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DJ's AME (Auto Media Embedding) XML Media Definitions (Third Time's the Charm) Details »
DJ's AME (Auto Media Embedding) XML Media Definitions (Third Time's the Charm)
Mod Version: 11.0.0, by Digital Jedi (Coder/Designer) Digital Jedi is offline
Developer Last Online: Jun 2020 I like it Show Printable Version Email this Page

This thread is in the Modification Graveyard.
vB Version: 3.7.6 Rating: (40 votes - 4.90 average) Installs: 405
Released: 07 Apr 2008 Last Update: 11 Jan 2010 Downloads: 6433
Not Supported Re-usable Code  



These XML Files must be imported through your AME CP. That requires The Geek's AME - The Automatic Media Embedding System to be installed on your forum. Then you can come back here and import these definitions.


While AME 2.0+ was redesigned for vBulletin 3.7.x, it should still function on versions 3.6.x. These media definitions will work with any version of AME.

AME 2.0 now works with Social Groups, Blogs, Profile Comments and Visitor Messages (if your running vB 3.7.x, obviously). However, AME 2.5 BETA also supports signatures and has a global resizing option for each of these regions. If you decide you want the resizing functionality, you will need the definitions from this thread instead: DJ's AME (Auto Media Embedding) XML Media Definitions for 2.5

This thread is the third installment of a series of threads where we tried to collect media definitions for the AME modification by The Geek. The brilliance of The Geek's modification was that support for a given site could be added by people who knew a little about Regular Expressions, and then share the exported definitions with the community without The Geek having to update the modification each and every time.

Hotwheels, and then Dannyloski both worked hard to maintain threads where we collected these definitions so they could all be in one place and easily downloaded. But both met with some unfortunate circumstances where they could no longer maintain those first two threads. Then I came along with my inordinate lack of something to do, and put everything together with the hope that I could keep things going as well. Hence the little joke there in the title about "Third Time's the Charm".

So in addition to updating, I've kind of taken it upon myself to keep up with these definitions, collect, contribute and generally maintain this aspect of the modification. Hence the reason why I consider this the ultimate media embedding system for vBulletin, as we, as a community, have generated XML definitions for over 160 various kind of media outlets. I personally try to add at least 10 new sites every few months.

This demo is running AME 2.0.2 on a live site. Periodically, this area will be closed for development.

New definitions are always in the works and any requests or XML contributions of your own are welcome.

This is the complete list of Media Definitions, alphabetized and sorted by category. Please read any notations I've made for a particular definition here, since I can't include them in the XMLs.

eBaums World (Audio)
eSnips (Music) (Turned off by default. Cannot be used with eSnips Video active!)
Jiwa (Playlists)

AllPosters (Thumbnails)
Amazon (Links) (Tuned off by default. Cannot be used with Thumbnails active!)
Amazon (Thumbnails) (Turn this off if you decide to use Amazon Links instead. The two cannot be used together!)[/I]
CafePress (Thumbnails)
CNET Downloads (Badges) (For badges to work properly, you must download the images provided at the end of this list)
Wikipedia (Links)‡‡
Daily HaHa (Funny Pictures)
eBaum's World (Audio)
Flickr Slideshows (Photostreams)
Flickr Slideshows (Sets)
Google (Let Me Google That For You) (Tuned off by default. Cannot be used with Search Results active!)
Google (Search Results) (Turn this off if you decide to use Let Me Google That For You instead. The two cannot be used together!)
Google Maps
ImageShack (Slideshows)
MegaUpload (Badges) (For badges to work properly, you must download the images provided at the end of this list)
Wikipedia (Links)‡‡
RapidShare (Badges) (For badges to work properly, you must download the images provided at the end of this list)
Wikipedia (Links)‡‡
Slide (SlideShows)
zSHARE (Badges) (For badges to work properly, you must download the images provided at the end of this list)
Wikipedia (Links)‡‡
Wikipedia (Thumbnails) - (Beta - Cannot be used with Wikipedia (Links) Active.)

2K Sports
5min Life Videopedia
Adult Swim
Apache Clips
CBS News
CBS Sports (AKA Sportsline)
College Humor
Comedy Central
Crave Online
Daily HaHa
Daily Motion
Daily Motion (Playlists)
Dark Orange
Diesel Bombers
EA Sports World
eSnips (Videos) (Turn this off if you decide to use eSnips Music instead. The two cannot be used together!)
eBaums World (Videos)
Fox News
Funny Or Die
Game Trailers
Giant Bomb
Google Video
Grapheine`s BombayTV
I Am Bored
Joe Cartoon
Live Video
Media Matters
MLG: The Game Room
MTV Music
PC Planets (MetaCafe Videos)
PC Planets (YouTube Videos)
Photobucket (Videos)
Poker Tube
Pure Pwnage
Raw Vegas
Social Paintball
South Park (Clips)
Spiked Humor
The Colbert Report (Clips)
The Daily Show (Clips)
The Escapist
The Onion
The WB
Today's BIG Thing
UOL Mais
UOL Videolog
Ustream (Live & Recorded)
Video Tube
World Star Hip-Hop
YouTube (with Deep Linking support)
YouTube (Playlists)
YouKu (Playlists)

Local Hosted Videos
For videos uploaded to your site, you need these Media Definitions. These XML files need to be edited, either in the AME CP or in an HTML Editor. Look for YOUR_SITE_NAME_HERE and change it to the domain name of your site. Do not include .com, .net, .de, or anything like that. So, for example, if your site is, then you'd change YOUR_SITE_NAME_HERE to cogonline. This DOES NOT embed attachments.

DIVX (.DIVX Extentions)
MP3 (.MP3 Extentions)
PDF (.PDF Extentions)
QuickTime (.MOV Extentions)
RealMedia (.RM & .RAM Extentions)
Flash (.SWF Extentions)
Windows Media Videos (.WMV Extention)

These are previously made or requested XML files that were working, but for varying circumstances, I can't make work at the moment. Things could change at a moment's notice, though, so be sure to subscribe to my updates.
CBS News (Nothing to refrence in URL or HTML code)
BBC (No embeddable code)
EuroNews (No embeddable code)
MiniClip (The good news is, from what I can tell, almost all MiniClip Games are available at, which I just made an XMLs for!)
NBA (The URL of the first page opened doesn't change after clicking on subsequent videos. There's not even a permalink to reference.)
TrTube (Doesn't work for me, but that may be a regional problem. Demo available for testing here.)

I'm always happy to help to the best of my ability, but please don't just say your video isn't working without providing links to either the video or the post your having a problem with. I can't help unless I know what to look for. Also be sure to check the FAQs in the following two posts, as your question has likely been answered many times. Thanks.

There are three files available, though you don't neccesarly need all three. Definitions are installed by importing them through your AME CP in your Admin CP. YOU DO NOT IMPORT THEM THROUGH YOUR PRODUCT MANAGER.
DJ's Master XML: This is the file you want if you're starting fresh and want the complete line of supported media sites. Remember that definitions do not overwrite, so you would need to delete your default definitions before importing this file.

DJ AMEs: This ZIP file contains all the same sites as the Master XML, but as individual XML files, in case you want to pick and choose which sites you want support for. This option is no longer available for Third Time's the Charm.

DJ's Local Hosted AMEs: This ZIP file contains the definitions for locally hosted media, that is, media your hosting on your own server. As explained above, you need to make the appropriate edits upon import and it does not convert videos uploaded as attachments. (Also see the Read Me in the Local Hosted ZIP file)

‡The 9 following images also need to be added to your images/misc directory.

Remember to Click Install so you can be informed via email when a new files is added or updated!! I've got more in the works! THANKS everyone!

Download Now

Only licensed members can download files, Click Here for more information.

Supporters / CoAuthors


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  1. When I post a video, I get two videos with some messed up text at the bottom. What do I do?
    Answer: You have two of the same Definitions installed. Remember that definitions for the same website do not overwrite upon import. AME came with a set of default definitions, such as YouTube. But the updated versions of all those sites are in my definitions set. You need to delete the stock set of definitions before you import. (If you've already imported my Master XML or a bunch of other definitions and can't tell the new ones from the old ones, keep in mind that all my media definitions are given a Display Order of 1 or 0.)
  2. I posted a YouTube video, but it says "This Video is no Longer Available". But I looked at the site and it's there. How come the video isn't showing?
    Answer: Check the page you got the video from and look for the Embed Code box. If it says "Embedding Disabled by Request" this video can not be embedded.
  3. I posted a Google Video, but nothing shows in the player. Why isn't the video working?
    Answer: Notice that the Google definition says (Google Hosted Only). Google's video pages work just like their Search Engine. They pull videos from all over the web. If the video you posted is just a Google Search result, and not a video hosted on Google's website, then it won't embed using the URL. However, check to see which site the video is from. It may be supported by this list and you can use the websites URL/Permalink.
  4. I posted the embed code, but all I get is the embed code and not the video. Why didn't the video convert?
    Answer: Well, that's why. You don't post embed code using this mod. You just post the link to the page the video is on.
  5. I posted a video and all I got was an empty box with the title, but no video. What happened?
    Answer: Check which version of AME your using. If your using AME 2.0.2, you need the definitions from the "Third Time's the Charm" thread. If you downloaded the "Delta" version of these definitions, you'll need to delete them and import these instead.

    Also, some websites generate their video using Javascript (Guitar-Tube, Clarin, Zippy Video). If you posted this kind of video using any of vBulletin's AJAX features (Quick Reply, Quick Editing) then you won't see the video when you submit the post. But it will show up for everyone else. You can also refresh/reload the page to see it yourself.

  6. What special instructions do I need to give my users so they can use this? Do I need to add anything to the editor?
    Answer: None. All your users need to do is post links. (If you previously used special BBCode, see the next question instead.)
  7. What do I do if I used to use [YOUTUBE][/YOUTUBE] tags tor other special BBCode to embed videos on my site?
    Answer: Go to Admin CP >>> AME CP >>> Tools >> Convert Codes and you will find a special converter to turn these old media tags into specially made AME tags. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY AND FOLLOW ANY STEP ADVISED BEFORE PROCEEDING.
  8. I used to use Goldbrick/PassiveVid/Other Media Embedding System. Do I need to uninstall the old one before installing AME? What will happen to my old posts?
    Answer: Refer to the instructions for each of these mods for uninstalling. Then check your database tables for any remnants of the old modification as they will conflict with AME. You can then install the AME product. Unless your old modification used some kind of special tags for converting videos, you will have to manually edit the posts of old threads in order to get the videos to convert.
  9. I'm confused. Can I use these definitions on AME 2.5 or AME 2.0. Which is which?
    Answer: The definitions from the "Third Time's the Charm" thread are for AME 2.0.2, but will mostly work in AME 2.5. The AME definitions from the "Delta" thread will only work in AME 2.5.
  10. How do I edit the specific width or height of a certain Video from certain Sites?
    Answer: Go to Admin CP >>> AME CP >>> Display >>> [DEFINITION NAME] >>> Replacement HTML. In the Replacement HTML box change the width and height values to whatever you want, please keep in mind that you have to do it to all the width and height attributes in this box, not just one for this to take effect. (For global sizing options, you need AME 2.5.)
  11. How do I align the videos to the left or right, instead of having it aligned centered in posts?
    Answer: To align the video to the left or right instead of having it centered, change your Container HTML: Admin CP >>> AMECP >>> Settings >>> Container HTML >>> Open. Look for this line of code and change "center" to "left" or "right".

    Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
    Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

  12. How can I make my own definitions for a given website to use with AME?
    Answer: Visit this post, which has a number of resources to help you learn.
  13. While I try to install AME 2.0.2, the installing window goes on forever and doesn't stop. Why can't I install this mod?
    Answer: During installation the AME Product adds a field to the "Post" table in your Database, so if your forums are large then it can take a couple of hours for the installer to get it done. My suggestion would be to shut down your forums, import the Product, let it take as long as it needs (like I said it can be hours) and then re-open your forums.
  14. When I try to import your Master XML file, the window hangs with all the definitions showing but nothing happens. Why can't I get the definitions to import?
    Answer: This is only step one of the process. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and click Import to continue (in Internet Explorer you can hit Ctrl+S rather then scrolling).
  15. Does AME 2.0.2 work with vBadvanced?
    Answer: Yes it does. But if your just posting videos in a regular BBCode/Template Module there's no need for it. You could just post the Embed Code like any other module. However, if you have a module that displays posts from a thread, then it will show the AME embedded media on your vBa page. Just make sure you have the character count set high enough so the video's embed code isn't truncated before the ...[Read More] link.
  16. Does AME 2.0.2 work with Blogs, Visitor Messages and Social Groups?
    Answer: Yes, 2.0.2 has support for all three of these. However, if you've upgraded your forums AFTER installing AME 2.0.2, you need to add support for these areas using the controls in your Tools menu. Go to Admin CP >>> AME CP >>> Tools >>> and click whichever applies Add Blog Support |Add Social Group Support | Add Visitor Message Support. Then set your options under Settings for each of these areas.
  17. How can I make it so that when certain Usergroups post videos, those posts need to get approval by a Staff Member before they show up?
    Answer: In this situation what could be done is to set the setting "Follow Forum Moderation Rules" to "No" for the specific Usergroup(s) you want this to happen with. What this will do is Moderate ALL of the post made by the Members of this Usergroup by sending the posts made to the Moderation Queue ... You will then have to manually approve each post in order for it to show in the forums. Take into consideration that this will move ALL of the posts they make into the Moderation Queue and not just the ones containing Video Links. As of now, there is no way to only move the post containing a Video to the Moderation Queue ... Its all or nothing basically, so you decide what you want to do.
  18. I posted a certain link and it got automatically parsed into a video, but I don't want it to be like that. How can I make it show up as just a link?
    Answer: Its a pretty simple solution. When you create the post you simply have to uncheck the checkbox that appears under the Additional Options Box that says Automatically embed media (requires automatic parsing of links in text to be on). With this unchecked it will video links will parse as normal links instead of videos. If the post has already been made, simply edit the post in Advanced Mode and uncheck that same option.
  19. On my Forums I have the Title Extraction option disabled and when a link is parsed into a video, the container shows up with a the name of the site, such as "Photobucket". Is there anyway that I can change that to something else?
    Answer: Yes there is and its quite simple. Do this go to Admin CP >>> AME CP >>> Display Definitions >>> [DEFINITION NAME] > Title. In the Title Box type in whatever it is you want it to say at the top of the video's container.
  20. Some of the videos start to play automatically, can I change it so that it doesn't auto start?
    Answer: In short, no. Some media sites don't provide the option, nor can it be worked into the embed code. However, all the definitions that do this are marked in their description with the phrase: (Auto Plays).
  21. How do I use the Embed regexp field?
    Answer: Click here for brief explanation on how to use this field.
  22. How can I delete some of the Supported Sites that already come with AME or those that I've installed myself?
    Answer: To remove a supported site, go to Admin CP >>> AME CP >>> Display Definitions. Check the box under the column labeled Delete that's next to definitions you want to remove. Then scroll to the bottom and click Save (in Internet Explorer you can hit Ctrl+S instead).
This FAQ is an update of Dannyloski's Trouble Shooting Guide for a previous version of AME.
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Here's a few Q&As, FAQs and FYIs about some of definitions available and some tips and tricks with regard to the AME modification itself. When referring to editing definitions, it will be assumed you're in your Admin CP >>> AME CP >>> Display Definitions list.

**Internal Linking
You may notice the set of defs towards the top of your list called Internal Linking. This set is entirely optional, of course, but will auto convert internal links using the info between your forum's <title></title> tags. It will also add a small image to the start of the tag based on your forums favicon image. (NOTE: If no favicon shows up, make a copy of the favicon in your website's root directory and add it to your forum's root directory)

This set includes defs that will convert Threads, Posts, Forums and Categories, as well as auto format a link to a member's profile page with their User Name. (The member link doesn't include a favicon image. You can add it in if you want.)

This has not been thoroughly tested on a forum other then my own. So give me some feedback on if you like it or not. It also has not been optimized for people running SEOs of any kind. If you want support for your SEO you need to send me a link to your forum as well as let me know what SEO modification your running. (Thumbnails) This set will convert almost all product links form into thumbnails like the Amazon and CafePress definitions. There's very few products that will not convert, and these appear to be only frames, or anything that's been framed.

Also note that you can use your own affiliate ID with AllPosters if you have one just by replacing the three instances of mine in the Replacement HTML. But if you want to leave them in there, you won't get ANY complaints from me.

Examples: ?aid=1244576320 | ?aid=F0048675431 (Thumbnails) and (Links): The original Thumbnail version of the Amazon Links was created by nevetS in one of the old XML threads and it was the first definitions created to demonstrate turning product links into thumbnails rather then links.

Note that I have also included my affiliate IDs in these definitions, mainly because these are constructed on my live site. To work in your own affiliate ID in either the Links or Thumbnails definitions, look for the instances of the ?tag= in theReplacement HTMLand replace the following IDs with your own. Or, again, you can leave them in. Won't hurt my feelings.

Examples: ?tag=stopmomstop-20 | ?tag=citofgamonlco-20

As noted above, you don't want Thumbnails and Links turned on at the same time, which is why I have them both in the Master XML, but one of them set to off. You'll notice that the Bebo definitions says (Sponsored Content Only). This is because user videos on Bebo are no longer consistently hosted form one location. They're pulled in from multiple sites like YouTube and MetaCafe. AME can only reproduce one set of embed code per definition, so there's no way for it to distinguish when it's Bebo content, or YouTube content or what have you. As a result, only Sponsored Content video are supported by this definition. But with the number of sites already available in this group of definitions, it's likely you can use the Permalink to get an embedded video.

CutFrameTV: If your looking for the new version of this definition, it's now called Photography Mentor. The Deezer definition was created by RaZor Edge in one of the old XML threads as well. This was the definition that really got me excited about what the mod was capable of. To make Deezer work, you just copy the Permalink of the video, and post it into your thread. (When visiting Deezer, you never leave the main page, so naturally, you need a Permalink.)


Converts to This

By changing the colors in the Replacement HTML code, you can get the music player to match the colors of your forum. Here's a couple of Live Demo's, one at RaZor Edge's site and one at mine: (Videos) (Music): Unfortunately, you will only be able to use one or the other of these definitions, which is why eSnips (Music) is turned off by default. The URLs were not distinctive enough to make a RegEx that could tell video pages from music pages. Until this changes, this is the one caveat you'll have to contend with. As noted in the definition, the Age Verification Error is a problem on GameSpot's end and not a problem with the definition. (Search Results) (Let Me Google That For You): These definitions convert your Google search results links into formatted links in a couple of ways. Note that they cannot be both turned on at the same time, which is why (Search Results) is the only one active when you import them.

(Search Results) converts your search results links in simple link with the search terms and the google icon.

(Let Me Google That For You) on the other hand, will convert links into a funny redirect to This definition is a variation on the one originally created by Vitaly.

For Google (Search Results) to work, you'll need to add these images to your images/misc directory. This first is the old Google favicon and the second is the new one. The definition uses the new icon by default, but you can change the definition to the old one just by changing the Replacement HTML image source from _new to _old.

Lively: Google will, sadly, be dropping further development of Virtual Chat Rooms. They have said, however, that they will keep the thumbnail screens that you see prior to entering a room intact, you just won't be able to click them to enter a room. As a result, I'll be keeping support for this site intact, just to support those screens if need be.

MP3 Local Hosted Audio: I hope you like the new player I added. Unfortunately, I can't take all the credit. The player was created under the Creative Commons Licence by neolao production. The great thing about this player is that it's fully customizable, and can even support it's own skin if you happen to have one. Go to and set the colors and settings to your liking. Copy and paste over the code into your MP3 definition under Replacement HTML. Just remember that you MUST replace the MP3 URL (http%3A// that they provide with $p1. Otherwise, your MP3s won't work.

Alternatively, you can download the flash player and host it on your own site, but you'll need to change the source of the video player in your Replacement HTML to the location on your server.

Mynet Small, almost insignificant quirk about Mynet's definition. When the titles are pulled, it puts a line break in the title of the video. This line break has no effect on the player unless you need to edit that post for some reason. Save the post with that line break still in, and the player can't convert. So all you really need to do is take the line break out and your set. Like I said, not a real big deal, but there you go. This is one of those definitions that I consider "imperfect" in that it's functional in every way it needs to be, but not as fully as you would like it to be. is a website that manages to collect news videos from all the major video news sites: MSNBC, CNN, CBS NEWS, FOX NEWS, Associated Press, Rutgers, BBC, Sky News, ESPN and Comedy Central. But because all their videos are pulled from different sites, every video has different aspect ratios. There's currently no way to dynamically set the height and width of a video using AME (or in this case, an iFrame). So you'll have to set those attributes to your liking in your AME CP. I currently have them set to the widest and highest of the videos I found. This will leave a white square around videos that have smaller aspect ratios. (Not a big deal if your postbit color is already white.) You can change the color of this area by adding the color code in the style attribute: style="background-color:#000000;". But this will only works in FireFox. IE users will still see a white empty area surrounding the video.

PC PC Planets has a variety of music, videos and songs to listen to in a variety of media types. The site has been thoroughly tested and so far all tested links convert with not problems. However, since AME can only do one media version per definition, any link, whether it was the MP3 or the WMV or the RAM version, will convert to the Flash version when posted. Yes, that many files was needed to make UOL work. Each category is like it's own website with it's own embed source code. The site is vast, and is essentially several websites grouped under one domain. As noted, the one peculiarity is that URLs with "assistr" in them wont embed. This is because, for whatever reason, these pages have no usable code in the HTML or URL to backreference. Not sure why. It could be this page is actually a front page that changes content often, so most of the content is handled via javascript. Either way, these URLs are infrequent, and shouldn't be encountered too often.

Sort Order: One thing I've been annoyed with in AME is trying to get some kind of display order that makes sense. I found out while working on these, that entries with the same Display Number sort by alphabetically order. So what I ended up doing was setting all my working files to 1, and all my non working or in-progress files to 0. This made to where I could keep them in alphabetical order and create pseudo-categories.

Special Characters: For some reason, AME doesn't always convert Special Characters correctly. Instead of an ampersand (&) you'll get the HTML equivalent (&amp;), etc. One of the things you can do is edit the post after posting, and simply change the name of the link, without altering what it links to. (In the Full Editor, all you would do is edit the exiting name. In the Basic Editors, you would simply change the name between the [url][/url] tags.)

Wikipedia (Links): In order for Wikipedia to work you need to save this image to your images/misc directory.
Examples: Star_Wars Periodically YouTube and Google go down for maintenance. This means that some features, like embedding, is disabled during this time period. If you see "Video Not Available" and YouTube was working yesterday, hang on for a little while. Also, check to see if a video says "Embedding Disabled by Request "in the embed code box. If so, the video will be blocked from embedding and will give the Not Available message as well.

A new feature worked into YouTube is called Deep Linking. Sounds like something you'd get from the back end of the video store, right? Not in this case. Deep linking is YouTube's relatively new ability to jump to a fixed time frame inside a video. In order to do this, append the URL of your YouTube video with #t=XXs where XX is the number of seconds into the video you want to jump. (NOTE: I know some of you already know of this, but what's different here is that you cannot use minutes and seconds in the URL. You have to use seconds only, so you'll have to do just a little head math and convert minutes into seconds.)

For example, click and playback will begin exactly 120 seconds or 2 minutes into the video. This will not work with the HD videos, but will work for any other YouTube link. (HQ/HD): By now you should all know what this is as often as it's been requested. This will embed High Def and High Quality YouTube videos based on the URL. Most of you already know to add the special string of characters to the end of the URL when you want to link to it. However, for these to convert, you'll need to add the string after the watch?, before the v=, like so:

This is the concession I had to make just to get HD and HQ videos to work with AME. Remember that this will only work if a corresponding HQ/HD video for a given URL exists. Here's the code you need for each type of video:

High Def: fmt=22&
High Quality: fmt=18& For zSHARE to work, you'll need to add the 3 following images to the images/misc directory for your forum and/or any different styles you use. So, for example, if you have a forum that uses the default style and a custom skin named Centura, you would need to add it to the default image/misc folder ( AND into the folder for the Centura style (
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looks good mate, thanks!

Maybe support for
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The Geek's RegEx Tutorial
--The basic info you need for creating media definitions.

Embed RegEx
--A Brief explanation as to how to use the Embed regexp field in definitions.
--Comprehensive Regular Expressions Tutorial and Reference Guide.

DJ's Frequently Asked Questions (AME 2.0.2)
--An update of Dannyloski's Trouble Shooting Guide, this FAQ addresses the most common problems associated with AME.

DJ's Definitions FAQ
--Information on specific definitions and their peculiarities as well some tips and tricks on how to use AME.

RegExBuddy Buddy Trial Download
--Limited free trial period with option to buy licence. I'd advise learning with this first, before trying the freeware below.

The Regulator
--Free Regular Expressions tester created by Roy Osherove

(This is manily here to help me keep track of things. Updates are always added to the Master XML, the Main ZIP file and the Local Hosted ZIP, if any. You do not need to download each individual update if you are starting fresh. If you want all the supported sites, simply import the Master XML file. Updates are for folks who already have everything installed and want to keep up.)

08-23-2008 and three subsequent posts

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Is there any way to auto embed files that aren't hosted on your site, or any one particular site... Such as, or etc, with one XML...
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Not to my knowledge. As I understand it, AME looks for comparisons of the URL you post in the regex files and converts them to their corresponding replacement HTML. A regex for any site with only the extension being the distinctive feature would be so broad, it could very well try to convert anything and everything ending .sfw. So for example. everything before the .swf in my last paragraph might have been converted into a video player.
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Is there anyway you can make it so it does not install that particular one if it is already added, as I just had several duplicates, and now I have no way of knowing which one I should keep.
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thanx, installed
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wow awesome. great job!

so... just to be clear...
if "start fresh" and delete our old XMLs... do we have to convert anything again?
and delete even the default ones?

EDIT: yah, tested it. gotta delete the defaults with AME as well.

<<< WORKING ON 3.7 RC2

ps. is there a way to control size for flash swf local hosted files?
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Originally Posted by hornstar1337 View Post
Is there anyway you can make it so it does not install that particular one if it is already added, as I just had several duplicates, and now I have no way of knowing which one I should keep.
Afraid not with the Master XML. As I mentioned, AME doesn't overwrite existing definitions. But one way you can tell the ones from my Master XML file is by looking at the display number. I set all mine to 1, that way they will be alphabetized in the AME CP. Also my descriptions always use the description "Embed ________.___ Videos!", baring Music and Games, of course. Remember, that you don't have to wait to delete duplicates after you import. You can always duplicate them before hand. Just make sure you have your back up XML files just in case something goes wrong.

You can also just import the individual files in the ZIP files, which is a little more time consuming, but a lot more specific.

Originally Posted by GrendelKhan{TSU View Post
wow awesome. great job!

so... just to be clear...
if "start fresh" and delete our old XMLs... do we have to convert anything again?
and delete even the default ones?
Nope, you shouldn't have to convert anything that wasn't already converted. That is, at least, the experience I've had with the modification. You will have to delete a lot of the default ones, as a good number of those don't work anymore, or don't exist (like iFilm). Use your best judgement. Also take into consideration if you've created anything that I don't have here. For new AME users, I would recommend deleting the default definitions and starting with my Master XML.

EDIT: yah, tested it. gotta delete the defaults with AME as well.

<<< WORKING ON 3.7 RC2

ps. is there a way to control size for flash swf local hosted files?
You sure can. Any individual definitions can be altered by adjusting the height and width attributes in the Replacement HTML for that particular definition.

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Great work I must say
. █│║▌│█│║▌║│█║▌│║║█║
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for imeem music

Active and contain: yes

Regular expression:

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
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Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

Extract destination data: Yes

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

Attached Images
File Type: jpg sssı.JPG (21.4 KB, 95 views)

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Your regex is perfect, but you'll need to ungroup a couple of items in the regular expression in order for it backreference properly. Otherwise it will take a URL like this:

and $p1 will try to put Z_soii_o/ray_j_all_i_feel instead of referencing the embed code where the video ID number is:

The first regular expression should look like this so it skips over it properly.

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

Otherwise, it's perfect. I'll add it to the next update.

EDIT: Looks like a few of the URLs have a dash in the first [\w]+ area. So I added a dash (-) and a underscore (_) just in case.

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Am I right in thinking that clipshare is difficult to extract the data as the key used requires .php to find the related .flv file. While the embed code hits direct to the .flv file.

Is it possible to run a small .php script ahead of the embed code to match the key to the right .flv file and use that result to plug into the embed code.

Hope I'm making sense.

I have the find code sorted to create the box and player, but obviously this will not hit a file you need the related .flv file to achieve this. If so I can write up a brief find code to pull the correct .flv.

i.e. I use $p1 in .php to find the required record from the database and thus pull the required .flv as $p2
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