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Cyb - ChatBox
Mod Version: 2.3, by Valter (Coder) Valter is offline
Developer Last Online: May 2014 I like it Show Printable Version Email this Page

This modification is in the archives.
vB Version: 3.7.x Rating: (177 votes - 4.76 average) Installs: 1596
Released: 30 Apr 2008 Last Update: 22 Sep 2008 Downloads: 64369
Not Supported DB Changes Uses Plugins Auto-Template  

Powerful AJAX-based ChatBox for vBulletin.

Main Features:
-One step installation (no file uploads, no manual template modifications required)
-Put ChatBox on any forum page by setting script name and adding variable to desired template
-"ChatBox Full" (always available on separate page)
-"Messages Archive" (available on separate page, with options to edit/delete messages)
-"ChatBox Search"
-Option to block usergroups from viewing ChatBox
-Option to delete messages older than x hours automatically
-"ChatBox Statistics" (new messages since last visit, messages in last x hours, total messages, top x chatters,...)
-View users active in ChatBox (available in CBFull and Archive)
-Text formatting options (color, weight, style, decoration,...)
-Advanced Smiliebox
-Smiliebox options: total smilies available, smilies per row, smilie clipping, disable smilies...
-A lot of customizable stuff, including: set new/old status icons, time/date format, box height, message order, auto-refresh intervals,...
-One-click actions: View all messages posted by user X, Delete all messages posted by user x, Ban/unban user from ChatBox, View last message posted by user X, View your last message, View first unread message
-"/me" action (used when you want to refer to yourself in the "third person")
...and more...

See screenshots for more details.

1. Import XML file (as product): AdminCP > Plugin System > Manage Products > [Add/Import Product]
2. OPTIONAL (custom placement on forum page)
Open desired template and put "$cybchatbox" to desired line.

To set options:
Go to: AdminCP > vBulletin Options > Cyb - ChatBox

To have ChatBox enabled on desired page:
1. THIS_SCRIPT must be defined in php file (by default all important vBulletin files has this)
2. Hack options - You must add THIS_SCRIPT value for target page to "Show ChatBox on" setting field
3. Main template called on target page must contain "$cybchatbox" variable

To have ChatBox enabled on vBa CMPS:
1. Hack options - Add "adv_index" to "Show ChatBox on" setting field (values in this field should be separated by commas) > Save
2. vBa CMPS Default Settings - add "cybchatbox" to "Portal Output Global Variables" field (values in this field should be separated by carriage return) > Save
3. [Optional] Template "adv_portal" - add "$cybchatbox" to line where you want ChatBox to appear (for example below "$navbar") > Save

v1.0 - Sep 15. 2007.
-First version
v1.1-v1.6 - Sep/Oct 2007.
-Bug fixes, improvements, several new options added,...
v1.7 - Oct 07. 2007.
-Released at
v1.8 - Oct 11. 2007.
-Fixed bug where moderators can not delete messages
-New: Set auto-refresh interval for messages
-New: Set auto-refresh interval for active users
-New: Option to enable auto-refresh for guests
-New: Option to reverse message order (newest at bottom)
v1.8.1 - Oct 11. 2007.
-Fixed bug where colspan in Archive is not set correctly for moderators
-Added ability to disable date in mesages (simply leave date field blank)
-Added option to have ChatBox always collapsed by default (ChatBox Full not affected)
v1.8.2 - Oct 12. 2007.
-Fixed bug (reversed message order gives wrong results)
-New: Set timecut in minutes for active users listing
-New: Automatically parse links in messages (can be disabled)
v1.8.3 - Oct 13. 2007.
-Auto-prune setting field restored
-Fixed bug where some users are logged-out after posting message
-Improved detection and listing of active users
-If user is active in ChatBox it will be shown in profile and wol list
v1.9 - Oct 15. 2007.
-New: Not all smilies are loaded on startup. Set how many of them you want to show before user clicks "More".
-New: "/me" user action ("/me" in submitted message will be replaced by author's username, and message appears in color you set)
-Minor bug fixes
v1.9.1 - Oct 15. 2007.
-Fixed bug from previous version where message area height not follows your settings properly
v1.9.2 - Nov 06. 2007.
-New option in user menu: View messages posted by user
-Option to allow users to delete their own messages
-Fixed bug where admin with primary usergroup different than 6 is not able to delete all messages
-Fixed bug where links to member profiles in messages are broken at "/member.php"
-"Delete Selected" moved to phrases
v1.9.3 - Nov 20. 2007.
-New: Set groups able to view Chatbox but not post messages
-New: Set groups able to edit/delete all messages, and ban/unban users from ChatBox
-New: Customize color list in message posting interface
-New: Ban list
-Fixed default text color
-Fixed some compatibility issues for "/me" action
-Fixed bug where some users get db error when importing product
-Fixed bug where you need to refresh page after "Busy" message to continue chatting
-Minor bug fixes
v1.9.4 - Nov 21. 2007.
-Fixed bug with changing colors in IE
-Some code optimization done
v1.9.5 - Nov 26. 2007.
-Fixed bugs with stripping html tags and "/me" action
v1.9.6 - Nov 29. 2007.
-New: ChatBox Search
-New: Click on message icon in main box to open message for editing/deletion
-Fixed bug with page navigation
-Minor bug fixes/code improvements
v1.9.7 - Dec 01. 2007.
-New: Find first unread message
-New: Find your last message
-New: Find last message by user X
v1.9.8 - Dec 05. 2007.
-New: Ban certain BB tags from being used in the ChatBox
-New feature in user messages view: "Locate this message in Archive"
-New: Message icons in Main box now opens Archive where requested message is highlighted
-New in "Top Chatters": Click on number to view chatter messages
-New in "My Messages": Click on number to view your own messages
-Fixed bug where space after username is lost in "/me" action message
v1.9.9 - Dec 06. 2007.
-New: Users with post count less than X can not view ChatBox
-New: Log/view/resolve IP addresses in CB messages
-Fixed bug with searching last message by user X
v2.0 - Apr 30. 2008.
-New: "Locate message in Archive" option in search results
-CSRF protection added
-Compatible with vBulletin 3.7 Gold (may not work with Beta/RC releases)
v2.1 - Jun 24. 2008.
-Fixed bug (users always shown using their primary group display parameters)
-Fixed bug (if there are whitespaces in banned tags setting it will not work properly)
-You can now choose which usergroups are able to moderate ChatBox (not just switch between 5/6/7)
-"Below Forums" added to auto-insert locations (ForumHome only)
-New: Option to disable parsing of manually entered smilie codes
-New: Disable message time in ChatBox (Archive not affected)
-New: Submit button added
-New: Option to change text size (display)
-New: Option to set width of [code], [php] and [html] BB code blocks in ChatBox
-New: Limit message lenght
-Several minor bug fixes/code improvements
v2.2 - Jul 10. 2008.
-New: auto-hiding Status bar to inform you about ChatBox activities
-Improved ChatBox performance
-Improved char counter compatibility/look
v2.3 - Sep 22. 2008.
-Fixed XSS vulnerability in ChatBox Search
-Improved Tags Banning feature
-Fixed bug (user can add forbidden tags by editing already posted message)
-Fixed bug (user blocked by low post count can access ChatBox on separate page if url is known)
-Fixed bug (page shifting on refresh in IE)
-Fixed bug (Smilies menu breaks row on expand in Opera)
-Minor bug fixes

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Name:	chatbox.jpg
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Name:	colors.jpg
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Name:	smilies.jpg
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Name:	usermenu.jpg
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ID:	82947  

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Name:	online.jpg
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Name:	wol.jpg
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Name:	stats options.jpg
Views:	2644
Size:	71.9 KB
ID:	82950  

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Old 08 Oct 2008, 01:08
JPforFree JPforFree is offline
Join Date: Jan 2008
nvm fixed that bug, with the newest update how do I rid myself and users of the "updateing message" prompt. It gets quite old.
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Old 08 Oct 2008, 13:42
floggerss floggerss is offline
Join Date: Oct 2008
Its Not showing me the date

[d-m, H:i] Confused jajaja nos vemos cambiaree

What should i do?
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Old 08 Oct 2008, 18:06
Masiello's Avatar
Masiello Masiello is offline
Join Date: Jul 2005
Real name: Antonio
MOTM for October 2008 voted!
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Old 08 Oct 2008, 22:01
john102774 john102774 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2008
I must admit, this hack has come a long ways. I remember installing it a while back. At the time it caused my system to run extremely slow so I had to uninstall it.

There seems to be a huge update since then and I must say, I am impressed with it's improvements.

Good hack guys!

Downloaded and reinstalled, woohoo~!

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Old 09 Oct 2008, 02:19
joker2040 joker2040 is offline
Join Date: Jan 2006
Real name: Mike
I'm still having issues with the security token in FF3. Any ideas?
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Old 09 Oct 2008, 10:33
Keyser Söze's Avatar
Keyser Söze Keyser Söze is offline
Join Date: Apr 2002
are there any thoughts on a "personal chat box"? some of my users, u know they are at work and cant use IM programs, so a 1:1 personal convo isnt possible really, other than thru PMs
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Old 09 Oct 2008, 20:00
KeysS KeysS is offline
Join Date: Jul 2008

Time works bad ... ever show Hour and 10 min like

=/ Any idea for fix this??


U can delete the year of the date?? i think is 2008 i know any know that ... is just a idea.

Fix for time format:

%H:%M:%S <<< set like this and for day
%D <<< just this ...

I think is many letters or numbers, day, mounth and year , i think just day and mounth, and for time don't works ok without seconds xD is all. Or replace Date for Today if was posted today not with date, and others days for date is a good idea, too can create commands like prune and ban user .

Last edited by KeysS; 09 Oct 2008 at 20:17.
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Old 10 Oct 2008, 05:42
john102774 john102774 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2008
Members complained that this mod was slowing down our site. Unfortunately I had to disable this feature.

I shall wait for a later release. Thanks
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Old 10 Oct 2008, 06:29
YaiR9694 YaiR9694 is offline
Join Date: Jan 2008
TNX, Installed
But I cant write in hebrew... why?
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Old 10 Oct 2008, 06:53
dodjer42's Avatar
dodjer42 dodjer42 is offline
Join Date: Jul 2006
Originally Posted by john102774 View Post
Members complained that this mod was slowing down our site. Unfortunately I had to disable this feature.

I shall wait for a later release. Thanks
How many messages do you have? I found that when we reached 45,000 messages in the chatbox, I had to roll (truncate) the database. You can do that through the chatbox admin drop down. Did you also try the tweaks in the admincp?
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Old 10 Oct 2008, 13:21
floggerss floggerss is offline
Join Date: Oct 2008
I fixed the date problem, only de MINUTES arent working...

This Works OKey

But de i is not working



I ALSO need the commands of the shoutbox, to ban, unban, etc

Last edited by floggerss; 10 Oct 2008 at 14:02.
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Old 11 Oct 2008, 09:17
Valter Valter is offline
Join Date: Aug 2005
KeysS, check hack options for date/time settings.

floggerss, options to ban/unban user, and delete message(s) are found in CB Archive.

You should always check hack options/pages before asking such questions.
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Old 12 Oct 2008, 16:42
tiengnhat tiengnhat is offline
Join Date: Feb 2008
Help me for error

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

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Old 12 Oct 2008, 17:53
texterted's Avatar
texterted texterted is offline
Join Date: Mar 2008
Works fine on my 3.8 beta too
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Old 13 Oct 2008, 10:43
Skyrider Skyrider is offline
Join Date: Feb 2006
Is there anyway to create channels with this chat box? As I find channels quite important, especially for moderators / admins only views.
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