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Red 2 Black (v3.5 Gold) Details »
Red 2 Black (v3.5 Gold)
Mod Version: 2.00, by RMS-Chef (Member) RMS-Chef is offline
Developer Last Online: Oct 2015 I like it Show Printable Version Email this Page

This modification is in the archives.
vB Version: 3.5.0 Rating: (1 vote - 5.00 average) Installs: 116
Released: 14 Aug 2005 Last Update: 11 Oct 2005 Downloads: 191
Not Supported Template Edits Re-usable Code Translations  

Simple but clean style. Reds, grays, black & white.
Has a page blended breadcrumb with space for a 468x60 banner image or GoogleAd code. See readme.htm in ZIP.

ZIP includes some PSDs & fonts.

v3.0.x Release thread here:
v3.0.x Matching ACP thread here:

Templates edited from default in this stlye:

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

Please view ReadMe
Feedback welcome.

Updated for v3.5 Gold
Took out the breadcrumb banner by default. See readme.htm in ZIP for how add one back in.

Download Now

Only licensed members can download files, Click Here for more information.


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Name:	r2b-ss1.gif
Views:	4791
Size:	25.5 KB
ID:	35598   Click image for larger version

Name:	r2b-ss2.gif
Views:	1855
Size:	30.6 KB
ID:	35599   Click image for larger version

Name:	r2b-ss3.gif
Views:	1244
Size:	30.2 KB
ID:	35600  

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Old 14 Feb 2006, 20:54
RMS-Chef RMS-Chef is offline
Join Date: Aug 2003
Originally Posted by WhatChaMissin
Any plans for a 3.5.3 version?
To be honest, not really. I purposely did not check the "Supported" box on this because I recently started a new job and have several other projects currently ongoing. I do have a list of the templates that are NOT default. The style should work fine with v3.5.3 but you will have to make any updates manually to the small group of templates that are listed to be 100% compliant.
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Old 15 Feb 2006, 01:41
WhatChaMissin WhatChaMissin is offline
Join Date: Apr 2005
Thanks for the reply. I'll give it a try, its a really nice style and worth the effort!
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Old 21 Feb 2006, 04:35
Mikecp421's Avatar
Mikecp421 Mikecp421 is offline
Join Date: Sep 2005
I need help with a little issue with this style, I get this problem in the picture in showthread and forum display templates but I dont' know what exactly to fix, can someone help? The red and black in those spots are reversed, the black should be on bottom and the red on top, Thanks

Last edited by Mikecp421; 30 Nov 2006 at 02:58.
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Old 23 Feb 2006, 21:52
Mikecp421's Avatar
Mikecp421 Mikecp421 is offline
Join Date: Sep 2005
anyone?? Can someone please help me with this issue? Thanks
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Old 24 Feb 2006, 00:00
RMS-Chef RMS-Chef is offline
Join Date: Aug 2003
Originally Posted by Mikecp421
anyone?? Can someone please help me with this issue? Thanks
That's wierd. It looks like something may have happened with some additional CSS code being removed or something. Later tonight I will install this on my test forum and take a look.
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Old 24 Feb 2006, 13:18
Mikecp421's Avatar
Mikecp421 Mikecp421 is offline
Join Date: Sep 2005
Thanks man I appreciate it, I didn't edit anything related just so you know. I did do some mods.
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Old 26 Feb 2006, 15:11
Mikecp421's Avatar
Mikecp421 Mikecp421 is offline
Join Date: Sep 2005
Chef, you come up with anything? I mean just tell me where that code is and I will play with it, thanks
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Old 01 Mar 2006, 13:01
S1OPP S1OPP is offline
Join Date: Jun 2005

My site forums are installed in /forums, I have a gallery installed in /gallery and VBAdvanced CMPS in the root.

I've been using this style for a while now and I've very happy with it.

After sorting out the header replacements so that the links in the 'quick links' drop down work I have the following problem.

In the 'Quick Links' drop down the 'Buddy List' option only works if I'm currently viewing the forum.

If I'm viewing CMPS or Gallery I hust get a 404 error.

If I switch back to the default style it works fine.

Can anybody help with this?
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Old 02 Mar 2006, 02:37
crest crest is offline
Join Date: Apr 2004
Hi there,

How can I "erase" the white bar behind the logo?


Last edited by crest; 02 Mar 2006 at 02:46.
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Old 03 Mar 2006, 07:52
S1OPP S1OPP is offline
Join Date: Jun 2005
Sorted out my problem

I've managed to fix my problem with the "Buddy List" in the quick links drop down.

It might be obvious to the hardened coders, but I'm a complete newbie so it might not be the best way to fix the problem.

If anybody else has the same problem this is what I did.

I noticed that the drop down calls misc.php, in either my Vbadvanced page or the Gallery page misc.php couldn't be found becuase it in /forum

Adding misc.php to the header replacement didn't work for this (it works for the restof the options in the drop down)

So I edited the header template, search for 'Buddy List', and modified the path there to /forum/misc.php

Job done.

Crest, the white bar behind the logo can be changed by editting one of the CSS options, sorry not sure which one. I know this because I have changed a lot of them to make a 'Red 2 Grey' style as some of my older members have trouble reading light text on black backgrounds. HTH
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Old 03 Mar 2006, 18:50
mrderanged mrderanged is offline
Join Date: Jul 2002
Quick Stupid Question

Hey All,

Had a question about this style that I've been wondering for a while and now my users are asking as well. Is there a way to have links underlined and if so, what would I need to do for them to be there?

Alot of my users, as well as me, love this style, but don't want to have to move their mouse all over the place to figure out what the links are.....

Thanks for any replies in advance,

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Old 04 Mar 2006, 19:06
leftie leftie is offline
Join Date: Nov 2004
Hi all, I am trying to add a new button in the navbar and insert this bit of code from the V3 arcade hack.
<!-- v3 Arcade -->
<td class="vbmenu_control"><a href="arcade.php$session[sessionurl_q]">Arcade</a></td>
<!-- /v3 Arcade -->
I managed to find out where to add it on the 3.0.7 version but i am at a loss where to find it with this version. Normally i try and look for pointers ie the href for usercp and new posts etc but i cant find them atall
please help.
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Old 04 Mar 2006, 19:24
Roms's Avatar
Roms Roms is offline
Join Date: Jun 2004
Real name: Roms
In the Style Manager, Click on Edit Templates, then Navigation / Breadcrumb Templates. Then click navbar. Place your code after the </td> for one of the main links ie: Member List
Former Staff Member

- Roms, \m/ Rock on!

"We are the vBorg. You will be assimilated!"

Please do not contact me via PM or E-Mail to answer questions about a modification, please use the relevant thread or forum. I don't do custom work.

Last edited by Roms; 04 Mar 2006 at 19:43.
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Old 04 Mar 2006, 20:02
leftie leftie is offline
Join Date: Nov 2004
I can't find any of these options in navbar, that is why i am stumped, i only have this code.

<script type="text/javascript">
function log_out()
ht = document.getElementsByTagName("html");
ht[0].style.filter = "progidXImageTransform.Microsoft.BasicImage(grayscale=1)";
if (confirm('$vbphrase[sure_you_want_to_log_out]'))
return true;
ht[0].style.filter = "";
return false;

<br />

<!-- breadcrumb, login, pm info -->
<table class="page" cellpadding="$stylevar[cellpadding]" cellspacing="$stylevar[cellspacing]" border="0" width="100%" align="center">
<td class="page" width="100%">
<if condition="is_array($navbits)">
<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0">
<tr valign="middle">
<td><a href="#" onclick="history.back(1); return false;"><img src="$stylevar[imgdir_misc]/navbits_start.gif" alt="$vbphrase[go_back]" border="0" /></a></td>

<td width="100%"><span class="navbar"><a href="$vboptions[forumhome].php$session[sessionurl_q]" accesskey="1">$vboptions[bbtitle]</a></span> $navbits[breadcrumb]</td>
<td class="navbar" style="font-size:10pt; padding-top:1px" colspan="3"><a href="$scriptpath"><img class="inlineimg" src="$stylevar[imgdir_misc]/navbits_finallink.gif" alt="$vbphrase[reload_this_page]" border="0" /></a> <strong>$navbits[lastelement]</strong></td>
<else />
<div class="navbar" style="font-size:10pt"><a href="$vboptions[forumhome].php$session[sessionurl_q]" accesskey="1"><img class="inlineimg" src="$stylevar[imgdir_misc]/navbits_start.gif" alt="" border="0" /></a> <strong>$vboptions[bbtitle]</strong></div>
<td class="page" width="100%" align="left" valign="middle">
<div align="center">
<!-- Red2Black Banner Placement -->

<!-- / Red2Black Banner Placement -->

<if condition="$bbuserinfo['userid']">

<td class="page" valign="top" nowrap="nowrap">
<div class="smallfont">
<strong><phrase 1="$bbuserinfo[username]">$vbphrase[welcome_x]</phrase></strong><br />
<phrase 1="$pmbox[lastvisitdate]" 2="$pmbox[lastvisittime]">$vbphrase[last_visited_x_at_y]</phrase>
<if condition="$show['pmstats']"><br /><phrase 1="$vbphrase[unread_x_nav_compiled]" 2="$vbphrase[total_x_nav_compiled]" 3="$session[sessionurl_q]">$vbphrase[private_messages_nav]</phrase></if>

<else />

<td class="page" nowrap="nowrap" style="padding:0px">

<!-- login form -->
<form action="login.php" method="post" onsubmit="md5hash(vb_login_password, vb_login_md5password, vb_login_md5password_utf, $show[nopasswordempty])">
<script type="text/javascript" src="clientscript/vbulletin_md5.js"></script>
<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="$stylevar[formspacer]" border="0">
<td class="smallfont">$vbphrase[username]</td>
<td><input type="text" class="bginput" style="font-size: 11px" name="vb_login_username" id="navbar_username" size="10" accesskey="u" tabindex="101" value="$vbphrase[username]" onfocus="if (this.value == '$vbphrase[username]') this.value = '';" /></td>
<td class="smallfont" colspan="2" nowrap="nowrap"><label for="cb_cookieuser_navbar"><input type="checkbox" name="cookieuser" value="1" tabindex="103" id="cb_cookieuser_navbar" accesskey="c" />$vbphrase[remember_me]</label></td>
<td class="smallfont">$vbphrase[password]</td>
<td><input type="password" class="bginput" style="font-size: 11px" name="vb_login_password" size="10" accesskey="p" tabindex="102" /></td>
<td><input type="submit" class="button" value="$vbphrase[log_in]" tabindex="104" title="$vbphrase[enter_username_to_login_or_register]" accesskey="s" /></td>
<input type="hidden" name="s" value="$session[sessionhash]" />
<input type="hidden" name="do" value="login" />
<input type="hidden" name="vb_login_md5password" />
<input type="hidden" name="vb_login_md5password_utf" />
<!-- / login form -->



<!-- / breadcrumb, login, pm info -->
<br />
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Old 04 Mar 2006, 21:28
leftie leftie is offline
Join Date: Nov 2004
Never mind, i found it in the header templates although it does not show when you search templates. What gave me the the clue was a view source and i could then see where it was placed.
I hope this helps for others.
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