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Old 11 Aug 2011, 11:10
boffin_adi boffin_adi is offline
Join Date: Dec 2010
Question Error in integrating External PHP File having Graph (Images generated by PHP code)

hi all,

i was trying to play around with vbquiz (free version from DBTech).

I am trying to integrate a external php file which is having a graph(piechart). i am including this external php page by creating a plugin with code

$php_include = ob_get_contents();
vB_Template:reRegister('TEMPLATE YOU ARE USING',array('php_include' => $php_include));

and then adding the variable in the template with this code at required space.

{vb:raw php_include}

but it is giving error like this:

PNG  ��� IHDR�������& ���PLTEddd���̀*vm��IDATxM8F tH9YպvB1a2+eCYEḂ HSB!B!B!B!攚|)]6\,׫U}eCsqGT<; 羧i:<45Vt乼߱I[}4c%Ay8s.զӱ٪i.ߣOv}3rL}iS<emգOGCSJ<"_ }6j][5)I x6 DN z3׬|x´!?ʤ!, 7'<9҂>ޱo|r4w�)�B!B!B!v#{ǰQ줶+DŽG ntM{ͯEަ =^_^EͯQ-@=9`D@?,vhEn@tJn@tJn@tJn@tJn @tjUnxy>,-^_57 W {#}XZPmy0"Aw{ty0"Aw{ty0"Aw{ty0"Aw{ty0"Aw{ ta&U~9Ո<<+K ]~^<,-�< \< \+ՔIs{Am56΃az6΃az6΃az6΃a' T%m o M [?`__^'z+~:2mJm2mJm2mJm2mJm 2mJm2mJm2mJm2mJm<�W^�>,-}i+riﯿn^'k:^=]P2<& iSo<& iSo<& iSo<& iSob|EwFZ : : n |)"%^ oP.枊>+8> tAtAtAtAtAtA,Ήn}:t~҂כ_~ ׈\*D: : : : : : ^=W>;Չ$Bei'tn^!:K @tAtA?% : : :/^D[/Gmx~^z>3| tAtAtwtAtAtAƚfj,^ak^P@tAtA}wJA tAtAt_FVUo[>O/'3[η/4WtRz{7?pvA,[w*m.T Y(qeM> wBsϛҌNe?ۂmʝ$c@oPC36D`^t9U=˔j3)dns֚ b5zG^',҇+$�}ITMe6ek0x!WnVoAllnn!B= ]&DmvME^EUusݜ6Ѷ<hn&hN95m279+WMZtJ/0Yo_Ve1x]s<b31c|FT94_ycTaHA+uˏimɞ<B ;~Ѿ#o?\Xm=IvyY+fJyyVsβGgoсd{=ņZ ר]+u~\`?zd^Z4w����IENDB`

it may be possible due to external php file which i am trying to integrate in vbulletin is having graph(image) generated trrough php code.

please help me out.

thanks in advance.........
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Old 11 Aug 2011, 12:10
kh99 kh99 is offline
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Real name: Kevin
Yes, it looks like you're trying to insert an image file in the middle of your html. What happens if you do this instead?

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or even just put that html directly into the template?
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