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Old 26 Aug 2004, 21:12
oliwood oliwood is offline
Join Date: Feb 2002
Different Forums depending on Lanquage?

Hi guys,

i have a problem, my forum is for english speaking and german users.

The germans donīt like the idea of internationalization, so thy requested, that they only want to see the german forums.

Now my question, ist there any hack, to display or not to display forums, depending on the lanquage setting, or better on a stand alone setting, which provides the option in the UserCP to display only german forums, only english forums, or both?

I think this would be an interesting hack for some other users, because if you would like to have a multilanquage board i.e. english forums, german forums, spanish, french, italian....the number of forums will increase all along!

Please help me, i need this hack!!!!

My board is a 50.000 user board and i would be glad if i could invite lot of foreign useres!!!

If you dont know a hack, please offer me some ideas how to arrange this task!
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Old 27 Aug 2004, 11:13
oliwood oliwood is offline
Join Date: Feb 2002
hi guys, this is a very urgent case for me! Please help!!!
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Old 27 Aug 2004, 11:23
no need to bump all the way around friend... if nobody answer is just because nobody can do the job for now...

actually, it's pretty simple, but not done yet...

the example of why you have no answer right now is that most of the coders would be happy to help but be paid for the job... most of the coders with the knowledge of that kind of hacks are commercial ones like me... (yes, i can do it, but i only answer to paid requests...)
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Old 27 Aug 2004, 13:00
oliwood oliwood is offline
Join Date: Feb 2002
ok, and how much is it?
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Old 27 Aug 2004, 13:31
nighteyes nighteyes is offline
Join Date: Oct 2001
I'd be willing to throw in some money to help develop this hack btw. We also need something lke this.
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Old 27 Aug 2004, 13:54
hum... not much.. no need to sell your mother... just pm me, i can't make a deal on this forum...
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Old 27 Aug 2004, 19:57
oliwood oliwood is offline
Join Date: Feb 2002

i dont know what would be the best way to realize this.

generally i have lets say 30 forums on the forumshomepage, but 15 of them are german forums and 15 are english. english people only want to see english forums an germans want to see only german forums. maybe there will be some guys who want to see both!

so maybe it is not clever to create dependencies between language setting and forums. Maybe the best way would be, that every single user, has the option in his usercp, to enable, or disable every single forum. So that he does not even see the forums in forumhomes, or in the dropdownmenues.

besid that it would be nice, to have a option in the adminpanel, to display all new threads in the "new threads" option, no matter what the user has chosen to enable or disable, or to display only new threads from those forums, a user has enabled. Bu this is a addon.

Do you have better suggestions?


Another suggestion, which would be very simple and easy to impelement:

A "disable" button on the forumhomepage beside every single forum. By clicking the "disable" butten, the forum will disappear cmpleteley from the forumshomepage, for the user who clicked it. So ha can deside wether to view or not to vie every single forum. The only way to "reenable" the forums would be a "enable all forums" button wheter in his userCP or at the bottom of the forumshomepage!!

ja, i think that would be nice and easy! The settings have to be stored in the userdata and not by cookies, becaus it would be very anoying to "disable" the forums i do not want to see a second or more times!!!

P.S. wrote you a PM

Last edited by oliwood; 27 Aug 2004 at 20:07.
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Old 28 Aug 2004, 10:23
@Oliwood... i answered your PM last evening, so i suppose you received it.

for the EDIT suggestion, yes, maybe it looks easy to do, but it needs a lot of coding, some javascript and cookies, and so on... features are sometimes easy to understand, but not easy to code.
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Old 28 Aug 2004, 14:22
oliwood oliwood is offline
Join Date: Feb 2002
Originally Posted by nexialys
Hi.. here is my suggestion...

we can add a feature in the forum settings so each forum is indicated to belong to one language or all... you then set by default for each forum or category who can see the difference.

then, you have a section in the userCP options where the user can select what forums they want to see, all, or their prefered language or as many as there is in the list (english, german, deutsch, etc)

so in the forum display and forumhome, if the user select nothing or all, all the forums are displayed. if the user select this or that or those languages, the display will be the same as chosen...

... this hack may require about 10 or 15 edition of files, no more... with an installer and the HowTo, and support for the entire life of your installation...
That sounds nice, i think another section in the usercp is a great idea, it will be called "forum display" i.e. Then the users get listed the names of all 100 forums, with a checkbox where they can enable or disable each forum.

Or would it be easier, as you suggested, to give the user the option to choose between "see all", "see only german", "see only english" and to set the value in the adminpanel, whether a forum belongs to englisch or german?

Oh no, a better idea:

A option in the adminpanel where you can set whether the forum belogs to english or german you said,

but in the usercp a own section as mentioned above, with all kinds of forumgroups listed whith checkboxes to enable or disable the forumgroups.

Example: I have 100 forums, divded in englisch and german, italian... and grouped into musik, movies, fun, ...

The user should have the option to click into his usercp an enable only german forums and only musik and movies.

So it works like a filter option yet. This is the most flexible way. In programming this hack the only important difference to your suggestion is, that each forum must have mimimum 2 belongings. Example: I create a new forum called lyrics. Afterwards i set the otion, that this forum belongs to "english" and to "musik".

If a user now has chosen to see only german forums, he wonīt see it. If he has chosen to see "english" but "movies" and "fun", he still wonīt see it. If he has chosen "english" and "musik" he will see it.

I hope you understand what i mean!

Is it take the same time for coding it?

If not then it is enough as you suggested to give the user the option to choose between the languages an "all".

Is it ok for you, that my board is a german vbulletin version?
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Old 28 Aug 2004, 14:40
the board version is not important, the codes are the same, only the language phrases are changed...

for your suggestion, a forum can have different settings, like a category, and a language, that would mean two new fields in the table, and a new system for classing the categories... this is not complicated, but long. may take one or two hours just to set everything to work as a pattern...

it's normal, the more you need features, the more you will have codes to deal with it, so the time to work that out too...

the quickest and most efficient way to deal with things is to deal with the language at first... categories or language it's the same way to filter things... but in my opinion it's illogical to apply a category filter for the user management...

logical reason is that your users visit your board for the entire package, not for a single kind of discussions... and if their goal is to visit only one part of your forum, you will see these users have bookmarked the specific forum... they can browse between forums, or simply not... but giving more features to users will mean you give them too much power... if they don't like the forum display, they just have to suggest changes, instead of cutting everything from the display. (it's my way to see it) anyway, if they don't like the content of your site, they will not come back, si filtering too much is useless.

anyway, users always can disable a forum category by clicking the 'collapse' feature... no need to do more i think... but you are the client, the client have all rights(if he pays)!

btw, filtering by language is good when you have different forums, because you can add more content for each languages without flooding your users...

ok, fix your ideas on how and what you really want... all features are possible... when you'Re ready, i can evaluate on what is the best thing for you... my suggestion is good, but i really need to be sure before starting to code... email me to have some more details, because here is for suggestions and requests, not dealing for contracts...

[email protected]
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