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Cyb - PayPal Donate
Mod Version: 4.8.2, by Valter (Coder) Valter is offline
Developer Last Online: May 2014 I like it Show Printable Version Email this Page

vB Version: 3.8.x Rating: (72 votes - 4.76 average) Installs: 1199
Released: 10 Jan 2009 Last Update: Never Downloads: 5370
Not Supported DB Changes Uses Plugins Auto-Template  

Advanced PayPal Donate system for vBulletin.

-Allow users to donate suggested or custom amounts, or both
-Set minimum amount accepted
-Set currency
-Block usergroups from using Donate system
-Donations list
-Subscriptions (for Business/Premier PayPal Accounts)
-Donation Bar
-Mark donations as confirmed/unconfirmed
-Delete donations
-Move or add confirmed donators to your VIP/Donator usergroup
-Donate statistics (total donations, total amount, numbers of confirmed/unconfirmed donations)
-Block usergroups from viewing Donations or statistics details
-Add donations manually
-Edit donations
-PM reports

See screenshots for more details...

1. Import XML file (as product): AdminCP > Plugin System > Manage Products > [Add/Import Product]

2. OPTIONAL (for some customized styles)
Open template "navbar" and add "$cyb_paypal_donate_link" after "vbphrase[user_cp]</a></td>" surrounded by proper TD tags
3. OPTIONAL (for some customized styles)
Open template "navbar" and add "$cybpaypal_donlist_link" after "vbphrase[miscellaneous]</td></tr>" surrounded by proper TD/TR tags
4. OPTIONAL (to put DonBar to desired page)
a) set THIS_SCRIPT option in hack settings
b) Open desired template and put "$cybpaypal_donbar" where you wish to have Donation Bar shown

To set options:
Go to your AdminCP > vBulletin Options > Cyb - PayPal Donate

To enable in vBa CMPS:

v1.0 - Oct 13. 2005.
- First Release
v1.5 - Nov 28. 2005.
- Added 5th donate option
- Added option to donate custom ammount (as 6th option - can be enabled/disabled in AdminCP)
v2.0 - Apr 20. 2006.
- All known bugs fixed
- Layout and functionality improved
- Some options and settings added (check updated screenshots)
v2.1 - Apr 22. 2006.
- Typo fixed ("bellow" > "below")
- Fixed little error on donations page
- Added option to turn system on or off
- Predefined error message is displayed to users when system is disabled
- Templates now goes to "Cybernetec" group in Style Manager
v2.2 - Jun 03. 2006.
- Uncached template bug fixed
v2.5 - Jul 30. 2006.
- No more file uploads
- Donate options are now opened below navbar when "Donate" link is clicked
- Two plugins removed
- Codes improved
v2.6 - Jul 30. 2006.
- Now "Donate" box can be opened from any page
Link is shown always, not only on forumhome like in v2.5.
v2.7 - Jul 30. 2006.
- Fixed bug with donate form (conflict with several vB forms)
v2.8 - Aug 04. 2006.
- Release of this hack for vB v3.6
v2.9 - Aug 06. 2006.
- Added option to Show/Hide navbar link
- Now you can link to donate system from thread or portal or another site,... (index.php?do=donate)
v3.0 - Aug 25. 2006.
- If your forum's index.php file was renamed, for any reason, now you can enter new filename in ACP hack options to have this hack working properly
- Added "Product Version Checking" -
v3.1 - Mar 03. 2007.
-New: Usergroup-based permissions (set who can use donate system)
-Fix: Guests now can see Donate link in NavBar (if usergroup 1 is not blocked in above function)
-New: Added Subscriptions (durations adjusted in ACP, can be disabled)
-New: Changed from "index.php?do=donate" to "misc.php?do=donate" (Update your custom links!))
-New: Unlimited number of donate options (list amounts in one line, separate with commas)
-Few other functionality and make-up changes...
v3.2 - Mar 04. 2007.
-New: Added text field to enter custom values when Custom is chosen in menu. Otherwise this field is hidden.
-New: Set minimum amount accepted
-New: Unit of time for "Subscriptions time periods" changeable (d, w, m, y)
-New: BB Codes enabled for "Donate Box Note" (smilies, easy text formatting etc...)
-New: Currencies switcher in ACP (easier way to choose your currency)
-Fix: Using "1" in "Subscriptions time periods" disabled (you can not subscribe for 1x and this will give you error at PayPal)
-Few code changes for better compatibility with different server/board configurations
v3.3 - Mar 07. 2007.
-Fixed NavBar link
v3.4 - Mar 14. 2007.
-Fixed bug (if Subscriptions disabled donate amount info not sent properly)
-Improved compatibility with Right to Left direction styles
v3.5 - Apr 28. 2007.
-New: Donator list
-Options to choose which usergroups can see the list of Donators
-List updated automatically on new donations but new item is visible to administrators only
-Admin can mark donation as confirmed, unconfirmed, or delete it
-Admin can manually add Donators to list
-"Display Options" allows you to sort donators by username, donation date, or donation amount, and choose sort order
-Javascript code on Donate page improved
v3.6 - Jun 02. 2007.
-Total/unconfirmed donations info
-Edit donation
-Quick confirm/delete donation
-Option to change background color for unconfirmed donations
-Changeable values are underlined for administrators
-To change any value just type over it and hit Update
v3.7 - Jun 03. 2007.
-Fixed Unconfirmed counter
-Fixed text color in dark styles
v3.8 - Jun 04. 2007.
-Added option to sort donations by confirmation status
-IP address shown instead of username for unknown donators (viewable to admins only)
-Admin have option to resolve unknown donator IP address into hostname
-Added "Donate Statistics" block into drop-down menu
-Added confirmed donations count
-Added total amount info
-Added option to choose which stats users can view (admins can view all)
v3.9 - Jun 10. 2007.
-Fixed tab indexes in "add new donator"
-Fixed listing for users with unknown both username and ip
-Added options to confirm/unconfirm/delete multiple items
-Group membership checking works now for supplementary usergroups too, not only primary one
-Currency list updated to support all currencies currently accepted by PayPal
-Added option to disable suggested amounts and use just input field instead of drop-down menu
v3.9.1 - Jul 23. 2007.
-Fixed security exploits
v4.0 - Aug 9. 2007.
-New: Option to move donator to your Donator/VIP usergroup
-New: Added page navigation to donation list page
-New: Option to disallow non-administrators to view amounts on donation list page
v4.1 - Aug 21. 2007.
-New: PM Reports (any of these can be enabled/disabled):
*Send PM to user after donating
*Send PM to user when donation is confirmed
*Send PM to user when donation is confirmed (manually added donations)
*Send PM notices to Staff when someone uses Donate system
v4.2 - Sep 30. 2007.
-New: Confirmation dialogs before performing actions on Donations page
-New: After completing the payment at user is redirected to your "Thank you" page (message = phrase [cybpaypal_thanks])
-New: Choose if you wish to move or add confirmed donator to your VIP/Donator usergroup
-New: Option to choose to load PayPal login/donate form in current or new browser window/tab
-New: Sort donations by usergroupid
-Subscription options removed (I will not support this anymore so please keep old version if you really need subscriptions)
-General cleanup, known bugs fixes, optimization...
--Save content of "Donate Page - Note" setting field before upgrade (you'll need it to update [cybpaypal_note] phrase later)
v4.3 - Oct 18. 2007.
-Fixed bug with permissions (now admin's primary usergroup must not be 6 to be able to confirm/unconfirm/delete donations)
-Added option to disable BB codes in Donate Note (when BB is disabled then you can use HTML)
-Some minor bug fixes
v4.4 - Dec 10. 2007.
-New: Switch date format (d-m-y or m-d-y)
-New: Add your site logo to PayPal login/donate page
-New: Donation bar
-Fixed problem where some users get a shipping charge
v4.5 - Apr 30. 2008.
-CSRF protection added
-Compatible with vBulletin 3.7 Gold (may not work with Beta/RC releases)
-Minor bugs fixed
v4.6 - Jul 25. 2008.
-Fixed bug (sorting wrong on donation list when switched to next page)
-Fixed bug (unconfirmed/confirmed info disappears on donation list when switched to next page)
-Fixed bug (wrong # values shown to non-admins on the first page of donation list)
-Fixed bug ('Donate Now' in Donation Bar not hidden when already on Donate page)
-New: option to change "Donate" navbar link color, or set it to style default
-New: amounts must not be 5,10,200 anymore, but also can be 5.5,10.5 etc...
-New: Subscriptions (I added this again, but much better implemented this time)
-Many other bug fixes/improvements
v4.7 - Jul 27. 2008.
-Fixed bug ("Minimum amount allowed..." message appears unexpectedly)
-New: Option to set which day in month Donation Bar resets
-Some minor bugs fixed
v4.8 - Oct 19. 2008.
-New: Ability to disable donations temporarily (means system is on but new donations are not accepted)
-New: Donation Bar Menu (with links to Donate page, Donation List, Admin Options)
-Fixed "not accepted amount" bug
-Fixed bug where subscriptions are not logged properly on Donation List
-Minor bug fixes/code improvements
v4.8.1/4.8.2 - Dec 29. 2008.
- Security fix/subscriptions bug fix

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Name:	donlist_ql.jpg
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Name:	menu.jpg
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Name:	sorry_minimum.gif
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Name:	acp.jpg
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Name:	adminoptions.jpg
Views:	3515
Size:	37.9 KB
ID:	92186  

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Old 12 Dec 2009, 12:04 is offline
Join Date: Apr 2009
I still have some problems in putting decimal amounts on donors' list.
Any fixes or suggests? Thanks.
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Old 14 Dec 2009, 21:10
Xanlamin's Avatar
Xanlamin Xanlamin is offline
Join Date: Mar 2008
Anyone ever get a vBadvanced module for this?
Perry Amo
Missouri Patriot Militia.
Division Commander
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Old 17 Dec 2009, 05:09
Front Range 4x4 Front Range 4x4 is offline
Join Date: Jan 2009
Real name: Chris
Hope to see this for v4!
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Old 17 Dec 2009, 12:20
Ranger375 Ranger375 is offline
Join Date: Jun 2007
Thumbs up

Originally Posted by Front Range 4x4 View Post
Hope to see this for v4!
Same here!
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Old 17 Dec 2009, 13:36
Veer Veer is offline
Join Date: Feb 2006
me as well
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Old 22 Dec 2009, 01:18
mastertek2000 mastertek2000 is offline
Join Date: Apr 2007
is there a way to make this auto confirm and also is there a way to put a full working donate bar
in VBadvance
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Old 14 Jan 2010, 01:11
Hawks282 Hawks282 is offline
Join Date: Feb 2009
I'm having trouble getting peoples donations to register... We receive the donations but they don't count onto it. Any reason for this? Also, people don't show up in the "Donors" list.
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Old 14 Jan 2010, 21:44
jessay jessay is offline
Join Date: Sep 2009
thank you, truly an excellent mod.
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Old 14 Jan 2010, 22:18
masterross's Avatar
masterross masterross is offline
Join Date: Dec 2005

I will donate $50 for your vB 4.x.x license according this:

Note: All of my products are supported, but I'm busy with my main job, so please be patient when asking for support. *** vBulletin 4 versions will be released once we buy new license. No ETA ATM.
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Old 16 Jan 2010, 11:57
masterross's Avatar
masterross masterross is offline
Join Date: Dec 2005
As I see noone wants easy money

So I started upgrade myself.
Already fixed misc.php?do=donlist code and templates to show data.

So if anyone wants to help me and ofcourse has needed knowledge PM me.

Thanks in advance!
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Old 17 Jan 2010, 17:33
Ranger375 Ranger375 is offline
Join Date: Jun 2007
Ill donate to get this working on vb 4 too! This is a must have on any forum, especially the progress bar!
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Old 17 Jan 2010, 18:21
bposner bposner is offline
Join Date: Feb 2009
Some coding help
First of all I am not a coder, or pretend to be, so for most of you this may be a simple question. I want to add the product, which is installed in our simple navigation bar. I kinda got it to work a few times, but is screws up the graphics in the them. I just want to added it where is says donate link to be added. below:

<!-- added forum home 01/16/10 - BP -->
<a href="$vboptions[forumhome].php$session[sessionurl_q]">Forums</a></td>
<if condition="$show['member']">

<!-- donate link to be added -->

I tried using the suggestions by adding just $cyb_paypal_donate_link but I'm sure I'm missing some VBulletin stuff that has to be added Thanks!!!
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Old 17 Jan 2010, 18:59
Xanlamin's Avatar
Xanlamin Xanlamin is offline
Join Date: Mar 2008
Just add a direct link, dont try to use hooks or anything. Thats what I did on my site and no issues.

<td class="vbmenu_control"><a href="">Donate</a></td>

And I do not think the Author is doing anything on this. several things are not working as they should, no vBAdvanced module, no auto confirm, 90% of the time donations never show up anyways and/or the user is not added to the donor list.

I have a PM off to the Author requesting permission to take it over to get this updated and working properly.
Perry Amo
Missouri Patriot Militia.
Division Commander
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Old 17 Jan 2010, 19:07
bposner bposner is offline
Join Date: Feb 2009
Thanks for the help, and the update
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Old 18 Jan 2010, 12:45
bryanb's Avatar
bryanb bryanb is offline
Join Date: Oct 2003
Great mod - just started using it this week to collect donations for Haiti.

One thing though: I have an English speaking forum, my PP account is on the site, but my address is in Germany (moved years ago). For some reason, when people click on the $ amount to donate, they are transferred to the German site to log in. Some people are bailing out of the login step because they can't read German. Any ideas on how to fix this?
"Master of my domain"
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