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Old 22 Mar 2016, 22:34
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Originally Posted by IggyP View Post
i agree it seems the priority list was all messed up for a while(like the 20 themes and hundreds of jira to fix them for example)

but vb5 i think is only just starting coming to its prime, or out of beta basically to be more accurate...and i still didnt see any needs to jump ship to another half measure i just want to see them prioritize basic functions more the next....2-3 versions even and perhaps that can be good enough...

5.2.1 seems to me like more of a major upgrade and less rushed than 5.2.0 and it maybe took forever to get here but its still going forward....maybe if ppl think like 5.2.1 = 5.0.0 it can make more sense

i mean...i think it should be clear that this was released GOLD early to trick customers to help them build it for free...if anyone remembers those first super raw versions lol u especially know what im talking about
heres some comic relief from 5 years ago, slamming xen for features they still didnt build aha but it is actually kinda funny to look back on.... i know alot of ppls frustrated but depending what you are trying to do and for me vb5 still has the most promise of future imho...we should get a free t-shirt by then tho....something
Seriously, is that video STILL getting posted?

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Old 23 Mar 2016, 01:06
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Completely off subject but related only to the animated video... I was surprised to read this today:

Pretty nifty imho, I'm going to give it a try when it's open source! Okay back on subject folks (lol).
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Old 23 Mar 2016, 01:45
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Originally Posted by TheLastSuperman View Post
"can't do that on the cloud", "can't do that on vB5", "no decent plugin/hooks system exist"
These are the exact reasons I learned the ins and outs of VB5. There are plenty of ways around "the vb5 core" to get things done and once you understand how it all works, it really isn't that hard even without the hooks/plugin system, although, I welcome the new hook system they have put in place as it will be easier to do what I want to do..
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Old 02 Apr 2016, 02:02
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Replicant but then you need file edits yes?
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Old 02 Apr 2016, 03:34
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No, I don't edit core files. I do edit templates though but that is irrelevant since the template is included in the custom styles. Most of the api is available in the templates and via ajax so pretty much anything that needs to be done can be done at template level or dom level via javascript.

EDIT:Currently, if you want to use the new hook system, you do have to edit files, obviously to put the hook where you want it. This won't change until more developers give input to vb dev to identify where they want or need hooks added.
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