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Old 18 May 2008, 08:17
Dpunkz Dpunkz is offline
Join Date: Mar 2008
Question .com .net .org .tv etc... Names does it matter?

I hear all this talk about how .com names gets 80% more traffic, your wasting time and money getting anything but... etc..

Is this really true? and if it is why is that the case? I found just a golden domain name but its a .org name and i was shocked to see it was not a $5,000 premium domain name or anything.

Please, your thoughts, and thanks!
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Old 18 May 2008, 13:14
if you are logic about the goal of your site, you will use the proper extension for your domain name...

there is no golden domain names.. you are the one to create a great site with any kind of domain... if the content of your site is not representative of the domain you own, the domain is useless...

be logical, think real life...

--------------- Added 18 May 2008 at 13:19 ---------------

just as an example: is a tv station for kids... is a travesty... which will be the one who will target the most?!

.tv is for tv station, but a lot of transexuals or travesties are using it anyway...

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Old 18 May 2008, 14:50
puertoblack2003's Avatar
puertoblack2003 puertoblack2003 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2005 really dont matter what you use rather its .com, .org or whatever..its like nexialys said the key word is content of your site...I've been doing well without any other 3rd party hack which is useless..and resource hog..i just researched tutorial sites that can give simple tweaks that can improve seo and googles rating...and i can tell you its been good.But key word is content...

hope this helps
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Old 18 May 2008, 21:20
nothing4me nothing4me is offline
Join Date: Oct 2007
Usually .com is for profit and .org is for non-profit organization. That's what they were designed for.
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Old 19 May 2008, 03:30
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Crinos Crinos is offline
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Real name: Tolitz Rosel
.COM is pretty much the default extension for any site, be it commercial, personal, public, or non-profit...

.NET was traditionally used by technology/internet related sites

.ORG was traditionally only usable by non-profit organizations.

Nowadays, any site can use any extension without having to strictly cater to what it was created to cater to.

The reason why many sites register all the top level domain extensions (.com, .net, .org) is to prevent cyber-squatters and domain spoofers, especially if it's a commercial site.

- T
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Old 19 May 2008, 04:12
legionofangels's Avatar
legionofangels legionofangels is offline
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I could make a new thread on this, but I probably only need one answer so I'll just ask here.

Does a -

Help or not effect the url to keyword value of your site.

I ask this in regards to a new site/forum I'm making.

So for example:


Apple Tree as we know is 2 words, not one, and you'd never search with appletree unless you type incorrectly in searches regularly. You'd search "apple tree" of course.

So does the hyphen help break up the keywords, or are the search engines able to understand the word breaks without there being a break, or is there no effect whatsoever?

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Old 24 May 2008, 00:15
davidw's Avatar
davidw davidw is offline
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Real name: David
My .02 cents and is limited to my view on the matter. I agree with Nexia (don't give me a hard time people :P) on the proper extension - however, I look at things to a different degree. For example, my site is .org, and I use .org, however, I also have .com, .net, .us (I think), but they all redirect to .org - I use the extension for the reason that it is an org, not .com, etc., however, I also use the others (with redirects) for the purpose that other people won't take the name and smear it. Meaning if I give out my business card and they see my domain, but mistakenly put .com, they won't be going to some adult site or warez site.

On the hyphenated domain, I can't really say either way because I used to have a hyphenated domain and saw virtually no traffic to it. When using google, I had to be very specific to pull up anything on that domain. Due to the fact that the site was only up for a couple years, I can't say there was enough time to know for sure.

If searching for "apple tree" it would be best to have that in the meta tag(s) in multiple variations of how one might spell that while still being relevant.
Such as
apple, tree, apple tree, appletree, appel, tre
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Old 24 May 2008, 21:34
th13rteen th13rteen is offline
Join Date: Aug 2007
No it doesn't matter. But the thing is most people remember .com instead of other TLDs. Like if you heard of site and don't know the URL then you might try going to and see if thats the URL.

It doesn't matter. I would recommend buying the .com too.
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