keep track. It would be greatly appreciated ...

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Old 05 Sep 2007, 23:35
Dannyloski Dannyloski is offline
Join Date: Jun 2006
Real name: Danny
Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. When the link is parsed it makes the Video appear two times in the post and my entire post looks messed up, what's going on?
    Answer: You have two of the same RegEx/XMLs installed, please uninstall one of them and this problem will be fixed.

  2. How do I Edit the specific width or height of a certain Video from certain Sites?
    Answer: Go to AdminCP > AME CP > Display > *Choose Video Site Here* > [Edit] > Media Definition Code > Replacement ... In the "Replacement" Box change the width and height values to whatever you want, please keep in mind that you have to do it to all the width and height attributes in this box, not just one for this to take effect.

  3. How can I create my own RegExs or XML Files for certain sites?
    Answer: Visit this link, which is the Tutorial I used to learn how to do it.

  4. Why cant you add support for certain sites like, AOL Video, etc?
    Answer: These sites require the use of the "Extract Info" Feature in order for them to work. Unfortunately I do not know how this function works so I cannot add support for it. For a more detailed explanation visit this link.

  5. How do I align the Videos to the left or right, instead of having it aligned centered in posts?
    Answer: To align the Video Frame to the Left or Right instead of having it Centered, you can go here: Admin CP> AMECP > Settings > Container HTML > Open ... Now where you see <div align="center"> change it to <div align="left"> or <div align="right">.

  6. While I try to install this Hack/Mod during the Product Import part of the installation the installer goes to a blue screen and hangs. Why can't I install this mod?
    Answer: This Hack/Mod, during Installation of the Product adds a field to the "Post" table in your Database, so if your forums are large then it can take a couple of hours for the installer to get it done. My suggestion would be to shut down your forums, import the Product, let it take as long as it needs (like I said it can be hours), and then reopen your forums.

  7. Does this work with vBadvanced or vB Blogs?
    Answer: No at the moment it does not. This would be something that The Geek (author) would have to add support for when he comes back.

  8. How can I make it so that when certain Usergroups post Videos those posts need to get approval by a Staff Member before they show up?
    Answer: In this situation what could be done is to set the setting "Follow Forum Moderation Rules" to "No" for the specific Usergroup(s) you want this to happen with. What this will do is Moderate ALL of the post made by the Members of this Usergroup by sending the posts made to the Moderation Queue ... You will then have to manually approve each post in order for it to show in the forums. Take into consideration that this will move ALL of the posts they make into the Moderation Queue and not just the ones containing Video Links. As of now, there is no way to only move the post containing a Video to the Moderation Queue ... Its all or nothing basically, so you decide what you want to do.

  9. I posted a certain link and it got automatically parsed into a Video, but I dont want it to be like that. How can I make it show up as just a link?
    Answer: Its a pretty simple solution. When you create the post you simply have to uncheck the checkbox that appears under the "Additional Options" Box that says "Automatically embed media (requires automatic parsing of links in text to be on)." With this unchecked it will remove the Parsing of the Links to Video and will display them as they should be. If the post has already been made, then click the Edit Button do the above steps - granted the Additional Options Box does not appear on Quick Edit, so you'll have to go into Advance Mode and then do it.

  10. On my Forums I have the Title Extraction option disabled and when a Link is Parsed into a Video, the Container Box shows up with a the name of the Site, such as: Photobucket Videos. Is there anyway that I can change that to something else?
    Answer: Yes there is and its quite simple. Do this go to AdminCP > AME CP > Display > *Choose Video Site Here* > [Edit] > Title. In the Title Box type in whatever it is you want it to say at the top of the Video's Container Box.

  11. Some of the videos start to play automatically, can I change it so that it doesnt auto start?
    Answer: In some situations you can, but in others you cant. It all depends on how the Site where the video is hosted has the settings set up. As of now, all my RegExs have it so that the video does not automatically start by itself, but some of them still do so because where the file is hosted they have it set up for it to start automatically. Basically, there's not much you can do at this point to make it not auto start.

  12. How can I delete some of the Supported Sites that already come with AME or those that I've installed myself?
    Answer: Its quite easy and simple to delete those Sites that you do not want AME to convert into Video ... Simply go to AdminCP > AME CP > Display > *Look for the Video Site you want to Remove* > Select [Delete] from the right hand side > Confirm Deletion by clicking "Yes" on the next screen and you're done!

More FAQs with Answers will be posted as I think of them or as I see them being asked on here ...

Last edited by Dannyloski; 24 Sep 2007 at 17:14.
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Old 06 Sep 2007, 00:29
Floris's Avatar
Floris Floris is offline
Join Date: Jan 2002
This is great, we will consider it for where we got AME installed.
My community;
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Old 06 Sep 2007, 01:29
Hornstar's Avatar
Hornstar Hornstar is offline
Join Date: Jun 2005
Real name: Matt
Thanks, I am really happy to see you have released this, it was a shame to see thegeek unable to keep working on his products no longer, so it is great to see you improving this side of it. thanks.
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Old 06 Sep 2007, 03:35
Dannyloski Dannyloski is offline
Join Date: Jun 2006
Real name: Danny
Thanks guys and glad to help ... If you have any suggestions as to which other sites you would like to see added to AME, then let me know and if they are doable I will make those RegExs and release them on here so you can import the XML Files ...

- Danny
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Old 06 Sep 2007, 04:09
efil's Avatar
efil efil is offline
Join Date: Nov 2004
Thank you Dannyloski!

Last edited by efil; 06 Sep 2007 at 04:26.
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Old 06 Sep 2007, 04:26
Dannyloski Dannyloski is offline
Join Date: Jun 2006
Real name: Danny
efil, no problem, glad to help ... I checked out and unfortunately it requires the Extract Info feature in order to work, which I do not know how it functions, so support cannot be added for that site at this time. Sorry ...
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Old 06 Sep 2007, 05:09
G_Man's Avatar
G_Man G_Man is offline
Join Date: Feb 2006
Real name: Wade
Right on Danny. Cheers!!
Feel free to check it out and tell me what I can do better.
Make Money.
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Old 06 Sep 2007, 09:55
Mecho's Avatar
Mecho Mecho is offline
Join Date: Aug 2006
Sounds great

would u plz tell me if user click on the Video box , they will redirect to the main page or not ? is there anyway that we have all those videos in our default video box , so ppl just can see the videos r come from for example google but they can not click on it ! i want this bcoz as i tested in my board b4 , ppl click on the box so they will exit from ur site and they will c the video in the main page !!

Thanks in advance
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Old 06 Sep 2007, 10:52
projectego's Avatar
projectego projectego is offline
Join Date: Feb 2006
Location: UK
Real name: Steve
/me clicks install
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Old 06 Sep 2007, 13:54
Dannyloski Dannyloski is offline
Join Date: Jun 2006
Real name: Danny
Glad you guys like this idea ... I definitely find it a lot easier to keep track of things and update everyone with the New Supported Video Sites too ...

Mecho, if I understood correctly what you are referring to is the Title that displays above the Video in the Post, correct? This Title serves as a Link to the Main Page where the video is actually hosted, but if you want to remove it, it can be done. To remove the Link, simply do the below steps ...

Go to:
AdminCP > AME CP > Settings > Container HTML > Open

In the Open Box Find:

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

Replace with:

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

What this will do is remove the Link that displays above the Video in a Post. So basically it wont allow the user to click on it for them to go into the Main Page where the video is hosted to view the video there. I hope this is what you were asking as it was a bit difficult to understand what you were trying to refer to in your post. If this was not what you were talking about, please explain a little better and maybe include some Screenshots for be to better understand.
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Old 06 Sep 2007, 14:25
princeedward's Avatar
princeedward princeedward is offline
Join Date: Jan 2007
Real name: Edward
Thumbs up

nice...lets try this one...its looks better than other out there...
thanks bro dannyloski for the release...but i have a question too if you dont mind bro...

what i want to know is...if this one is actually the same with the other media player or video player out there with redirect link on his player???

Redirect Link??? meaning supposed to be if i embed "youtube or other video music" and i play or someone play can click it also to the player and automatically it will brings/drop you to youtube or other video website??? or is there any possible soulution to eliminate or avoid this to happen???

just a friendly question...

anyway thanks and best regards...

Last edited by princeedward; 06 Sep 2007 at 16:22.
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Old 06 Sep 2007, 15:42
Nathan2006's Avatar
Nathan2006 Nathan2006 is offline
Join Date: Feb 2006
Excellent! Danny

Thank you very much

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Old 06 Sep 2007, 17:09
Dannyloski Dannyloski is offline
Join Date: Jun 2006
Real name: Danny
Nathan2006, no problem

princeedward, I believe your question is the same one as Mecho so please take a look at Post #11 for an answer on how to eliminate the Linking to the actual Video Page from the Posted Video.
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Old 06 Sep 2007, 18:13
dbirosel dbirosel is offline
Join Date: Feb 2007
Real name: Dante
Can i see a demo of this mod in action?
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