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Complete Wordpress/Vbulletin Bridge - Share Users And Postings Details »
Complete Wordpress/Vbulletin Bridge - Share Users And Postings
Mod Version: 4.01.13, by Jafo232 (Coder) Jafo232 is offline
Developer Last Online: Jan 2020 I like it Show Printable Version Email this Page

vB Version: 3.8.1 Rating: (83 votes - 4.40 average) Installs: 1330
Released: 14 Feb 2009 Last Update: 16 Feb 2011 Downloads: 5489
Not Supported DB Changes Uses Plugins Additional Files  

Identical to this Mod here, but now for the Vbulletin 3.8 line.
DOES NOT WORK FOR Vbulletin 4.x

This version probably no longer works for Wordpress 3.x. I have started developing this product over and have released the NEW version here:

This mod bridges your Vbulletin users over to Wordpress. You can also use Vbulletin as your comment engine instead of the spammy one built into Wordpress. You can display the comments inline in your post. You need not use the comment feature, if your only interested in sharing users.

You can map your Vbulletin Usergroups to Wordpress Usergroups and those users will then be recognized as registered Wordpress users.

For example, user "Joe" registers at your forum and logs in. Joe then clicks on your Wordpress page. Joe is instantly added to the Wordpress user base with the permissions you set for his usergroup. In otherwords, if a user comes over belonging to the "Registered User" group, you can select that he is placed in the Wordpress "Subscriber" usergroup.

If you change a users group from vbulletin, it will automatically change in Wordpress.

  • DOES NOT and WILL NEVER support Wordpress MU.
  • Wordpress and Vbulletin scripts must reside on the same physical server.
  • Wordpress and Vbulletin must use the same domain name.
  • Stable Wordpress Version greater than or equal to 2.7.
  • DOES work for Vbulletin 3.7.
  • Does work for vBulletin 3.8.
  • Does not work for 4.x. Why? Because VB 4.x does not work for me. If they ever make that product worth a shit, I might support it.
  • Please don't ask if it works for any BETA versions of Vbulletin. I do not know and will not convert this to the latest version of VB (whatever it is at the time you are reading this) until the version is released as non-beta.
  • Does not work with XMLRPC.
  • Chances are, this will not work when VB and Wordpress are located in different sub domains. I.E. - Cookie issue.
  • I did the best I could in determining your forums file path with the script. There may be certain script setups that cannot find the file path properly, in which case you may get errors that the script cannot find or open /config.php. If this is the case, please HARDCODE your ABSOLUTE path to the forum in vbridge.php.

    To do this find:

    Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
    Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

    And uncomment the last line, and change the path to your forums path:

    Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
    Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

Common Mistakes When Installing:
  • Using two different host names causes problems. If your forum URL contains, then your wordpress blog URL MUST contain the www. part of also. This goes for any other host name. Browsers are finnecky when it comes to cookies (as they should be).
  • Editors generally EDIT, not write. In Wordpress, editors don't show up in the post author drop down. This has nothing to do with this plugin, that is Wordpress code.
  • Make sure you DO NOT create a subdirectory for this plugin in the wp-content/plugins directory. Just upload it directly there..
  • If you do not map users before you turn auto-integrate on, the plugin has no idea whether your allowed into the dashboard.
  • If you all of a sudden can't login to the dashboard, see the above two common mistakes.
  • FOLLOW the directions and make a test post first. Being in a rush and not testing will most likely turn out bad for you.

Changelog is included in download, here is the most recent changes:

  • Added code to process scheduled posts
  • Addressed code where links and images would not show up properly in VB
  • Added new table called vb_forumid for scheduled posts
  • Reduced redundant calls when dealing with forum excerpts
Sites Using This Plug-In:(PM me if you want to add your site here)

Special Thanks:

axisoverdrive - Debugging Help, Kyraal - Paypal Donation, Kalina - Paypal Donation, Wildcard27 - Paypal Donation, Shri - Paypal Donation, pspcrazy - Paypal Donation, Tomahoochi - Paypal Donation.

If you use this plug-in, and find it useful, please support us by nominating us for Mod Of The Month (MOTM) in the top right corner of this thread, or feel free to donate.

If you do install:

Download Now

Only licensed members can download files, Click Here for more information.

Show Your Support

  • To receive notifications regarding updates -> Click to Mark as Installed.
  • If you like this modification support the author by donating.
  • This modification may not be copied, reproduced or published elsewhere without author's permission.
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Old 17 Nov 2009, 10:39
Goomzee Goomzee is offline
Join Date: Apr 2008
Real name: Tariq Rathore
anyone knows how to make this blog bridge

below is my blog
and below is my forum url
Mortal Kombat Nexus Mortal Kombat X MKWallpapers MK Komics
Mortal Kombat Winamp skins, Animations, Movies, Dragon Renders on your 1 click
Pakistan 1st and Largest Mortal Kombat Gaming website
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Old 18 Nov 2009, 14:55
Pirat3 Pirat3 is offline
Join Date: Dec 2007
Does anyone know how to make it so if posts on WP are made my diffrent person, it doesnt show up as admin/user1? Or what do I edit to change user=1 to user=xxxx?
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Old 18 Nov 2009, 14:58
AntonyF AntonyF is offline
Join Date: Jul 2006
Hi everyone. I have a question. I have vbulletins and wordpress on different URLs. Same server. I see the requirements are they be on the same domain.

Will it just not work at all on different domains -- or is it just they have to login on both (if it's the latter, I can live with that).

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Old 21 Nov 2009, 00:37
rjnsmith rjnsmith is offline
Join Date: Oct 2005

I have a problem whereby the author of a post in Wordpress is displaying incorrectly, for example:

A user with a VB id 12 writes a post in Wordpress,
his WP user id is 52

However it is displaying the author of the post as VB id 52, when it should be VB id 12, but it is using his Wordpress ID for some reason?

Any ideas?
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Old 21 Nov 2009, 04:05
Louis Phong Louis Phong is offline
Join Date: Apr 2007
My site:
My forum:
How can i install with the above informations???
Please help me
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Old 22 Nov 2009, 18:49
M4GN3T M4GN3T is offline
Join Date: Dec 2008
Originally Posted by MadsK View Post
I've just set up a testing environment with the latest wordpress version and VB4, and it works perfectly . So I'm guessing not much needs to be done for it to be officially released for VB4, when it comes out.
Seriously? Thats freaking awesome xD
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Old 23 Nov 2009, 15:08
chrisstinson chrisstinson is offline
Join Date: Jun 2006
On Wordpress 2.8.6 when creating a blog item, if you try to insert a photo into a post, there is a javascript error in wp-includes\js\tinymce\wp-tinymce.php. I could still upload photos, just not insert them into the post through the editor.

I didn't look too much into it, but disabling vBridge made it work again, and installing CKEditor while vBridge was enabled also made it work.

Instead of trying to fix the problem, I've been using vBridge with "Dean's FCKEditor" plugin for it has more features than TinyMCE anyway.
__________________ - Our "Pet" Project
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Old 23 Nov 2009, 18:15
amjadz4's Avatar
amjadz4 amjadz4 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2007
I stopped using this plugin. Sorry to say people but no more support from me. I do not require this from my website anymore.
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Old 24 Nov 2009, 03:56
Quantnet Quantnet is offline
Join Date: Nov 2006
sad. do you move to another platform or use vb4 cms?
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Old 24 Nov 2009, 07:35
amjadz4's Avatar
amjadz4 amjadz4 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2007
Originally Posted by Quantnet View Post
sad. do you move to another platform or use vb4 cms?
Well, I am using vb4 now and as for the wordpress website, I switched to WPMU.. and on a separate domain. The plugin is useless to me now.
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Old 24 Nov 2009, 16:00
StalkerB StalkerB is offline
Join Date: Aug 2009
Does this plugin copy comments from Wordpress into the appropriate forum thread and vice versa?

If not would there be anyway to do that?

Also is it possible to tell the plugin to pull the actual excerpt field from Wordpress to make a thread on the forum?
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Old 25 Nov 2009, 09:11
StalkerB StalkerB is offline
Join Date: Aug 2009
While I'm on the subject when I activate the plugin it works, but it leaks memory until my server crashes!

Anybody experienced anything similar or know what I've done wrong?
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Old 27 Nov 2009, 05:07
ten1nch ten1nch is offline
Join Date: Jun 2007
Vb: 3.8.4/Wp: 3.8.6

Installed, Uninstalled (Removed from Database), and re-installed using steps found in the readme to the absolute "T".

All attempts failed. I've tried everything from cookies to direct forum paths and everything noted in troubleshooting.

Wordpress is immediately inaccessible (blank) when it's activated from the plugin menu, and settings menu.
Fatal Error: query_read/non object/vbbridge.php/line475- On user settings page when plugin is off, but activated.

Will deactivate until I can get some support- I've searched everywhere. Help?
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Old 03 Dec 2009, 19:12
alkolyok alkolyok is offline
Join Date: Aug 2009
report : turkish charset error
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Old 04 Dec 2009, 03:18
Jafo232 Jafo232 is offline
Join Date: May 2004
Blank page means: check error log for error message.
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