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Old 12 Dec 2005, 04:38
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Originally Posted by 1996 328ti
I believe you can have 3 channels per page. Just create another channel and copy the code. I have 3 channels on my page.
I don't see what you mean unless you are refering to having three seperate banners. I have included a sample of the code from my web page but have changed the numbers to hide my information. Could you please explain how to and where to put the other two channels in it.

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Old 16 Dec 2005, 23:45
djmini djmini is offline
Join Date: Dec 2005
added quite nice!
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Old 19 Dec 2005, 01:44
Sychev_S Sychev_S is offline
Join Date: Oct 2005
Originally Posted by Damian
Have you looked at Section targeting?

For example, you can downplay the area in your postbit that affects your contextual ads by doing something like this:

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Adding the code tells google media bot to ignore this area when matching ads to your site's content. (in this case the username)

You can also emphasize the message area of the postbit to help with the ads.
THANK YOU! That pretty much did the trick!
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Old 19 Dec 2005, 17:50
dinodonk dinodonk is offline
Join Date: Aug 2005
section targeting is usefull.. but i am not using weight=ignore
just adding <!-- google_ad_section_start --> and <!-- google_ad_section_end --> between the post on postbit template
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Old 30 Dec 2005, 03:36
cgchris99 cgchris99 is offline
Join Date: May 2005
A couple of questions.
1) on the newest adsense/archive plugin, it shows 3 ads. top, bottom and right column. It appears that my eCPM has gone down even though my impressions are up. Any thoughts?

2) Do I need to modify both the postbit and postbit legacy templates to display ads in my threads? If yes, can you explain.

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Old 04 Apr 2006, 22:24
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Real name: Joey
Here ya go - We just wrote a hack that can easily place ads in the 3.54 archive...

EZ Archive Ads System

All nicely controlled via the admin cp
Lincoln vs Cadillac Forums -

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Old 20 Mar 2007, 16:11
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I know this is a really old topic, but I could use some help... (please?)

I've run phpBB forums for many years now, and I have just bought vBulletin and am going to combine 2 phpBB databases into one larger vBulletin forum for my site.

The main (old) phpBB site is located here:

As you can see, I have been using adwords and banners from the amazon affiliate program for many years. I have almost 20k registered users on the site, but am making only about $10/month from the ads. I have placed them in the topics, posts, redirect pages, etc... but no one ever seems to be clicking them.

As I switch over to vB I would like to know the BEST ways to increase my earnings. I've downloaded the mod to place ads in the archives (the one reccomended here), am creating channels to evaluate each ad, and would like some advice from you guys here on which other mods/methods are best? Or if I need to hardcode them in (that's fine too)? I have read the articles on google's site about placement, and will be making a few placement adjustments on the new site. What other advice can you guys who actually are making money give me?

Please help... One of my main goals for the site is to just have it pay for itself, that's the main reason for the switch to vB and a "subscription" model I will be implementing ($1/month for value-added services). Plus it's just better code.


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Old 21 Mar 2007, 00:17
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Real name: Eric
A while back, AdSense looked at our site and made some optimization recommendations. You can take a look if you like, to get some ideas.

I'm using a Custom OpenAds for vBulletin module that I wrote to serve our ads, but we run a fair amount of AdSense ads and our revenue quadrupled after we made changes in position and color.
Eric Chamberlain
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Old 21 Mar 2007, 00:26
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Reeve of shinra Reeve of shinra is offline
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Google is okay with this kind of ad placement?
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Old 21 Mar 2007, 06:34
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attroll attroll is offline
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Google rule for ads is, On any given page, you're welcome to place up to three standard ad units and one ad unit.
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Old 01 Oct 2007, 21:21
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mykkal mykkal is offline
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Real name: Mike McKoy
How do you add google adsense to the thread view?

Has anyone attempted to maximize output by adding adsense to the forum view or the thread view?

I'd love to know how to do this. And I'd really like to get some adunits displaying in the "topic view areas".
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Old 19 Sep 2008, 10:29
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Originally Posted by MRGTB View Post
The only thing I dislike about displaying the full banner image with no background colour to blend in is this. Everybody now knows what a google adsence regular banner looks like and I would image most will avoid clicking it. I mean I know I do when I see a regular adsence banner on a site.

The only ones I've ever clicked is when people blend the background in and place them very near content which catches you off guard click them by mistake. One site did this very well and got two clicks out of me by pure hidding them in content.
Blending and dissolving, sometimes I think I'm wanting to make a dime by fooling my dear community members, who come not be fooled by clicking on the ads, but see our forum content. hmm. but there's a trade off.

There is an apt joke here: in an American school in usa a teacher once asked her pupils, who is the most influential figure on this planet ever? Right answer will get 10$ prize from me.

A hindu/Indian student quickly rose up, and said 'Jesus Christ'... teacher was elated, and the guy promptly grabbed the 10$ bill.

Then the teacher asked him the question," you're not even christian, still how did you know it so well."

The guy replied, 'In my heart I knew the correct answer was Lord Krishna, but business is business.'

So you get the moral, huh?
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Old 26 Nov 2008, 05:52
induslady induslady is offline
Join Date: Jul 2006
Originally Posted by amykhar View Post
Finally, Google gives you the ability to create custom channels. These channels will help you monitor the performance of each ad banner on the page.

After you create your custom channel, get the ad code based on that channel and place it in the proper template.

For example, in my forumdisplay, I use a link-type banner. I set that banner to my forumdisplay channel, then grab the code and paste it in my forumdisplay template.

I can now track the impressions banners on my forumdisplay pages receive and how many times they are clicked. Based on those numbers, I can adjust placement of the ad, colors of the ad, or even the size of the ad.

Hi Amy and others,

I have been using for sometime now Custom Channels to track the performance of Google Ads displayed in my forums.

Recently, I implemented Google Ad Manager to display other network ads and Google ads (in the unsold inventory). So Google Ad Manager created its own custom channels for the ad slots where it would be displaying Google Ads for the unsold inventory.

Now, I'm seeing a discrepancy in the impressions shown for the custom channels created to track ads within the same page (say forumdisplay) but different slots.

For example, I have:

Channel 1 - created by me manually to track ads shown in slot 1 of forumdisplay page
Channel 2 - created by Ad Manager to track ads shown in slot 2 of the same forum display page

Ads in the forum display page tracked by channel 1 & 2 should have the same number of impressions. Because they are ads in the same page, both makes an impression when the page is viewed.

But I see a huge discrepancy in the ad impressions tracked by both the channels. Channel 1 created by me always shows less impressions for any day compared to Channel 2 created by Ad Manager. Why?
Ideally, Channel 1 created by me should show more impressions because that slot displays only Google Ads. Whereas Channel 2 created by Ad Manager alternates between Google Ads and other ads depending on the Geo-target audience, eCPM,etc. But still Channel 2 shows more ad impressions for Google Ads.

What could have gone wrong in the custom channel that I created? Please help.

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Old 05 Mar 2009, 21:15
taytaysdad taytaysdad is offline
Join Date: Feb 2009
Real name: AJ
Works or 3.8

Works as it should with 3.8, one tip is to set pub-id and create channel id to change in code before uploading to acp.
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Old 28 Apr 2011, 03:23
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neat articles in here love reading them
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