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Mod Version: 0.61, by pedigree (Coder) pedigree is offline
Developer Last Online: Nov 2013 I like it Show Printable Version Email this Page

vB Version: 4.0.0 Rating: (100 votes - 4.73 average) Installs: 1205
Released: 23 Dec 2009 Last Update: 27 Dec 2009 Downloads: 6146
Not Supported DB Changes Uses Plugins Additional Files Re-usable Code External Content  


Mod of the month winner October 2009.... That cant be bad

Apologies in advance, this is a copy of the 3.6/3.7/3.8 mod that has been verified to work in 4.0 (its so that I dont get a billion PMs asking if it works in 4.0)

This provides access to a RBL type system for forum admins, listing known spam IP / email / usernames. The RBL database is provided by You do NOT need an API key from the website in order to access the database. only to submit data if you should wish to do so.

At the point of user registration, the mod checks if the IP number / provided username / email addresses appear on a block list and can block the registration.

Whilst this isnt the most perfect way to stop all forum spam, its another step that spammers have to overcome.

What it does

It checks with a remote database of known forum spammers. Their IP number, email address and forum username are tested and based on your configuration, you can reject / log / accept user registrations based on what you get back.

This version doesnt have
- whitelisting or the ability to submit users to the database but it will within the next week.
- automatic user deletion / post / PM purging. There are good tools out there already, this does something else.

Instructions are included in the installation.txt file - PLEASE read it first and dont forget to actually upload the files in the upload folder, otherwise it WILL kill your registration progress and you wont see the log file options in admincp.

Changes to vB
- 3 new database tables
- 2 database table alternations
- No new templates.
- 2 Hook (register_addmember_process & register_addmember_complete)

Ive tested it but had feedback that it works with versions as old as 3.6.2... Support should go back to older versions, as long as they have hook support for register_addmember_process / register_addmember_complete

For code to submit spammers to the database, check this post for code changes

Reported to work
- 3.6.1, 3.6.2, 3.6.9, 3.6.10, 3.7.0, 3.7.1, 3.7.2, 3.7.3, 3.74, 3.80, 3.81, 3.82, 3.83, 3.8.4, 4.0beta3, 4.0 Gold
, 4.2pl1,2

Installers should remember to refresh their ACP navigation window when they first install it so they can see the new log file menu item.


There is a small mod, coded by Wired1 that will allow you to submit spammer details to the database from the admin control panel, here This relies 100% on javascript being enabled and makes no tests that it is enabled.

You need to have an API key from in order to submit data, its free and easy to get... You DONT need an API key in order to use this mod however, only to submit spammer data.

Issues are
- The usergroup permissions / view details etc DONT work. I jumped the gun and put the permissions controls in there before I put the code in. Please delete the includes/xml/bitfield_vbstopforumspam.xml file and rebuild your postbit

- Follow the instructions in the zip file, that includes the file upload the correct folders.

Please click Installed

The original thread is at where there is a wealth of knowledge about the mod, please ask questions in there.

Download Now

Only licensed members can download files, Click Here for more information.

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Old 18 May 2010, 02:21
djbaxter djbaxter is offline
Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Originally Posted by tommac3 View Post
I found a bug ... if you have the facebook turned on it wont let you register as it thinks you are a spammer.
Easy fix: Disable Facebook connect. It causes more problems than it's worth anyway. As far as I'm concerned. it's just a backdoor waiting for hackers.
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Old 20 May 2010, 23:16
MichaelDance MichaelDance is offline
Join Date: Dec 2009
Real name: Michael Dance
Thanks very useful Mod I installed and i LOVE IT
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Old 26 May 2010, 00:23
Louva-Deus Louva-Deus is offline
Join Date: Jan 2008
Originally Posted by radmoose View Post
One question.. is anyone getting valid usernames and/or email addresses in their log?

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.
Originally Posted by pedigree View Post
The "Unregistered" username could be a misconfigured bot
Originally Posted by Lore Master View Post
The Unregistered displays when the username field is left blank when the form is sent. The REMOTERR dislays when the email field is left blank. For some reason these started showing up in vB 4.0.

My workaround: to check for a blank username and email fields and if either are empty bypass the stopforumspam check, as vB will send the user back to complete these fields anyways. Just a work-around, I tested it and it seemed to work correctly.

Go to plugins and open the vbstopformspam plugin for register_addmember_process. Select edit, and highlight the code. Paste this over it:

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

In case anyone is still having this problem I have a bit of code that will prevent quite a few invalid submission problems. Lore Master made a great contribution with his code suggestion but it needs to go one step further to deal with all the strange things being submitted to the Stop Forum Spam database. For instance, it isn't overly helpful to the community for a slew of 'Unregistered' submissions to be posted on the website. They are invalid and never should have been submitted.

To stop this from happening we need to do more than check for empty username and email fields. So instead we need to let vBulletin handle the invalid form data and only run the vbStopForumSpam check if a valid registration is submitted. The forum software checks to make sure all the required fields are filled in, that the email address submitted is valid, and various other things, so we don't need to repeat work that has already been done.

To accomplish this input the following code into the 'register_addmember_process' hook for the vbStopForumSpam plugin and replace what is already there.

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

This allows vB to operate like it normally would when handling registration attempts and only passes data on to the vbStopForumSpam mod if the registration form has been filled out properly. This clears a lot of nonsense from the log records and it saves lookup time and server resources. It might even save the Stop Forum Spam website a little bandwidth.

Finally, this helps to reduce any accidental blocking of legitimate users from registering on your site, either locally or through being mistakenly added to the Stop Forum Spam database, which lists email as well as IP addresses. Remember that virtually none of the people added by mistake will know to come to the Stop Forum Spam website to get their information removed so they can register on a forum they want to join.



Last edited by Louva-Deus; 26 May 2010 at 01:23.
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Old 26 May 2010, 15:16
howard007 howard007 is offline
Join Date: Oct 2006
How do you whitelist a person when they are not spam? I don't see this in the file docs.

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Old 27 May 2010, 09:24
MagiKelly MagiKelly is offline
Join Date: Jan 2006
Just get their details and create the account manually. A bit of a faff but so rare in my experience that it is not a problem.
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Old 02 Jun 2010, 20:29
BrightStar's Avatar
BrightStar BrightStar is offline
Join Date: Nov 2008
Some of my users are trying to register via facebook and get this error?

Result on field email - [REMOTEERR] Unverfied and rejected by policy
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Old 02 Jun 2010, 21:57
Charlie98902 Charlie98902 is offline
Join Date: Dec 2006
I was getting more than a few users via email stating they were marked as a spammer and did manually register them but I don't have time to do this always so I went with the other mod like this - This is a great add-on but a headache right now.
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Old 04 Jun 2010, 01:51
pzet pzet is offline
Join Date: Jul 2007
Thumbs up Excellent

Thank you for this excellent mod

Absolutely fantastic, a must for every serious forum admin.
Helped me to get rid of some of the "bad guys".

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Old 04 Jun 2010, 04:47
howard007 howard007 is offline
Join Date: Oct 2006
I really don't get it. Why wouldn't the programmer for this awesome mod. at least allow one to whitelite an ip? This is such a good mod and is really missing this vital option.
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Old 04 Jun 2010, 11:29
KProjects KProjects is offline
Join Date: Feb 2006
Has anyone noticed this on their vbstopforumspam logs?

This is the user and email:
#file_links[C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\Base\MarlboroKey\MarlboroKey.txt,3,S] [url=#file_links[C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\Base\MarlboroURL\MarlboroUrl.txt,1,L]]#file_links[C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\De

It allowed registration for a couple of them and blocked a couple based on ip. I'm not showing any new users however..

Stop Spammers
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Old 06 Jun 2010, 05:09
howard007 howard007 is offline
Join Date: Oct 2006
I've been running this fine and all of the sudden:

All of the sudden I get these errors and I've been running vbstopforumspam for a couple months. How do I fix?

Database error in vBulletin 4.0.3:

Invalid SQL:
INSERT INTO vbstopforumspam_log (date, ipaddress, email, username, message, blocked,
userhash) VALUES (now(), '' , '[email protected]', 'Unregistered',
'Result on field username - Unregistered [REMOTEERR] Unverfied but allowed by
policy', 0, '677850e24e7b5900768632062e50c3f7');;

MySQL Error : MySQL server has gone away
Error Number : 2006
Request Date : Sunday, June 6th 2010 @ 12:55:52 AM
Error Date : Sunday, June 6th 2010 @ 12:56:59 AM
Script :
Referrer :
IP Address :
Username : Unregistered
Classname : vB_Database_MySQLi
MySQL Version :
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Old 06 Jun 2010, 13:17
Fireagle Fireagle is offline
Join Date: Mar 2009
Log sort by IP:

Datenbankfehler in vBulletin 4.0.3:

Invalid SQL:

SELECT * FROM vb_vbstopforumspam_log AS logs

LIMIT 0, 15;

MySQL-Fehler : Unknown column 'ip' in 'order clause'
Fehler-Nr. : 1054
Fehler-Zeit : Sunday, 06.06.2010 @ 15:16:20
Datum : Sunday, 06.06.2010 @ 15:16:20
Skript : http://*********/admincp/vbstopforum...erby=ip&page=1
Referrer : http://*********/admincp/vbstopforum...sername&page=1
IP-Adresse : ************
Benutzername : Fireagle
Klassenname : vB_Database
MySQL-Version : 5.0.83-log
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Old 08 Jun 2010, 01:34
howard007 howard007 is offline
Join Date: Oct 2006
Is there any way that I can whitelist an IP? If I was a coder, I'd do it.

Can't we have an over ride option to enter an IP? PLEASE???

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Old 08 Jun 2010, 03:53
Mrdby Mrdby is offline
Join Date: Mar 2007
Real name: MrDby
well i added it and seems to be fine for now.
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Old 08 Jun 2010, 11:33
JHUMON JHUMON is offline
Join Date: Aug 2008
hm working well
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